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Self discovery is hard. Need help

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This is a discussion on Self discovery is hard. Need help within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; I sort of come off as bubbly when I meet new people and generally give off a cheerful vibe. When ...

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    I sort of come off as bubbly when I meet new people and generally give off a cheerful vibe. When I have conflict with someone and experience strong negative emotions because of the conflict, even though I don't want to cry or show my emotions to someone else and I try hard to control and keep it all in, it comes out when people ask a few questions, like 'what happened ?'. If they keep pressing I eventually cave in. I like it when someone is there to listen to me rambling when I am such a state and just be there. I am not looking for advice, I am looking for some support through just being there for me.

    I know this is not a straightforward answer to your question. Could you give me another example which portrays the difference between Fe and Fi and not in terms of empathy. Like i empathise more easily with the misfortunes of strangers than my friends and family. If something bad happened to someone I have known for a while, I try to find a reason for why it may have happened and see their own actions to be responsible for their misery. I don't say it to their faces for the fear of hurting them and go through the motions of being 'Oh no' and show sadness in my face but at the same time I know it doesn't come from within and is thus it feels fake to me while I am doing it. but I don't press them too much. I get uncomfortable in such situations and just leave them on their own for a while.

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    "The moment you say that you don't care about harmony and you care about how you feel more then it's Fi over Fe."

    "I do tend to have a "I don't do this and that because I believe it is wrong" more.-Fi

    "Dr. Phil is an ESTJ-Te-Fi. If you want classic hard-knocks Te-telling-people-off, go watch some of his interview clips on YouTube. This one is the first one I ran across, and it’s hilarious how he responds… total Te. THESE ARE THE FACTS. Here is another clip where he asserts just who is boss, whose show it is, what they are going to talk about, and where he stands with a guest.

    Oprah is a Fe-dom (likely ESFJ-Fe-Ti, though she’s typed ENFJ a lot online). I tried to find the James Frey original interview with Oprah where she really nailed him (as she puts it, she was attacking him not only for herself, but “the millions of people who read your book and thought it was real”) but I can’t seem to locate it. Boo. But here’s a quick clip with Lindsay Lohan where she lays down the Fe. Basically, cut your BS, get your act together, etc. But it also comes with Fe: you’re better than this, I know you can do it, you have a good heart."

    "Firstly, Fe-users are more expressive emotionally and “invested in the object,” unable to detach from it and therefore more likely to be touched by it and cry. He includes himself in this, since even as a child (and still as an adult) he tended to cry far more often than his INFP friend, who never cried. His wife, an ENFP-Fi, also rarely cries. Inward emotions. Detached from the situation at hand – sympathetic, but not empathetic in that the sadness of what is happening bleeds into them in the way it does a Fe-user, even a low-order Fe-user.

    He does say that he is more Fe than many other INTPs, which just goes to prove that our functions dictate our brain process but not our behavior pattens. Another friend was unconvinced at first that he was an INTP himself due to his highly emotional state as a child. Bottom line is this: NTPs can often be much more externally emotional than INFPs.

    Secondly, Fe-users are drawn to emotional arcs in stories. This definitely stood out to me when reading about ENTP childhood development – often, their favorite part of the movie is the most dramatic “reveal.” They will re-watch that scene again and again, and sometimes act it out. (I totally did this as a kid.) This is both due to their analytical interest in emotions and the excitement of feeling the receiving individual emote. This is very true for me. If a story has no deeply emotional arc, I abandon it. Didn’t fall in love with The 10th Kingdom until we found out who the queen was. Where other people say, “Oh my gosh, that’s TERRIBLE to do that to that character!” I go, “Oooh, a chance to explore their emotions through a difficult time!” The big emotional reveal is still my favorite part of any film – and I love to watch other people respond to it too. (I think my ISFJ friend is still slightly mad that I didn’t tell her about the twist at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2, since I wanted to see her react to all the deaths. Hah!)

    Everything I write has some grand, traumatic emotional reveal, ala “I am your father, Luke!” INTP says he’s the same way. But his ENFP wife isn’t like that. Her taste in drama is eclectic and random. We (INTP and I) both approach it from a “what message can we say through this story?” but her stories all have meaning because she’s writing them. No intended theme, no real goal, their writing just happens naturally. (Again, unlike mine. I’m always challenging moral concepts and asking my characters to overcome emotional roadblocks, because I find it fascinating to help them work through their feelings… Ti-Fe?)"

    Thirdly, Ne and Fe like to share their interests with others. NFPs are less this way. Their interests are personal and self-fulfilling so they have no real desire to connect through their interests with others.(I always get very excited when I encounter something new, or learn something new, and want to share it with others. I am devastated and get depressed if I can’t talk about what I love with other people who love it… or if I can talk about it, but only with people who don’t seek an objective perspective on it. Right now, I’m in a moody slump because none of my friends watch any of the same television shows I do; hence, I have no one to discuss them with. WAH!)

    He says, “Fe and Ne … has this need to push it out… to share our interest, which is no small part of the annoying nerd stereotype, which I embody and my NTP cohorts do as well. NFPs do not have this trait…”

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    “Fe and Ne … has this need to push it out… to share our interest, which is no small part of the annoying nerd stereotype, which I embody and my NTP cohorts do as well. NFPs do not have this trait…”

    I do not tell people of my interests as well because my interests are weird and I know most people would not be interested in it and will think I am crazy. I have shared my interests before and it has not gone well. People just look at me like I am weird and with sympathy

    I am also more emotionally expressive. I don't know. I think i'll take a day off to read through functions again and determine what I really use. Do you know of any good descriptions of functions and are socionics descriptions okay to be referred to.

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    Yeah I think you should take a day off to clear your head or else you'll just confuse yourself more and see yourself too much in all of the types, instead of just your true type.

    Good descriptions of the Jungian cognitive functions:

    Cognitive Functions - Funky MBTI in Fiction

    Cognitive Functions - A Simple Explanation

    How To Recognize Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type In Real Life | Thought Catalog

    Understanding the 8 Jungian Cognitive Processes (8 Functions)

    Understanding the Myers Briggs Type Indicator: The 8 Cognitive Functions

    Why Personality Hacker Uses Nicknames For The 8 Jungian Cognitive Functions - Personality Hacker : Personality Hacker

    INTPsā€™ Introverted Thinking (Ti) vs. INTJsā€™ Extraverted Thinking (Te)

    Introverted Feeling (Fi) vs. Introverted Thinking (Ti)

    The Ti-Fe & Fi-Te Function Pairs

    The Eight Functions (Typology 201)

    Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

    I think you are probably a Fe user who has just gotten bad reactions from people and so then you thought I better keep this stuff to myself from now on?

    Socionics is a different format. All I know is sometimes you switch the last letter. So if you're a INFJ in mbti then in socionics you're a INFp.

    Just let me if you have any more questions or want to try and type yourself again in near future :)
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    Just in case you're interested here are some Jungian Cognitive Function tests:

    Cognitive Function Test

    Jungian Cognitive Functions Test

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    Thanks Kitty for your help. I wish I had friends as interested in mbti discussions as you. I shall evaluate how I use the functions for some time and then reply you soon in a day or two about it. Key is not to 'Over Analyse' Thanks again
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    You're welcome. Yes, you'll just confuse yourself more if you analyze yourself too deeply. Alrighty then :)

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    Hey Kitty I am back. So I went through a period of introspection and reading through lot of articles and tried to remember how I was like when I was a child. and I can safely say that I believe I am an auxiliary Fe user because as an introvert it is this side that I have shown to people more. but because Fe is coupled with a subjective dominant introverted function my use of Fe is somewhat weird. So I am now thinking about only two options Si or Ni dominant. So kitty could you explain how Si function manifests in you.

    I seem to easily recognise faces of actors in movies. When I see a familiar face I think, I have seen that face somewhere and then its not long before I can remember the other show or movie that I have seen them in. but I don't remember their actual names or the names of previous shows. Is it a use of Si function or because I concentrate too much on people's faces, I can't distinguish.
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    I thought you were an auxiliary Fe user :) So that leaves ISFJ= Si, Fe, Ti, Ne. Or INFJ= Ni, Fe, Ti, Se.

    INFJ vs ISFJ

    In theory, INFJs’ emotional expressiveness should be fairly similar to that of ISFJs. After all, both types are Introverts and both use Fe as their auxiliary function. The primary difference is that ISFJs, as Si dominants, are wired to function as guardians and conservators of culture and tradition. INFJs, by contrast, function more like societal prophets and diagnosticians, sensitive to what they perceive as the faults and falsities of their environs. This, along with their strong idealism, can contribute to their critical stance toward the world.

    Difference between Si and Ni:

    Ni vs Si - Funky MBTI in Fiction

    Difference between Si and Se:

    What would you say is the difference between si... - Confessions of a Myers Briggs-aholic

    3 ways to know if you are not an INFJ:

    Am I an INFJ? 3 Ways to Know if You’re Not – INFJ Blog

    Childhood struggles of each myers briggs type:

    The Childhood Struggles of Every Myers Briggs Type - Psychology Junkie

    What each function looks like in real life:

    How To Recognize Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type In Real Life | Thought Catalog

    What each function loos like based on its position in stack:

    How Each Cognitive Function Manifests Based On Its Position In Your Stacking | Thought Catalog

    I'm not 100% sure I use Si. So I'll explain how I think I use Si: I remember names easily. I remember everyone's names I went to elementary school with. I'll naturally think to myself how did I do something like this last time. If it worked last time then I know this method will work again. Which can sometimes make me get stuck in the "tried and true" method instead of experimenting. But I am not too stuck in my ways. I see the details and big picture easily. I can be defensive about preserving cultures and traditions. More so about preserving cultures though. For example, I read a book about an African tribe that practices quite a brutal tradition-murder and Europeans were coming in, leading to the eventual extinction of the tribes culture/tradition. My classmates immediately said that the tribe's culture/tradition is so wrong! And I thought that's the tribes tradition, it is their culture, we should respect it. I mean, I thought yes, murder/the tribe's tradition is wrong according to my own ethics system, but looking at the tribe from afar, I respected their culture and traditions. When a culture dies out, for me it is very sad. I naturally respect others' cultures, I even minored in cultural studies in college, and took a more objective/respectful route than some of my other classmates. I also am very observant of my surroundings. Like when me and my mom go to a restaurant I'll look at the waiters name tag and remember it probably for the rest of my life. Whereas my mom won't even look at the name tag or even look at what people wear and I do. She didn't even notice her sister always wears Tommy Hilfiger clothing brand most of the time and said "Who wears Tommy Hilfiger clothing" and her sister looked embarrassed. I said "Mom how did you not notice that your sister wears Tommy Hilfiger clothing basically all of the time?" Me and her are opposite this way.
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    This is from INFJ Blog
    'For example — an ISFJ and an INFJ work together in a coffee shop. The ISFJ is taught the best way to make a specific drink, and so will make that drink that exact same way every single time. The INFJ, however, will instead remember the general idea of how the drink was made, but won’t be as concerned about measuring out the amount of this or that, and will likely even experiment with the ingredients occasionally. The exception would be if the INFJ felt a lot of pressure to make the drink exactly right, in which case they would focus even more so on doing things as they should be done, which would cause a high level of stress. ISFJs, like other Guardian types, tend to be more task and detail-oriented, whereas INFJs, like other Idealist types, tend to be more idea and big picture-focused.'

    I have struggled trying to do things in exactly the same way. I noticed this about me especially in science labs where you have to measure a certain quantity of something, mix it in right manner, make connections between wires in physics experiment involving some electrical circuit, and even if i have done this same task yesterday I would still have nagging doubts in the back of my head like 'am i doing this right'. I also am not able to remember names of my childhood friends.

    The problem I have in accepting that I am an INFJ is that i am not as mystical as INFJ are described. Sometimes things happen in a way i thought it would but its not like i can predict everyday about what will happen. Also 'INFJs’ Ni-Fe pairing make them great counselors. They prefer to help others by helping them understand themselves and offering advice.' I love the idea of helping someone but I don't think I could help someone understand themselves. I have mostly helped my friends in making them understand concepts in class.

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