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This is a discussion on INTJ or INFP? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; I tried the "fence-building" test and came up with the Fi Te combination, which seems to knock out INFJ (what ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    INTJ or INFP?

    I tried the "fence-building" test and came up with the Fi Te combination, which seems to knock out INFJ (what I've been calling myself as a sort of compromise).

    A friend insists I'm nothing if not an idealist, and I counter that she's only known me during the last 8 months. (Wave if you recognize me, J).

    My house is rarely clean, but I attribute that to the N. I do always know where to find what I want. I am surrounded by Fs (two daughters, husband and an Fe mother-- though hers could just be maturity, not personality-based), and I've been through a slough of personal upheaval in the last year, rendering me much more fragile than I ever saw myself.

    As a child I was the "bossy" one, a leader the younger kids would follow and who didn't care that the older kids ignored me. Actively the storyteller (creating such convoluted epics with one or two friends we rarely had time to finish them) and unconsciously alienating most of my peers (I knew the *right* way to do things) somewhat defined my childhood and echo through my present: I still have the compulsion to write, but struggle with the "worthiness" of the endever in the face of other responsibilities. My history of alienation spurs me to "read" people now, and try to figure out how not to be rejected.

    Yeah, this sounds really INFP, I suppose, except I totally didn't discover my F till my 20s, and have been functioning in my T since grade school. I was totally a T-parent with my pre-schoolers and have only begun applying F in the last year or so as our life's been crazy and I watched my F-daughters suffer.

    Any takers?

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Most people begin to develop their tertiary function in their mid to late twenties. Honestly, INTJ would make a lot of sense since they have Ni from the get-go, start to demonstrate Te after age 5, start showing Fi in their late teens (with actual development coming later) and then Se another 10-20 years later.

    So, in a sense, if you are demonstrating greater Fi now, it could just be because you are in the midst of the most natural time for it to really develop and start working with Te. It doesn't help that there has been a lot of stress in your life recently, which would just increase the chances of reverting to your shadow type, which would be ESFP if I remember correctly. While not having dominant Fi, they still have it as their secondary function, which would be noticeable if it's one of the ones you end up using when stressed and are in the midst of developing it anyway.

    I can tell you that as a prototypical INFP child, I was never considered more of a thinker than a feeler, despite the fact that I have always been very curious and fairly intelligent and picked up on just about every concept and new ideas with ease. The theme throughout my childhood can be summed up by my four year-old self, "Daddy, you have to be nice to me, I've got very soft feelings today." My ESTJ dad doesn't remember this, but my ISFP mum loves to quote it to me when I'm at risk for forgetting just how "cute" I was as a child. Not all INFPs are going to be quite that obvious about being a dominant feeler at a young age, but there would be a similar theme throughout their childhood.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    "Because I need closure," in what is doubtless a predictable turn to someone I've "claimed" INFJ as a sort of compromise, though this is going to lead to another post in their forum.

    I am bothered by typing myself a type that is frequently misapplied.


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