Hetalia MBTI?

Hetalia MBTI?

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This is a discussion on Hetalia MBTI? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; I was curious to what people's thoughts on Hetalia's MBTIs. I haven't found too many good discussions, so... Axis: Italy: ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Hetalia MBTI?

    I was curious to what people's thoughts on Hetalia's MBTIs. I haven't found too many good discussions, so...

    Italy: ENFP. He seems to be putting on an ESFP mask for many potential reasons.
    Germany: Some sort of XSTJ. I can't decide between ISTJ or ESTJ. I'm leaning towards ISTJ, though.
    Japan: INTJ.

    America: I'm conflicted on him. He's definately some sort of EXXP, but I'm not sure what... I tend to lean towards either an ENTP or an ESFP.
    England: INTJ.
    France: ESTP.
    Russia: INFP.
    China: ESFJ.

    A few others:
    Romano: INTP. (?)
    Prussia: ISFP with some bad narssasism.
    Canada: ISFJ.
    Austria: XNTJ. I lean towards ENTJ.
    Hungary: ENXP. I lean towards ENFP.
    Belarus: A really crazy INTJ.
    Ukraine: ISFP.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    This is just IMHO. Some of these characters are kind of hard to type.

    N. Italy: ENFP (affectionate, silly, childlike and kind of a push-over)
    Germany: ISTJ (has a very strong value system)
    Japan: INFJ (I'm not very sure)

    America: Hands down, a classic ESFP.
    England: A very sensitive, flipping, mood-swingy INTJ.
    France: ESTP (charming, sensual and bad with commitments)
    Russia: An INFP with a bad past.
    China: I don't know. ESFJ seems fitting.

    Denmark: ESXP
    Sweden: ISTJ
    Finland: IXFP
    Norway: INTJ
    Iceland: INFJ?

    S. Italy: ISXX.... bah! Tsundere. Tsunderes are hard to type.
    Prussia: I agree. An ISFP with a case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    Canada: ISFJ
    Austria: A very sophisticated, demanding INTJ.
    Hungary: ESTJ
    Belarus: A psycho INTJ.
    Ukraine: ISFP
    Spain: ENFP
    Poland: ESFP
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Prussia strikes me as an ESFP with overdevloped Te or an ENTJ with overdevolped Se(No way is Te his inferior function at all. Plus, while he isn't the most "social" person, he strikes me as an extrovert). Plus, Prussia reeks of badly developed Fi and I would also say he's a counterphobic 6w7 sx/so as well and his trifix is 6w7-8w7-4w3 sx/so.

    Russia definitely uses Ni and I would say it is probably his strongest function, making him an INXJ of some sorts. However, I do agree he uses Fi/Te over Fe/Ti though and I am almost certain he has overdevolped Fi, so like Prussia, he has a dom-tert loop for his functions, which is probably why he is hard to type and why so many mistake him to be an F. I think Russia is likely a 9w8 so/sp for his e-type with his trifix being 9w8-2w1-6w5 so/sp.

    Romano strikes me as an ISTP as well as a counterphobic 6w5-8w7-4w3 sp/sx. I would say Romano no doubt has inferior Fe and uses Se/Ni over Ne/Si.

    Ukraine comes off as ISFJ for me and e-type is 2w1-6w7-9w1 so/sp. And for Belarus, I would say she uses Si over Ni to be honest so I would say ISTJ 6w5-8w9-2w1 sx/sp seems to fit her.

    England is an INTJ counterphobic 6w5-3w4-8w9 sp/so. He really strikes me as a counterphobic 6 with a strong 5 wing.

    Switzerland strikes me as an Si-Te user, which would make him an ISTJ. Like England, Switzerland also strikes me as a counterphobic 6w5-1w2-2w1 sp/sx though I could see why.one would type him as a 1w2-6w5-2w1 sp/so because he also has a very strong 1w2 in his trifix.

    I noticed that A LOT of the Hetalia cast has type 6 in their trifix/tritype and a good portion of these 6's (Prussia, Romano, England, and Switzerland) are counterphobic 6's. I know these are not all of the characters but I sorta wanted to type them~


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