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This is a discussion on Video Game Rants within the Video Games forums, part of the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews category; This is essentially a thread where you write and rant about your frustrations about video games you are currently playing, ...

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    Video Game Rants

    This is essentially a thread where you write and rant about your frustrations about video games you are currently playing, want to play, have played or related topics such as game creators, mods, etc.

    I felt that this is a necessary thread for all gamers alike.
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    Currently playing Europa Universalis IV again, this time playing Ayutthaya in Iron Man mode...

    1) Why the hell did I challenge the Ming Dynasty?

    This was my noob mistake, I thought I could take on the Ming while they were embroiled in internal conflicts. Nope. They took care of their business and sent a massive army down south...

    2) Why the hell did I challenge Malacca without checking on their units?

    How was I supposed to know they had 25 units of cannons, while I had only 10? Infantry is goddamn useless in this game!! Numbers don't mean shit!!! And what are the chances that my 2 star general dies right before I get flanked by two armies?!?!

    3) These Goddamn Westerners ruin everything!!

    These asshole Brits need to get out of Australia! Fuck you Great Britain!! Australia will be Buddhist and speak Thai, not your goddamn Protestant and English speaking horse-shit!! Stay out of my turf!! Fucking Portugal... Fucking Aragon... Goddamnitt!!!

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    In other news...

    I'm also playing Dragon Age Inquisitions... went to the fallow mire and got raped. Who knew an arrow from a skeleton could kill you in one hit??

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    Firelands portal into "boom o' clock" = Uninstall game
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    YES Finally I can vent about my frustration and rage with Overwatch Competitive!

    To all Overwatch Competitive Players,

    WHY did they pick that hero?? It makes zero sense! Freaking Hanzo on a dive comp? Srsly!! We need more damage and you just pick the Monkey?? Don't play Mcree if you can't aim or even shut down the enemy Pharah. Stop playing genji when the entire enemy team couters you then blame the other dps for losing! why are you ulti - Oh okay now we have 60 seconds left and you only now just switch your hero. Sorry, Bit late for that my friend. Also saying mean things in the team chat does not help us win! This has got to stop! ;/ Instead you should just say GG at the end of the game (and secretly mean git gud). Please just give me a chance to play a DPS. I sick of playing mercy. Stop shouting "RES!" in my mic you died less than one second ago! When I play DPS I never get heals because the healer is too busy pocketing the tanks. The pressure is real when I play Zarya, especially when Master rank players are screaming at me to grav when the only enemies are the Pharmercy and guess where they are? FLYING in the AIR. Okay I won the team this push because I just nuked most of the enemy team with a dva bomb and I don't get a single upvote at the end of the game? Whats this, no likes for the healers? Yeah lets just vote for the Genji for "two deflection eliminations" looooll.

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    I don't always die in the Witcher 3, but when I do, it's because I jumped a few feet onto lower ground...and died for some bizarre reason!

    Quote Originally Posted by DualGnosis View Post
    In other news...

    I'm also playing Dragon Age Inquisitions... went to the fallow mire and got raped. Who knew an arrow from a skeleton could kill you in one hit??
    I despise the fallow mire. Wait till you reach the giants in snow location. You will get rekt.
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    Perfect thread. GTA V is way more generous with unlockables than Overwatch is. If you were late to the party in GTA V, and if you can get the Xbox One, PS4 or PC version of the game, you don't need to download DLC or anything to unlock items that were once restricted to them. However, if you're late to the party with Overwatch, miss out on an event, the unlockables are locked FOREVER and it's not even a paywall issue. I don't want to unlock loot boxes through ranking up, since ranks are not representative of skill and games often pit players of similar ranks together on the assumption that they have a high degree of skill, when merely, play time does not correlate with gaming ability.

    GTA V treats ranks differently, where for every 20 ranks, your player's health increases, which I think is kind of unfair, but it otherwise makes the ranks worth something as opposed to just being merely a name only. I love how in CS:GO, players are deranked for not playing the game a long time or for sucking at it; I think that's a more realistic representation of how a rank is seen to correlate with a skill.

    I'm trying to get the Overwatch unlockables quickly through the arcade games, which I'm losing at frequently; specifically, this is the Hanzo cyborg skin, since I think it makes more sense compared to his stock skin as he's not left-handed.

    TL;DR: I don't like Blizzard locking out unlockables after events on Overwatch, and someone who is rank 100 in a game can simply be that in name only.

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    Ming is really fucking bullshit in EU4 now.
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    GET THE FUCK ON THE POINT! It's not hard. It's always visible on your map. GET THE FUCK ON IT!

    No, we don't need a second sniper. If we needed an awful sniper, I would have switched to hanzo myself.
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    DotA 2:

    *first pick sniper*
    Knows it's a Russian/Peruvian player

    Idiot fails to realize they are only matched with people of same skill level

    XCOM2 w/ Long War 2 Mod:

    Ok last soldier, go stand next to your friend.
    *reveals pod of enemies with no reactions left*

    *flashbang enemy*
    *suppressive fire on enemy*
    *enemy shoots my dude in high cover from long range*

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