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This is a discussion on Type 8 INTJs within the Type 8 Forum - The Challenger forums, part of the Body Triad - Types 8,9,1 category; Well they say most of us type 8 INTJ's are more than likely to be fucking insane and I know ...

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    Type 8

    Type 8 INTJs

    Well they say most of us type 8 INTJ's are more than likely to be fucking insane and I know that Im not.(Although I am well off my rocker...) I simply see myself as an individual. I choose not to conform to bullshit and like most INTJ's (I think) I have some abstract reason for why I don't(I'm rambling.) Point is I wanna know about other Type 8's and more importantly Type 8 INTJ's....All who read should reply even if you know someone that fits the mold, I especially value your opinions.

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    Type 8

    I got INTJ on that thing that everyone has at the bottom of their signatures sometimes - Visual personality or whatever it is. I'm an ENTJ.

    A friend of mine's ex-husband was apparently an INTJ Eight. I also know of another INTJ Eight at the16types.info called Ashton. Both of these were 8w7s. What wing and stack are you? You seem like an 8w7 sp/sx, like me. Maybe an sx/sp.

    Ex-husband: The Enneagram Institute Discussion Board - View Profile He made seven posts to make a point, and disappeared. If you don't mind about stalking (which I assume you don't since you say you're individual and don't conform to bullshit), do check him out. You'll get a good feel for an 8w7 INTJ.

    Ashton: some say he is a psychopath. I don't think they're far from the truth. He recently took over the16types.info and also runs socionix.com. It's not hard to just log on to either of those sites and see his posts; he posts a lot.

    As a side note, I see you got high Si on your cognitive functions... could you not be an ISTJ or more likely ESTJ?

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    I'm an type 8w7, ENTJ, (T75)

    I know I'm not crazy, I've been tested in high school XD
    I wrote a report on nihilism XD
    People view me as very normal for the sole fact that I hide in the light often. I view Machiavellianism as a way of life, though, and conforming is only pulling strings.

    I do view myself as an individual though. for the fact that I have indominable willpower and infinite creativity.
    An intellectual insight and a developed problem-solving skill often makes me feel like everyone is just very dumb. People who live life wrong frustrate me a lot :(
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    Type 8w7

    I've also scored INTJ on a few online tests, whether dichotomy or cognitive function. But I'm an ENTJ type 8w7 sx/sp. Many of the tests are geared towards extroversion being people oriented where Te is task-oriented, whether that task is to socialise or to get to an end-goal. I recharge in solitude and also with friends. I can also recharge by chit-chatting with strangers but only if we have some commonalities. Otherwise, it's a pain and boring as hell.

    While I've heard of INTJs being Type 8's, most aren't. You might want to retest.

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    Type 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Violence Begats View Post
    conforming is only pulling strings.
    YES. +1 for you

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    Type 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Duo View Post
    While I've heard of INTJs being Type 8's, most aren't. You might want to retest.
    @Keirvega I'd do it about ten times using a different test each time. That way you pretty much know what you are. Like I said, I tested INTJ once, I could walk on here and go "yeah I got INTJ".

    @Duo , take a look at this:

    INTJ is one of the three most common types of Eights.

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    Type 8w7

    @Ezra. Yes, I've seen that chart before. And yet from admittedly anecdotal evidence, the e8 INTJs often retype themselves as 6's or 5w6's after they've gotten to know the Enneagram theory better. Perhaps the INTJs on this site are different?

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    I'm either an INTJ or INFJ and I'm an 8.
    I'm not insane, though my mother (who works in the asylum) tries to tell me I have Antisocial disorder, which is like being a Sociopath. It's not true, but I come off that way.
    In other words; we aren't crazy. But we may come off as crazy.

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    Type 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Duo View Post
    @Ezra. Yes, I've seen that chart before. And yet from admittedly anecdotal evidence, the e8 INTJs often retype themselves as 6's or 5w6's after they've gotten to know the Enneagram theory better. Perhaps the INTJs on this site are different?
    Maybe, yeah. But the chart seems to suggest that INTJ Eights are more common than INTJ Sixes, and just as common as ENTJ Sixes. So, essentially, that should lead to more INTJ Eights mistyping as Sixes than vice versa.

    I think it's quite possible that there's a higher percentage of INTJ Eights on this forum. This is because most INTJs are theoretical in their interests, and hence when an Eight comes on a forum, they're arguably just as likely to be an INTJ as an ENTJ, and much less likely to be ESTP (who is engaging with the world). ENTJs are more likely than INTJs to be out there, doing stuff, although from personal experience, and from this board, I see a shagload of ENTJ Eights and it makes sense that it would be equally, if not more so, populated with them as INTJs. So empiricism wins out: there seem to be more ENTJ than INTJ Eights.

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    Type 9

    i had two type 8 teachers in highschool. A female entj 8w7 and the second a male intj 8w9. the 8w7 would be constantly yelling at us and would make us redo tasks sometimes more than once until we got it right.she was always very controlling. But you sometimes got the sense there was an underlying maternalism to her ways and at times she was really nice. she even once told me what my overall grade was likely to be but said "if its a bit under that i might be able to fudge it a little".

    the intj 8w9 rarely ever yelled but would sometimes make extra rules (that were persistently enforced) as a way of intimidating us into submission. you could tell he got a kick out of his ability to control the students and get under the skin of some of the students he didn't like (even though it was a class of 13 year olds). apart from that he seemed pretty down to earth and sociable and always seemed to have the best interests of the students somehow in mind.

    overall id say the intj was a bit more nutty than the entj, but i wouldn't go so far as to call him "fucking insane".


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