[Enneagram Type 6] The venting/discussion thread for Type 6

The venting/discussion thread for Type 6

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This is a discussion on The venting/discussion thread for Type 6 within the Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; Take issue with something going on in society? Having a bad day? Have something on your mind that wont go ...

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    Type 6w7

    The venting/discussion thread for Type 6

    Take issue with something going on in society?

    Having a bad day?

    Have something on your mind that wont go away?

    Experience something so fabulous you just have to express it?

    Accidentally sold your mother to a pimp in a back alley game of poker?

    Post your vent here!

    + And a friendly reminder to please be respectful to other members and leave your baggage at the door :o)

    Added: 30th October 2010: This thread is not for venting about members on here, or regarding the forum. Because it ends up being disruptive and potentially offensive and slanderous. If you have an issue with a person or the rules and regulations of this website, please take it up with the people involved. This is not the place.

    Added: 31st October 2010: Do not disrupt the flow of the thread with spam.

    (Taken from the INFPs' thread because of the fancy rules at the bottom.)
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    Type 6w7

    So I had been thinking of doing this for a while. We all know how crazy the 6 mind can get, and we don't always have an outlet, thus leading to more crazy crazy thoughts. Now we don't have to deal with minor recursive failure in the brain!

    And I kinda got jealous of the countless other stream-of-conscious ones :P

    I did change the name a bit though, because at the end of the day this thread will turn into either a venting or discussion thread or both (probably both), not really a stream-of-consciousness. But do other people consider vomiting random thoughts onto a page as "venting," or is that just me?

    Anyway, let's have at it! :D

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    Type 9w1

    Nice. I was thinking it would be nice to have a type 6 thread like this.

    I seem to have lost most of my anxiety. I'm not sure if this is good, bad, permanent or just a lull for a while.
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    Type 6w7

    As an INFP 6 I take offense at criticism easily and as a cp 6 I can get very volatile....but....

    ....today I have learned that by rejecting criticism I am like a garden without a gardener. By accepting criticism and viewing it logically I can make use of it to better myself. All it takes is not taking it too personally, especially not taking it as an attack on my person, as long as it wasn't meant to be that.

    <_< if it is an attack then I'll rip heads off!!!

    Taking this into consideration I need to take some logical choices to turn my life around.
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    No matter what happens to me during my lifetime, I wish to die with a clear, composed, peaceful state of mind.
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    Type 6w7

    Every time I start believing in myself and think I can accomplish a long term goal like creative writing within the next 10 years as something meaningful I could do beside my job.....someone or actually a bunch of people come and tear it down as something unrealistic and impossible. I should give up on on it, and accept my fate....work - exist - die.

    ....I have a problem with this...I hate feeling mediocre...I don't get how other people don't revolt against this...how can they accept average, how can they accept being a cog in the machine!?

    This is boring, it is bland and utterly depressing! I...I can't do it....yet why do their opinions influence me so much!? Is it wrong to want something more, to have meaning, to dream that I can do better!?

    Their outlook on life feels dry and grey....if I accept it....I might as well die now for it is a fate worse then death.
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    Type 6w7

    Half the time I think the only thing I have going for me in social situations is my habit of somehow being "cute" or "friendly." Which is weird because around my close(r) friends I'm not really like that unless I'm feeling threatened or whatever. I need to find that "kind but assertive" niche around them. It's hard to get there when no one listens to you.

    But the real problem that hurts my brain:
    How do people think in social situations and not run on autopilot? It's too fast-paced... If I think before I speak, people are staring at me for ten minutes while they wait; if I don't then I end up being an unintentional jerk. Both options suck -_-
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    Type 6

    I swear that my Dad's an introverted 8 and it's so hard for me to remain neutral and not go on the offensive because almost everything he says has the tone of an attack. :( We have these rare moments of civility, but most times I just have to bite my tongue as he tells me not to slam the bathroom door as if I've murdered it by slamming it.
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    Type 1w9

    **eating ramen straight from the pot**

    Can't get anymore classier--cough--lazzier than this.

    Schedule for today:

    Roll on my bed, wrap comforter around me and become a human burrito.
    Read new book----scratch that--- nap.
    Watch movie .
    Do laundry---actually I have enough clothes for another 2 weeks-- just knock out.

    I've worked 68 hours this week and I'm exhausted. My boss asked me if I was anemic yesterday, I guess my fatigue is starting to show. My mom called me to remind me to take care of myself. I do my usual, "of course mom, no worries --sips on wine--."

    **too much information**
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    Type 1w9

    I just got a text from my sister and she asked, "What' can't you do?"

    I haven't answered but I think the question I ask myself all the time is:

    What more can I do?

    I don't think can't has ever been part of my vocabulary. In much the same way I changed the sentence to give a different meaning; this is how I typically turn-around a situation to get the desired outcome. It's a small example, but it's interesting nonetheless for me.
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