[Enneagram Type 4] "Positive Disintegration"... can emotional crises be good for our development?

"Positive Disintegration"... can emotional crises be good for our development?

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This is a discussion on "Positive Disintegration"... can emotional crises be good for our development? within the Type 4 Forum - The Individualist forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; ...

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    Type 4

    "Positive Disintegration"... can emotional crises be good for our development?

    Reading this article about Kazimierz Dąbrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration really reminded me of the Enneagram 4.

    Just found out I'm too much of a noob to post a link, just look up "Positive Disintegration" on Wikipedia, I'm confident it'll be worth your time.

    I know I'm doing a horrible job summarizing it, but one very interesting idea here was the part about developmental potential or DP.

    • personality develops as a result of the action of developmental potential (DP) (overexcitability and the autonomous factor), not everyone displays sufficient DP to create a unique personality.

    • developmental potential is represented in the population by a normal (bell) curve. Dąbrowski used a multilevel approach to describe the continuum of developmental levels seen in the population.

    • developmental potential creates crises characterized by strong anxieties and depressions—psychoneurosis—that precipitate disintegration

    These parts also really reminded me of the 4

    • emotional reactions guide the individual in creating his or her individual personality ideal, an autonomous standard that acts as the goal of individual development

    • the individual must examine his or her essence and subsequently make existential choices that emphasize those aspects of essence that are higher and "more myself" and inhibit those aspects that are lower or "less myself" based upon his or her own personality ideal

    Do you think there could be a correlation between Enneagram 4s and developmental potential? Or do you think each point of the enneagram is equally as focused on personal development? Or is it something in between?

    I'd love to hear any thoughts this provokes, and/or just to know that you read and liked the article.
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    Type 4

    I find Dabrowski really interesting. I can see how 4's might be unusually focused on personal development, but more when they are healthy 4's and really have come to understand their authentic self. I'm sure the other enneagram types also have people just as interested in development as described by Dabrowski, but I wouldn't be surprised if overall there were more 4's focused in this direction, even if they aren't actually more developed as a whole. So I guess I'd say "somewhere in the middle" of what you are describing, if that makes sense.


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