[Enneagram Type 2] Self Preservation 2s

Self Preservation 2s

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This is a discussion on Self Preservation 2s within the Type 2 Forum - The Helper forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; any Self Preservation 2s out there? the concept seems delightfully paradoxical, I'm curious as to what this combination looks like ...

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    Self Preservation 2s

    any Self Preservation 2s out there? the concept seems delightfully paradoxical, I'm curious as to what this combination looks like in people of this subtype

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    Type 6w5

    I believe that I am a Self-Preservation type 2. (I've been into Enneagram for a relatively short time, so I could be wrong.)

    It does seem conflicting, but it helps balance everything out. While I experience the fear of being unloved and want to be of service to others, I am aware of what I can do and how I am feeling about the helping opportunity I may or may not act upon.

    Lately, it's worked itself up into a rut of knowing/feelng that I can't do very much to help a situation or not really wanting to do it, which leads to a lot of complacency on my end. It's really unproductive and frustrating.

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    Type 6w5


    Enneagram Central - Subtype Two Self Preservation

    After reading that, I'm having trouble figuring out what I am anymore. I've been having some issues since trying to figure out my tritype recently. I'm going to need to do a lot more internal digging.

    I will say, though, that that site seems to have the most negative descriptions of any other I have yet encountered.

    Edit: I can think of a few examples of feeling entitled or self-righteous, but I'm struggling to piece them together into a consistent pattern right now.

    Edit Again: WTF, this site is ridiculous! Who would ever admit to being any variant on this thing? It's overwhelming that only if you have a very objective view of yourself can you fit yourself into it. Goodness.
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    Type 9w1

    ^ That is a horrible website. Will not help in any regard.

    I'm a 2 sp/sx. It helps me (though doesn't always prevent me) from exhausting myself to help others. I'm more likely to notice that I don't have the energy to keep helping. I'm more likely to ask for what I need and actively seek ways to have my needs met. It's kept me from wasting my energy helping others when truly I'm in no place to help lately. I'll still help a little, but I'm not doing nearly as much as usual, or what I'd like to do. Sometimes I feel guilty, but I also know I'm not good to anyone unless I'm happy and whole.
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    Type 2

    2w1 sp/sx myself here.

    I find the sp aspect to be quite beneficial actually. It enables me to be more aware when people are taking advantage of my kindness. I'm also more apt to put myself first if things get too hectic for me. Though helping others when I'm mildly upset or depressed works, helping others when my life is in shambles rarely works.

    There is a negative experience regarding the sp aspect though...I often get the feeling I'm not doing enough to help others. Which can really get annoying sometimes.
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    a guy I like on a forum I believe to be a 2w3 Sp/Sx (I even showed him the descriptions of both and he said he related to them the most). he keeps a few people he's intimate with at one time, but he's very careful about just how close he gets to any of them and is thus able to avoid falling head over heels for anyone before he knows a stable connection is made. he also loves acts of kindness and likes a guy who can cook for him, take care of him etc
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