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Famous and Fictional examples of Enneagram 1 Reformers

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This is a discussion on Famous and Fictional examples of Enneagram 1 Reformers within the Type 1 Forum - The Reformer forums, part of the Body Triad - Types 8,9,1 category; Bree Van De Kamp Emily Gilmore Miranda Bailey Victoria Grayson Another person that comes to mind is Lassie from Psych ...

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    Type 9w1

    Bree Van De Kamp

    Emily Gilmore

    Miranda Bailey

    Victoria Grayson

    Another person that comes to mind is Lassie from Psych but I can't find any good videos of him. :P
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    not sure about the wings here, only sure about the core enneatype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkT00th View Post

    not sure about the wings here, only sure about the core enneatype.
    noooo, 7w8. delusional, tyrannical narcissist par excellence. if he is even 1 fixed at all, it's a 1w2 fix (1w9s are more gentle and self controlled)
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    Type 1w9

    I'm new to this enneagram thing, but I'm pretty sure Anders from Dragon Age games is as 1 as can be.
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    Type 9

    I like Dexter, Christian Bale's Batman, and Picard as Ones.

    I'd also add Peter Petrelli from Heroes.
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    Type 5w4

    Joan of Arc
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    Quote Originally Posted by ephemereality View Post
    I've argued elsewhere that Dexter is an image fix type although his gut could be 1. He has had some complex character development though (in the TV series at least) so it depends where you judge his character. I would say that at the start of the series Dexter could be a disintegrated 8. It's clear that his character got anger issues. The way he dealt with Rita's death would suggest this even further I think, as he depersonalized in a way I think a 5 or 8 would during stress by completely shutting off emotions and objectifying reality.

    In general his character struggle seems to be a mix between super-ego and id influence (following Harry's code or just doing whatever he wants and feels like). This could suggest an ego type or sort. I've been thinking if 4w5 sp/so could describe his core though. It would explain the possible 1-ness that is depicted later on the series (especially the latest season) where his character actually seems to be more healthy.

    I never entirely bought into the idea that he's possibly a 6w5 as headtype either. I think for example that if we say, contrast Dexter to Allison Dubois in Medium there's a clear difference between the two. I'd say Medium is more of a 6-type of story (I'd very much argue for Allison being a 6), but Dexter is if anything more of a 5w6 head type.
    I've been developing a theory that Dexter is a 2w1. The Riso/Hudson enneagram theory states that 2's are ambivalent towards the protective figure. And Dexter was. He had many mixed feelings towards Harry growing up which led to a habit of "helping" in the twisted way that he does. He believes he is helping by ridding the streets of other wrong do-ers. The strong sense of right and wrong comes into play with the one-wing. And Dexter is not a psychopath, those who religiously watch the show will know (especially towards the last season). He experienced trauma as a child which led to a slight mutation in personality development but still a two.

    Also, think about the situations when he's more human, or at least behaving more normal. He instantly gravitates towards the "helper" role. Ex., bring donuts to the station, letting deb crash with him whenever she wants (I love my sister but I'm not the type to just let her walk in unannounced)... etc.

    I have a friend who is a 2w1. His mannerisms and values are eerily similar to Dex's character. And my boyfriend is a 1w9, and he's nothing like Dex. Ones aren't as sneaky as Dex. Twos can be deceptive and manipulative. I realize that Dex does not openly seek close interpersonal relationships, but he does seem to function more properly with them. And he has this underlying gratitude and appreciation for people that the mutated "monster" inside resists admitting. At times he implies they're the only thing truly worth living for.

    But it's a show, so who knows?

    Hah. I just finished the last season, and I literally just got an account on here. I didn't even post in the newb thread yet. Yes Dexter is what catches my eye. But I'm a 4w3 and I think I'm typing all of this because my interests help support my identity.

    And you all must know who I am!!!! :P (Says the 4)

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    Olaf Stapledon was a 1w2. (I cannot add Wikipedia link to his biography :(

    His philosophy was very 1-ish focused on the development of personality and community and "spiritual values" understood as a right way for human beings to live together. However, he seems to have had some underlying 2-ish features. His fiction featured deep emotional bonds between characters (like Sirius and Plaxy or the narrator of Last and First Men and his alien informer). He did some kind of para-medical volunteer job during World War I.

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    Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow?
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