Why is this forum inactive?

Why is this forum inactive?

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This is a discussion on Why is this forum inactive? within the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators forums, part of the Keirsey Temperament Forums category; Because NF dominates perc! Problem solved....

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    Why is this forum inactive?

    Because NF dominates perc! Problem solved.

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    damn INFPs

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    NTs dominate perc, not NFs
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    maybe we should vote
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    What would happen if NF/NT got extinct?

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    Sensors gotta sense, you know. Sensing the world.
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    I sense what's being said.
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    Yeah whilst NF in the Internet world 🌍 make sense! XD way to sense sensors! Chuuuuuu (*^3^)/~☆

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    Quote Originally Posted by atamagasuita View Post
    What would happen if NF/NT got extinct?
    Mega sensor party, WOOOHOOO!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelo View Post
    maybe we should vote
    Someone already did that, but there's no point in that, because you can use perC tools to see number of NTs and NFs.
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