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    Some people see the world as dangerous, and some see it as safe. Some see it as just or unjust. Nevertheless, we all live in the same world. Elements of our personality color our views, and human perception is little more than an inkblot test. One purpose of the Enneagram of Personality is to describe the various lenses that distort our perception of the world. If you believe that the world is engaging, that you must seek out new experiences, and that the objective of life is to try everything, then you might be:

    (Also known as “The Epicure”)
    by timeless

    I. Introduction to the Enneagram of Personality

    The Enneagram of Personality is a personality classification system comprised of nine types. Each one of these nine types represents a distinct set of motivations, fears, desires and virtues. This article (and the other articles in this series) are designed to present each of the nine types ...
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    Enneagram Type 7:
    Epicure, Entertainer, Optimist, Adventurer or Rationalizer

    You want to be fascinating, fascinated, optimistic and enthusiastic. More importantly, you want to be stimulated, creative, positive and excited. You see yourself as visionary, diverse and playful. You would like others to see you as interesting, sophisticated and fun loving. Your idealized image is that you are happy and joyful.
    Outgoing and spontaneous, you love anything that is new, novel or unusual. A charmed charmer, you are fascinated by people, places and ideas. Upbeat, positive and optimistic, you naturally cheer up and inspire others. Quick to laugh and make a joke, you easily entertain people. You are also easily entertained. An idealist and visionary, you strive to create a paradise on earth by sharing your vision of love, equality and freedom. A ‘jack of all trades’, you often have diverse skills and interests. You are innovative, multi-talented, creative ...
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    Personal Growth Recommendations
    for Enneagram Type Sevens

    • Recognize your impulsiveness, and get in the habit of observing your impulses rather than giving in to them. This means letting most of your impulses pass and becoming a better judge of which ones are worth acting on. The more you can resist acting out your impulses, the more you will be able to focus on what is really good for you.
    • Learn to listen to other people. They are often interesting, and you may learn things that will open new doors for you. Also learn to appreciate silence and solitude: you do not have to distract yourself (and protect yourself from anxiety) with constant noise from the television or the stereo. By learning to live with less external
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    An Overview of the Seven (pg 191-192)

    It is no great difficulty to see why the life of diverse hedonism is unsatisfactory even in its own terms. Boredom, its ultimate enemy, is unavoidable....A life devoted to the collection of enjoyable or "interesting" experiences is an empty life. It is not a life of spirit, but one in which spirit disappears in the ultitude of diversions....When we think of it, we all know that those who are ina position to sample life's sweet diversions are no better off in any fundamental way than those who are not. We know that those who have thrown themselves into lives of self-indulgence are often racked with emptiness, loneliness, self=hatred, nostalgia, and yet are unwilling to change. Knowing all this, however, we would be reluctant ourselves to pass up the opportunity for such a life. Why is this so? Because we convince ourselves that we would be judicious in our use of pleasure. We would practice restraint....The life of superficial ...
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    ecstatic gratitude
    spontaneous enthusiasm
    passionate accomplishment

    active materialism
    restless superficiality
    addictive excess

    irresponsible debauchery
    manic hysteria
    burnt-out debilitation

    Type seven people care more than most about having fun. They can become trapped by a compulsion to have intense experiences. One of their talents is an intuitive ability to generate and sustain healthy optimism, in themselves and others.

    Except in rare cases, people of type seven show a flavoring from one of the two adjacent wing points, so we can say they are seven with a six wing (7/6) or seven with an eight wing (7/8).

    Like all humans, sevens also come in three instinctual flavors: social (7sc), sexual (7sx), or self-preserving (7sp). In addition, sevens also experience nine distinct levels of mental-emotional health (briefly described by the phrases at the top of this page). Therefore, it is possible

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