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    Some people see the world as dangerous, and some see it as safe. Some see it as just or unjust. Nevertheless, we all live in the same world. Elements of our personality color our views, and human perception is little more than an inkblot test. One purpose of the Enneagram of Personality is to describe the various lenses that distort our perception of the world. If you believe that the world is ultimately dangerous, that you must be aware and prepared, and that the objective of life is to survive, then you might be:

    (Also known as “The Problem Solver”)
    by timeless

    I. Introduction to the Enneagram of Personality

    The Enneagram of Personality is a personality classification system comprised of nine types. Each one of these nine types represents a distinct set of motivations, fears, desires and virtues. This article (and the other articles in this series) are designed to present each of the nine types ...
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    • Remember that there is nothing unusual about being anxious since everyone is anxious and much more often than you might think. Learn to be more present to your anxiety, to explore it, and to come to terms with it. Work creatively with your tensions without turning to excessive amounts of alcohol (or other drugs) to allay them. In fact, if you are present and breathing fully, anxiety can be energizing, a kind of tonic that can help make you more productive and aware of what you are doing.
    • You tend to get edgy and testy when you are upset or angry, and can even turn on others and blame them for things you have done or brought on yourself. Be aware of your pessimism: it causes you dark moods and negative thought patterns that you tend to project on reality. When you succumb to this
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    Enneagram Type 6:
    Loyal Person, Devil's Advocate, Skeptic, Guardian or Rebel
    You want to be safe and secure, to fit in and belong. More importantly, you want to have certainty and security, putting your faith in a trusted authority, belief system or tradition. You see yourself as faithful, friendly, conservative and/or cautious. You would like others to see you as loyal, dedicated and reliable. Your idealized image is that you are supportive and do your duty.

    A bundle of contradictions, you can be wary and cautious one minute and/or rebellious and courageous the next. You possess an endearing childlike reactivity and often take the position of the devil’s advocate. Depending on the situation, you can be friendly and outgoing or reserved and skeptical. A ‘good soldier’, you prefer the role of buddy, loyal family member or trusted employee. You can be a reluctant authority because you fear that taking on a leadership position might make you a ...
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    An Overview of the Six (pgs 163-164)

    Sixes are full of contradictions. They are emotionally dependent on others, yet do not reveal much of themselves. They want to be close to others, yet test them first to see if they can be trusted. They worship authority, yet fear it. They are obedient, yet disobedient; fearful of aggression, yet sometimes highly aggressive themselves. They search for security, yet feel insecure. They are likable and endearing, yet can be mean and hateful. They believe in traditional values, yet may subvert those values. They want to escape punishment, yet may bring it on themselves. Sixes are full of contradicitons because anxiety makes them ricochet from one psychological state to another. And in response to anxiety, Sixes look to an authority to put their anxiety to rest.

    "Our system of education teaches us to put our faith in something else - a corporation, a marriage, a trade, a profession, a religion, polotics, something, ...
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    self-affirming courage
    faithful affection
    responsible discipline

    dutiful loyalty
    anxious ambivalence
    belligerent scapegoating

    needy conformism
    paranoid obsession
    self-destructive panic

    Type six people care more than most about safety and security. They can become trapped by compulsive anxiety, or by compulsive counterphobia. One of their talents is an intuitive ability to sense whether someone is telling the truth.

    Except in rare cases, people of type six show a flavoring from one of the two adjacent wing points, so we can say they are six with a five wing (6/5) or six with a seven wing (6/7).

    Like all humans, sixes also come in three instinctual flavors: social (6sc), sexual (6sx), or self-preserving (6sp). In addition, sixes also experience nine distinct levels of mental-emotional health (briefly described by the phrases at the top of this page). Therefore, it is possible to distinguish

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