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    by Published on 06-02-2011 07:12 AM

    The Enigmatic ISTp

    By Jacob R. Zemon [ISTp]
    “To get along with me- don’t increase my tensions.” ~Ty Cobb

    ISTps may have a cold or distant look to them when you first met them. Their eyes look focused and alert, like they are peering outward from inside a shell. ISTps don’t have big smiles around new people; rather, they give a half, closed-lipped smile. They try to talk a lot with facial expressions; such as the way they furrow their brow or grimace, believing in non-verbal communication as opposed to words.

    ISTps may seem quite laid back and easy going at first, and they might also lack initiative, because they chose comfort and relaxing over actually “getting things done”. In a physical sense, they like to be in harmonious environments. They don’t like others interrupting their peace. This applies while either doing ...

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