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    by Published on 06-05-2011 06:12 PM

    The Playful ESTp

    By Laura Bradford [ESTp]

    At a first glance, an ESTp might appear to be a number of things. Without delving into the core of the ESTp's personality, a person of this type may seem like a 'party animal,' constantly seeking out the admiration of others by continuously showing off. Stereotypically, we are some of the most promiscuous, reckless, and uncaring people in the Socion. But there is so much more about the ESTp that couldn't be further than what appears on the outside.

    First and foremost, one must realize that ESTps have motivations behind all of their actions, whether concious or not, or for the benefit of themselves or others. If you ask an ESTp why they did something and they respond with 'I don't know,' chances are that they actually do know, but don't want you to know. On the same token, many ESTps are heavily influenced by their hidden agenda (to be loved). This is one of the basic reasons why ESTps tend ...

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