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    by Published on 08-16-2011 03:59 AM
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    Welcome to the Personality Cafe!

    Before we begin, let it be said now -- you do not have to read this thread to be involved in the Personality Cafe forums! This is only a reference thread for some basic functions.

    Below is a short post explaining some of the more technical aspects of the forums, meant to supplement the "Friendly Guide for the Newbies ^^" thread and the vBulletin FAQ. Feel free to ask questions in the forum, even if this guide answers them. This thread is merely a support and reference tool to be used in answering questions in the forum.

    There are many aspects of the forum not covered, so I encourage you to test and try out as much of the site as possible! I myself am new, so this thread is largely to help myself.

    Please make use of the ctrl+f function to search for certain words, or by the numbers used in the table of content. By clicking these two buttons (f while holding down ctrl) you ...
    by Published on 08-16-2011 03:01 AM
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    Forum Guides
    4.1. Subscribed Threads:
    The subscription system on PerC is a great way to keep track of threads you are interested in! Subscribing to a thread, or auto-subscription systems, gives you the ability to quickly look at what you are involved in and maintain updated as a discussion moves forward!

    You can tell that you are subscribed to a thread if you see a small green circle with a checkmark within to the right of the thread title in question. These will not show up on your subscription page in your profile proper.

    This will take you to a page showing all threads you are subscribed to, by choice, or to all threads you have responded to. From this page you can edit, alter, and remove subscriptions.

    To remove email notifications, choose the thread you wish to do this for by selecting the box on the right of each line, and then click to the section below. Frequency of updates

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