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    by Published on 06-04-2011 03:16 PM

    The Rational ENTj

    By Jack London [ENTj]

    What's coming up next is a sentence that could most accurately summarize the ENTj's mindset. Enthusiastic and optimistic about the future, the ENTj wants to be the one who's at the forefront of advancement. Possessing a peculiar combination of idealism and pragmatism in his personality, the ENTj is a person who wants to make his dreams come true.

    The ENTj is a very rational person. He lives with an internal set of principles. These are not arbitrary or merely accepted from conventional wisdom. Rather, they stem from a critical examination of any available empirical evidence at disposal. The ENTj thrives for objectivity. He wants to know the 'Right' answer to everything. For this reason, he is particularly fond of measures and tests because they enable him to objectify reality, helping him to make correct decisions and accurate predictions. The ENTj thinks like a scientist, only accepting ...

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