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    by Published on 06-08-2011 08:04 AM

    This is INTJ friendly. Sorry INFJs. Tho i hope this may help for you guys somehow..

    The following post is full of Ni and may be spoken in a language where only the Ni user might understand. It is also partly cryptic and since its in its beta mode, don't expect it to be human friendly for now.

    Throughout the years, i had been trying to understand how to use Ni effectively. I won't say that i'm an expert in it but personally, it works well for me and i discover something new everyday.
    However, after talking to some INTJs, i had been wondering on how can my fellow INTJs use Ni effectively.
    It can be a struggle and sometimes, it's very hard to understand.

    I personally call it, 'using the force' for the lulz. Tho that had worked very much so for me. With the help of Se, everyday events bring me advantages where i can use Ni.
    Te is most likely to 'doubt' it and things 'go back' to normal.
    However, doubting ...
    by Published on 06-05-2011 06:44 PM

    Quasi-defining statements

    p. 222: "...draws our attention to immediate sensory phenomena. ... It prompts an interest in perception itself--the process of recognizing and interpreting what we take in."

    p. 223: "Introverted Intuition would prompt us to liberate our sense impressions from their larger context, thereby creating new options for perception itself."

    p. 229: "Introverted Intuitions are not really ideas. They're like trains at the edge of articulated knowledge. You can't claim them or advocate them. You put on a hat, grab hold of a boxcar door, and see where they go."

    p. 153: "Introverted Intuition suggests that absolute meaning is an illusion--the result of having incomplete information."

    As a dominant function:

    p. 225: "For INJs, patterns aren't 'out there' in the world, waiting to be discovered. They're part of us--the way we make sense of the ...
    by Published on 06-05-2011 06:43 PM

    Quasi-Defining Statements

    p. 196: "Intuition draws our attention to context and we adapt to sensory events in terms of it."

    p. 197: "Once we've grasped a whole pattern, we can envision options that don't yet exist. Indeed, one of the drawbacks of Intuition is that it conjures up a future before we know very much about the present. For example, given enough elements to suggest a star or a square, we have a hard time not filling in the blanks and seeing the complete image."

    p. 198: " leap from a few immediate cues to a quick impression of the whole..."

    p. 223: "Extraverted Intuition would move us to unify our sense impressions with their larger context, thereby creating new options for meaning and response."

    p. 224: "Extraverted Intuitives are right-brain types who deal with their sense impressions by unifying them into larger outward patterns. An ENP physician, for ...
    by Published on 06-05-2011 05:42 PM

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I decided it was time to introduce something that hasn't been discussed on depth in any of the major mbti type forums that I've frequented over the past year. It's one of my particular pet topics which people often come to ask me about in various guises. I've talked about it in some depth before but I thought it may be time to document it for posterity.

    One of the great complications on this type of interaction is that people often have their own definition of what Ne and Ni are; therefore it is best to start by letting you know how I have come to define and understand these cognitive functions.

    Ne Preference and Interpersonal Interaction

    Ne is the easier to understand of the two; Ne has the attitude of preferring to extrapolate ideas from external stimulus. As the dominant Ne types you will see in ENTPs and ENFPs have a tendency to seek out stimulating ideas from interaction with others.

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