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    by Published on 06-01-2011 06:25 PM

    The Valiant ISFj

    By Reuben McNew [ENTp]

    ISFjs are among the most loyal and family oriented of the types, they love family and can provide well for them. They can have good memories, and excellent analytical abilities. They can make very good councilors, and may possess an excellent empathetic understanding of others. They tend to be exceptionally self-sacrificing. However, they also have a habit of devaluing their own accomplishments, feeling as though they are worthy of no reward. Many become prone to severe workaholics tendencies, constantly finding reasons to clean and arranging items for work or for leisure; regardless, they can often even feel under appreciated for their valiant enthusiastic efforts.

    ISFjs tend to be very orderly, they rarely need to ever to clean up; this can be manifested in the way that they dress. For example, it is rare to find an ISFj that does not own some sort of designer suit or dress, as they love ...

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