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    by Published on 06-05-2011 06:06 PM

    The Guardian ESFj

    By Reuben McNew [ENTp]

    Lovers of people, children, and all things pleasant, ESFjs thrive within face of the foundation of culture, structure, and organization. As ethical entertainers, many posess talents and abilities delightful to the eye and pleasant to the mind. If one type was to define the true meaning of love and friendship, it would be the ESFj.

    ESFjs have a strong sense of justice, and may feel frustrated by societies by which place little signifigance in ceremonies, laws, customs, and tradition that has been familiar with them throughout their lives. Even while ESFjs often do not understand their reasoning for follow such stringent customs, they follow regardless. In fact, they tend to not ask very many questions concerning their lifestyle or challenge much are at all. Most are perfectly content living the way they have as long as they have and so long as nothing disturbs their way of life they remain ...

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