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    by Published on 06-04-2011 04:15 PM

    The Sacrificial ENFj

    By Reuben McNew [ENTp]

    ENFjs are the self-sacrificial martyrs of the types; they love to laugh, and they love to make people happy. No other type can offer love, loyalty, and support in such a way as the ENFj. Though often surrounded by friends and supporters, they can feel lonely, living in a dark world of superficial supplications. They offer, and ask not ... leaving themselves an empty shell; they are the unreluctant givers of the types.

    ENFjs typically manifest an excellent intuitive understanding of people, and can influentially provoke desired reactions from others to suit their desires and purposes, if deemed necessary. For example, it is not all that uncommon to find female ENFjs testing the metal of potential male suitors, placing them in odd verbal situations in which they must exhibit their own inner qualities to them; sometimes even placing themselves at odds with the other, provoking tension. ...
    by Published on 06-04-2011 02:23 PM
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    Ethical-Intuitive Extratim - ENFj (The Actor)

    Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations

    ENFjs often have slim arms, legs and torso. They look rather slow and relaxed, especially among friends. However, there are ENFjs that are very nimble but they tend to suffer from a lack of co-ordination, giving the impression that they do it deliberately. ENFjs often have big, straight, sharp noses. Their eyes usually have a melancholy look about them and at the same time have that obsessed shine that shows a great emotional charge.

    ENFjs usually hold their heads up straight, often giving the impression that they are looking above the heads of others. This can lead others to believe that ENFjs are arrogant people. ENFjs clothes are usually badly matched. There is often one particular detail that catches the eye and is completely out of place with the rest. They are well aware of this and therefore pay close attention to their wardrobe ...

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