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    ESFP Workplace Strengths
    • are someone who reaches understanding through interaction and discussion, someone who wants to talk it through
    • are energetic, enthusiastic, and prone to take action
    • move around and may “do business” in various locations
    • participate, often speaking up right away, letting others know what you think or feel
    • regard meetings as places to build relationships and as vehicles to get work done
    • are aware of the impact of what’s going on in the larger organization and the outside world
    • focus first on and are most interested in specifics and the details of current or past reality; you notice the “trees” before noticing the “forest”
    • are realistic, practical, and work with “what is”
    • work on one thing at a time; like to begin from and use what is already known
    • want the work of a team to be realistic and doable, and are less interested in (and may be impatient with) discussions about vague,
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    ESFP Extraverted Sensing with Feeling

    ESFP types have fun. They like to live life to its fullest and are great company. Good natured and openly friendly, they are very curious about what they can see, hear, and know firsthand. They then find ways to adapt to what they've noticed, and are good at getting others to adapt too.

    Choosing a Major
    • Tend to try alternatives and remain open to change
    • Prefer a job dealing directly and flexibly with people
    • Often found in health fields, sales, design, entertainment, transportation, or troubleshooting

    • Like to engage in physical exercise
    • Roommates may find them fun, enthusiastic, and adaptable
    • Report no trouble dating once a week or more
    • Having fun is important

    Learning Style
    • Can remember a great
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    Extravert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving - ESFPs represent approximately 13% of the population. ESFPs have very strong interpersonal skills, and may frequently find themselves in the role of the peacemaker. They are easy, outgoing, friendly, accepting, unprejudiced, open-minded, and tolerant people who rely on their direct senses. Since they make decisions by using their personal values, they are usually very sympathetic and concerned for other people's well-being. They're usually quite generous and warm. They are very observant about other people, and seem to sense what is wrong with someone before others might, responding warmly with a solution ...
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    Description of ESFPs
    The ESFP's motto is 'Let’s Have Fun.'

    ESFPs are the “Performers” and the “Entertainers” of the 16 types.

    Many of the other types like to perform, but ESFPs are driven to perform.

    For ESFPs the world is a stage.

    ESFPs are warm, caring and friendly.

    ESFPs are quick to gain the friendship of others.

    ESFPs prefer not to have to supervise or manage others.

    ESFPs thrive on excitement, variety and new experiences.

    ESFPs do not do well with routine, repetitive tasks.

    ESFPs are very uncomfortable being alone for any length of time.

    ESFPs like to be the center of attention.

    ESFPs are able to establish report with their audience very quickly.

    ESFPs are extraverted and outgoing.

    They are down to earth, grounded, realistic and practical.

    ESFPs prefer ...
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    The Lovable ESFp

    By Jacob R. Zemon [ISTp]
    'It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.'
    ~ Muhammad Ali

    You can usually spot an ESFp with a big smile on their face. They like to give the appearance of “welcoming” others in. ESFps enjoy making friends with everyone, even approaching shy people, getting them out of their shell. They enjoy telling jokes and spreading warmth. ESFps generally have balanced, well-coordinated movements. Some ESFps have more of a waddle when they walk.

    Trust and understanding are big to the ESFp. They never try to judge people’s feelings or criticize them, but dishonesty is something that they won’t tolerate. ESFps may not show praise outright or shower people with excessive attention, but they believe more in feelings being understood, and want people ...
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    I found this on

    Here are some statistics for ESFPs:

    • Among the highest in college retention.
    • In national sample "Leisure Activities," overrepresented in "Watching TV 3 or more hours per day"
    • Underrepresented in "Reading" and "Working out/exercising."
    • Academic subject preferred: history.
    • Highest of all types in national sample in liking work environment characteristics "Making the job as simple as possible" and "No expectation for working extra hours."
    • Most important feature on an ideal job: "A stable and secure future."
    • In national sample, dissatisfied with "Promotions," "Job security," "Stress," "Salary," and "Accomplishment"
    • Satisfied with "People I work with" in their jobs.
    • In national sample, among types with the lowest income and likely to leave job.
    • Ranked 15th out of 16
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    Motivator Presenter: ESFP

    The ESFP is a type that is concerned with the here and now and gives little thought to what happens later. Others often see them as dizzy or hyper. They don’t get wrapped up in making plans and that can be tough on friendship.
    In love relationships they push for excitement and are often viewed as shallow due to their quick surface reactions. This is not true. It’s the difficulty in getting deep that comes from always dealing in the moment.
    The family is another happening opportunity for the ESFP. They are not likely to be big planners for the family events but will always try to make them entertaining. If confrontation arises they will often vacate away from the epicenter of the discontent.

    The ego and desire for attention and action make the ESFP a nice match for the arts and theatre professions. Jobs that offer instant gratification and offer any type of public service ...

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