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    by Published on 06-05-2011 05:14 PM
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    Hello boys and girls :) Today I'm gunna write a shit ton about the big 5! Because you guys hate on it a lot and I hardly notice it mentioned here, but it's actually pretty good shit that is very useful and insightful in describing people and yourself. I'll just start now....

    Origins of the Big 5.

    Back in around mid 1900's or something (that shit never matters), some psychologist named Allport was interested in personality. He went on to write the first book on personality, as well as coined the "lexical" approach to categorizing human behavior. This approach was a pain in the ass. In order to accomplish his lexical approach, this dude for real just chilled in a room for a REALLY LONG TIME with a fucking dictionary and literally kept track of every single word that popped up that had anything to do with describing the behaviors of individual human beings.

    He got around 18,000 descriptor words. He figured, what better way to evaluate ...

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