How often do you go to concerts, of any kind

How often do you go to concerts, of any kind

View Poll Results: How Often Do You Go To Concerts?

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  • I go to as many as I can every week!

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  • (Almost) Every week or month I go to a show

    2 3.03%
  • One or two a year for my favorite bands

    16 24.24%
  • Seldom, but there might be one I get excited about

    26 39.39%
  • Have no desire to go to any concert for live music.

    22 33.33%
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This is a discussion on How often do you go to concerts, of any kind within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; Pretty straightforward question.But to clarify, anyway, I'm talking any music concert. Can be rap, rock, pop, classical, etc. Also, can ...

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    How often do you go to concerts, of any kind

    Pretty straightforward question.But to clarify, anyway, I'm talking any music concert. Can be rap, rock, pop, classical, etc. Also, can be big names, or can be small shows for local bands. Either way, how often do you go experience live music of some sort?

    For me, almost never. Not a big live music fan.
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    Rarely these days. Went to see Alice Cooper downtown because a free ticket basically fell into my lap the night before and I had no reason to refuse, did not regret it, great show. Guy's still got it at 69, and had a solid backing band in a relatively intimate venue with decent acoustics.

    Prior to that I hadn't seen any shows for a year or two. Probably last show was George Clinton which was disappointing, bad venue, bad crowd, bad vibe all around. Bootsy Collins was a much better show; also seen Rush, Phish, Booty Band, Pat Metheny Trio, Santana, Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, the Flaming Lips a couple times (first show kicked ass, second show sucked ass), other local or localish bands and jazz groups at bars or festivals etc.

    One of my favorites though was at a house show next door to my old apartment. Duo called Teach Me Equals, they play cello and violin and guitar and use a lot of pedals and effects to make beats and swirling drony walls of sound and do vocal harmonies over it. Really really intimate space, like 30 people all crowded into a little living room while these two just set fire to the place with sound. Really sweet couple too. Worth checking their stuff out with a quick google [/shameless plug].

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    Not often. My first concert was a disco festival that featured Ray Charles as the closing act. I was so turned off by how rude and disrespectful that crowd was to him, I think I was scarred for a bit. I was 12 or 13 at the time and didn't get over my aversion to rude crowds since then.

    Anyway, I have to be a big fan to go out of my way to attend a live performance. I'm also not a fan of musicals or plays. There's something about watching actors perform in the flesh that turns me off.

    I only pay to see artists I trust or a festival with at least five groups I'm into. So far the only acts I've seen multiple times are: Beyonce, NIN, Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Hot Chip. I really, really want to go to a SHINee and sakanaction concert someday. If Radiohead ever agrees to perform reworked versions of their music at a planetarium I'd be game for that too.

    I regularly attend classical concerts and recitals. Every once in a while I'll check out a classical ballet.
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    I've never gone to one and I'm not really compelled to go either. Maybe under certain circumstances.

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    I mostly go to small shows, and generally just prefer to see local and/or up and coming bands who happen to be in the area more than big names most of the time (I'm not trying to be 'that person.' I just don't listen to a lot of bands that aren't local or just starting up from somewhere in the US. I enjoy that homey feel, I guess.) I've probably been to..maybe 5-8 in the last year, and one festival. And I'm trying to increase the number so that I go to one or two gigs every month.

    I don't know why I go, really. I used to be a homebody, and music has been my passion for as far back as I can remember, so maybe it's mostly for networking purposes. I did see a band called Nobunny though and that was magical, because the lead has this all-encompassing, ostentatious stage presence. He really made me feel like we were all there united by the love of the energy he was eminating. He is goals on goals.
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    Never been to one, actually. Not my thing.

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    I like all kinds of music (country, alternative rock, metal, etc.) but my favorite type of music is DEFINITELY classic rock (I was raised on classic rock, parents are both avid classic rock fans)... my favorite band is Boston (any fellow Boston fans here?) and whenever they come to my town I DEFINITELY get tickets (I've seen them twice in concert, once last spring and once three summers ago)... I'll also go to a concert that a friend invites me to go to, or if I see that a band they're interested in is coming to town, I'll ask them if they want to go. :)
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    I have only attended (one) concert a looooong time ago - [of an artist I fancied] - and I can say; it has turned me off in very disappointing ways - especially the "unedited" vocals. What a scam. SOME voices are best heard through earphones.

    I attend Jazz-concerts [or sit-ins/small clubs] ... "concerts", I would hardly call them, to hear a smooth sax or a prodigiously good jazz-drum. O'my. I prefer to only hear instruments (rather than vocals); in person. If I am listening to vocals; I prefer it be a speech (discussion / lecture) of some sort.
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    I try to visit stepdads concerts at least once per year. Been abroad and happily entered a random place unknowingly entering a concert. 2016 I was at 4 concerts, none of those was by a personal fav, not even my music and no entrance fee. Saw blues, metal, rock and jazz.

    Been to one stadium concert, got invited. Never again, there was no point, there was no gain, it was boring. AC/DC is boring.
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    i would go all the time if i could afford it. have been to a few big ones (think warped tour) but haven't been to one in years.

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