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What Are Your Thoughts on Traveling

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  • I often travel without a permanent home

    6 9.84%
  • I like being home, but try to get away as much as possible

    21 34.43%
  • I have some places I try to visit throughout the year

    14 22.95%
  • I only travel for specific reasons but prefer being home

    14 22.95%
  • I avoid traveling except for every once in awhile

    5 8.20%
  • I never want to leave where I am unless I have to

    1 1.64%
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This is a discussion on What Are Your Thoughts on Traveling within the Polls forums, part of the Announcements category; I love traveling and want to do a lot more traveling in a few years when I can retire. But, ...

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    I love traveling and want to do a lot more traveling in a few years when I can retire. But, I have a medical condition that just emerged last weekend that makes it scary. I have always had food allergies. I carry epipens. But since I had a reaction to something that I was never allergic to before, and it caused a spasm around one of my coronary arteries, and I learned that using my epipen can trigger it as well, I am stunned into the realization that eating unfamiliar foods that I cannot validate the ingredients of easily is too great a risk. I will have extensive testing and depending on the results of what those tests say I am allergic to, I may be more comfortable again. I have lived in foreign countries, traveled extensively both solo and with others. My primary desire is to experience ski mountaineering in exotic locations. But I do like exploring old cities as well. I have the travel bug for sure.

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    I like to travel to places where I can blend in (not always easy) so I can really experience life in another place. In my trips I usually like to walk around without plans and I care little about seeing all the places I "have" to see. I hate touristy, busy, and overpriced places. However, I've been told Paris is worth it. But really it depends on what inspired your trip. If I decide to travel it is because of a good novel in which the main character enjoys her/his city or because of ruins, mommies, or museums.

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    I put that I have some places I try to visit throughout the year. I don't have the urge to go to places I don't already have some interest in for the sake of seeing them, but I have pinpointed some places I want to visit. IF I had more money, I'd probably travel all over the world. But because I don't, I guess I've just become fixated on a more practical mindset, and only fathom the idea of travelling to places I already suspect I'd enjoy.

    Also, I'm kinda clingy in the sense that I would probably never go far without someone I know. So basically, if I couldn't find someone who wanted to go with me to a certain destination, I probably wouldn't. I guess it's a security/stability thing.
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    I've moved 29 times in the 27 years I've been alive.
    Countries I've been to include:
    Saudi Arabia
    United Arab Emirates
    And Vietnam

    US States I've been to:
    New York
    New Jersey

    .... NEVER had a permanent home and frankly, I never plan to.
    Staying in the same place for over a year or two is very suffocating.
    I can feel the call of wanderlust and adventure louder and louder the more time goes by.

    There are still so many places I want to see before I die...


    I also want to climb the seven summits and end my life's adventures frozen on the summit of mount Everest.

    That should keep me busy for the next 25 years! 😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parrot View Post
    So this isn't a hypothetical scenario where you're rich, because we all know you're poor. That said, in your current state, what are your views on traveling? For me, I don't like traveling for the sake of traveling. If I travel, I want to specifically do something. Like go to a convention, sports match, or see someone specifically. Otherwise, I'd rather stay home.
    Agreed. The idea of traveling just to see some new place doesn't appeal to me, in which case I'd rather stay home, but I don't mind traveling to do something.

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    I have very specific views on my travel lol. I hate flying (though havenít been out of the country so might like to do that someday). And traffic drives me up a friggin wall. So I limit my travel at the moment, but I really like going to National Parks and places away from civilization! Otherwise Iím home spooning with my cat (lol awe =^..^=)and probably reading about faraway places

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    I absolutely love travelling! I'm that annoying kid that always begged the family to go on a roadtrip of some kind. Thankfully, I live in a family of P's so we'd just drop tools and go on a trip for the weekend, anytime someone would suggest it XD (We literally did that last weekend)

    I live in Ireland. I've been to 30 of the 32 counties, north and south of the border. The only two counties that I haven't visited are Donegal and Derry but I have plans for Derry this summer :)

    I've travelled to different parts of England, a gazillion times. Mostly because flights are really cheap and I've family there. France, Poland & The Netherlands twice. I also went to The US, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Luxembourg & Austria.

    I plan to go to Slovakia this year so that should be fun! :)

    Usually, we go on a few tours together at the beginning of the week. The rest of the family would then stay around the beach for the rest of the week while I go around exploring the area or go to the markets, craft fairs etc :)
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