MBTI / Harry Potter Sorting Test

MBTI / Harry Potter Sorting Test

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This is a discussion on MBTI / Harry Potter Sorting Test within the Personality Test Resources forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I've seen lots of MBTI tests and lots of Harry Potter Sorting Hat tests, but this one caught my eye ...

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    MBTI / Harry Potter Sorting Test

    I've seen lots of MBTI tests and lots of Harry Potter Sorting Hat tests, but this one caught my eye because it combines the two, and because it lets you see all the possible results. I don't know how accurate it is, although it did peg my type. I thought I'd share it, just for a bit of fun.

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    Well, that's nice. Apparently I'm Lord Voldemort!

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    I'm in fact INTP, but a more clear-cut/decisive one.
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    aww yeah, the Weasley twins! /airpunch
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    wooptiedoo, same as with smoke
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    Madame Hooch? They didn't try really hard for ISTP did they?
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    lol @ at the INTP description.

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    Why do all tests type me as an INTJ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconoclastic Visionary View Post

    Why do all tests type me as an INTJ?
    That happens to me about half the times I take these tests.
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