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This is a discussion on OneIShy Test within the Personality Test Resources forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; OneIshy :: Personality/Temperament Test Looks like I got opposites... :) Your personality is Sanguine Phlegmatic. Melancholy Strength:3 Weakness:7 25% Phlegmatic ...

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    OneIShy Test

    OneIshy :: Personality/Temperament Test

    Looks like I got opposites... :)

    Your personality is Sanguine Phlegmatic.
    Melancholy Strength:3 Weakness:7
    Phlegmatic Strength:5 Weakness:5
    Sanguine Strength:11 Weakness:5
    Choleric Strength:1 Weakness:3

    Strengths of a Sanguine

    The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist
    The Sanguine's Emotions

    Strengths of a Phlegmatic

    The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist
    The Phlegmatic's Emotions
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    The Choleric's Emotions
    • Born leader
    • Dynamic and active
    • Compulsive need for change
    • Must correct wrongs
    • Strong-willed and decisive
    • Unemotional
    • Not easily discouraged
    • Independent and self sufficient
    • Exudes confidence
    • Can run anything

    The Choleric As A Parent
    • Exerts sound leadership
    • Establishes Goals
    • Motivates family to action
    • Knows the right answer
    • Organizes household

    The Choleric At Work
    • Goal oriented
    • Sees the whole picture
    • Organizes well
    • Seeks practical solutions
    • Moves quickly to action
    • Delegates work
    • Insists on production
    • Makes the goal
    • Stimulates activity
    • Thrives on opposition

    The Choleric As a Friend
    • Has little need for friends
    • Will work for group activity
    • Will lead and organize
    • Is usually right
    • Excels in emergencies

    Sounds like an ENTJ
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    Personality: Phlegmatic Melancholy

    40% Phlegmatic
    30% Melancholy
    18% Sanguine
    13% Choleric

    Phlegmatic Strengths

    The Phlegmatic's Emotions

    Low-key personality
    Easygoing and relaxed
    Calm, cool and collected
    Patient well balanced
    Consistent life
    Quiet but witty
    Sympathetic and kind
    Keeps emotions hidden
    Happily reconciled to life
    All-purpose person

    The Phlegmatic As A Parent

    Makes a good parent
    Takes time for the children
    Is not in a hurry
    Can take the good with the bad
    Doesn't get upset easily

    The Phlegmatic At Work

    Competent and steady
    Peaceful and agreeable
    Has administrative ability
    Mediates problems
    Avoids conflicts
    Good under pressure
    Finds the easy way

    The Phlegmatic As a Friend

    Easy to get along with
    Pleasant and enjoyable
    Good listener
    Dry sense of humor
    Enjoys watching people
    Has many friends
    Has compassion and concern

    Phlegmatic Weaknesses

    The Phlegmatic's Emotions

    Fearful and worried
    Avoids responsibility
    Quiet will of iron
    To shy and reticent
    Too compromising

    The Phlegmatic As A Parent

    Lax on discipline
    Doesn't organize home
    Takes life to easy

    The Phlegmatic At Work

    Not goal oriented
    Lacks self motivation
    Hard to get moving
    Resents being pushed
    Lazy and careless
    Discourages others
    Would rather watch

    The Phlegmatic As a Friend

    Dampens enthusiasm
    Stays uninvolved
    Is not exciting
    Indifferent to plans
    Judges others
    Sarcastic and teasing
    Resists change
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    Your personality is Melancholy Phlegmatic.
    Melancholy Strength:8 Weakness:12 50%

    Phlegmatic Strength:4 Weakness:5 23%

    Sanguine Strength:4 Weakness:3 18%

    Choleric Strength:4 Weakness:0 way :)!
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    Melancholy 30%
    Phlegmatic 38%
    Sanguine 20%
    Choleric 13%

    You are Phlegmatic Melancholy


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