how do YOU relate to all 16 MBTI types?

how do YOU relate to all 16 MBTI types?

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This is a discussion on how do YOU relate to all 16 MBTI types? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; i'm rather aware that each type has several subtypes and that one's experience with a certain type doesnt account for ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    how do YOU relate to all 16 MBTI types?

    i'm rather aware that each type has several subtypes and that one's experience with a certain type doesnt account for all of those who fall underneath that category but i'd still like to hear your experience with each type. it doesnt matter if your experience with one type has only been good or only been bad, so feel free to type in what you think about the person(s) who you've encountered underneath the category of type.

    i'll go first so you guys can see what i mean. also, exclude any type that you've never interacted with. and for your copy+paste convenience, i shall include in the full set of MBTI types again at the end.

    Your type: XNXP

    INFP: n/a

    INFJ: i really like these guys. they seem rather easy-going and quirky in the beginning, but the more you get to know them, the more you find that they're actually very deep and serious people. we get along very well but every once in a while we have misunderstandings because i tend to blurt things that could be taken the wrong way or i just say wrong things at the wrong time. :X they value honesty so as long as you don't pretend to be something else and you treat them well, they're pretty happy.

    ENFP: we have a mutual understanding between us. they love being around people and are rather energetic. i do sense a streak of sadness in them though when we're alone. to be honest, they seem kind of air-headed but when you actually get to know them, you find that they're actually rather profound. we share the same sense of humor and it's fun being around them. they seem to get along with all types as long as they aren't assholes.

    ENFJ: they find my antics amusing and ridiculous and so we make good acquaintances. i find that they usually can't tolerate my full-blown humor so i have to lower it several notches in order to get along with them without them running off. they seem to respect my experience and advice but when talking to them, i find that i have to be pretty sensitive to their feelings otherwise they shut down.

    INTP: we get along really well. they seem cold at first but the more you get to know them, the more you realize that they have a lot of warmth underneath that exterior. they also get excited about stuff really easily. we share the same type of humor and can understand each other well.

    INTJ: we get along well as acquaintances and have a mutual respect. they carry themselves with an air of respect wherever they go and when we converse they always have this mischievous spark in their eyes. we make good acquaintances- i've never had one as a good friend before. dunno why.

    ENTP: man, they're always debating about stupid crap i dont care about! but other than that, they're pretty cool guys. we share the same sense of humor and i love joking around with them. they're a lot of fun to be around with.

    ENTJ: they seem to only respect you when they sense that you're better than them. i got along with these types extremely well as long as i was in command. kind of pisses me off how they usually try to completely dominate you...i always feel like i have to watch my back around these guys.

    ISTP: i really respect these guys. sometimes their hugeass amount of self-confidence pisses me off but that's probably because i envy them for that. it's easy to become acquaintances with them but i find it hard to actually be good friends with them. it's frustrating communicating with them sometimes, especially whenever we're discussing a topic. close to an hour after arguing, we find that we were arguing on the same side, but because our approach was so different, we thought the other person was on the other side. also, it seems that the moment they start talking, they lose the ability to detect the other party's interest level.

    ISTJ: it's odd because they seem to really, really like me. i think they're attracted to my random humor. at the same time though, they seem to be a bit intimidated by me. we can get along very well but i eventually find them to be kind of boring. maybe it's because they're too consistent. on a random note, i find that though ISTJs are very good at controlling themselves, they aren't very aware of how other people feel, only aware of what other people expect of them.

    ESTP: n/a

    ESTJ: they love my ideas and theories and are very interested in my ability but it feels like the moment i am no longer of use to them, they drop me. *shrug* they're nice to talk with, but they also carry this sharp gleam in their eyes as if they were constantly trying to search out your weaknesses...

    ISFP: i like these guys. they can get kinda clingy if they really like you but generally they're pretty laid-back. we get along rather well and conversation flows easily whenever we get together. they're rather practical-minded and down to earth.

    ISFJ: we get along but i have no idea how they work or think. and they dont understand me either. it takes a lot of effort to make the relationship work with these guys. at most we can only be acquaintances. i find them rather odd actually. although they act very warm and caring, i always get the feeling that they're very distant.

    ESFP: fun to talk to but only for a short period of time. i find them irritating because they seem to be interested in things that i dont care about at all- basically, their drama and gossip. all of the ESFPs i've met so far seem to only like me when i'm being their psychologist.

    ESFJ: n/a

    Your type:
















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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Your type: INFJ

    INFP: We have pretty much in common & I usually get along with them.

    INFJ: -

    ENFP: May be fun to talk to every once in a while, but I can't relate to them.

    ENFJ: they bring out my fun side, that's awesome. They're awesome (until their jokes get too kinky)

    INTP: I have a love/ hate relationship with them. We get along really well, but they sometimes fail to understand me, especially when I'm trying to make them understand something without telling it to them straight.

    INTJ: Sometimes they're too inflexible, as in they don't even consider the possibility that someone else's view points might be right. Other than that, we seem to understand each other pretty well and have common interests (like grammar nazism). Also my BFF is an INTJ, so go figure.

    ENTP: Love them. They're usually easy to get along with.

    ENTJ: Can't stand them. Used to have an ENTJ best friend, tht was traumatizing.

    ISTP: I think there are two kinds: the ones who are really awesome and the ones who are losers. Never had a close ISTP friend though, so I can't tell.

    ISTJ: I don't think we have much in common, but when they're intelligent, they may be pleasing to talk with.

    ESTP: I have trouble taking them seriously, sometimes their jokes are a bit over the top.

    ESTJ: I feel like I want to punch them when they get bossy. Otherwise I like that they can actually get things done.

    ISFP: I've had a couple of close ISFP friends and I've found out that it's unwise to reveal too much of yourself to them. They might not be interested in keeping your secrets. Also, they might become manipulative. But when everything works out well, they're quite pleasing.

    ISFJ: Cute, but a bit too conservative.

    ESFP: They seem fun, especially at first, but I'm not sure I'd want to have a close relationship with one. Although there are ones who I admire in a way.

    ESFJ: They're irrational and sometimes unreasonably bitchy, but when you get along them, they're nice and very warm-hearted.

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Your type: ISTP

    INFP: Some of the smartest people that I know. Generally want to get a deeper understanding in learning the principles of type than others that I have encountered.

    INFJ: Both Ni types baffle. They seem to have so much to say, but find it hard to put into words. I seem to intimidate them in some way, which is actually sad since I know that I can learn from them.


    ENFJ: I only encountered this type many years ago, on their own forum. They were so willing to help and answer my questions regarding type. I found it interesting that a lot of them were males.

    INTP: I am almost sure that people on the forums (this one included) mistype themselves as INTPs. There is something about the test that when all doubt, labels you this type. I say that I question them because most I have encountered even on their own forum struggle with intellectual integrity. Some but not all, do want to understand the principles of type whereas others seem to propose theories about type without knowing the basice principles.

    INTJ: My thoughts about this type are still mixed. Most who seem to have developed their Te are great to talk to about type. However I can generally tell when they are merely using their dominant function because like INTPs they seem to have no problem in violating intellectual integrity in the name of thinking they know what they're talking about. Overall, I post on their forum and with the exception of a few (which seems to grow every time I visit) many can follow my train of thought on discussing type.

    ENTP: These guys can be a hoot. For some reason there is a connection between me and mature ENTPs. When I do encounter those who claim to be ENTP, they are similar to INTJs. They either are versed enough to carry on serious discussions or they miss the point all together preferring to just make up shit as they go. Ironically I can quickly grow bored of being around them since at some point the truth is revealed that many of them have little or no substance (not a slam just my observation).

    ENTJ: These folks amaze me and intimidate me at the same time. I have encountered some at INTJf who are versed in type. They have no problem putting INTJs in their place and seem to have no question of their types. Generally I confuse mature ENTPs with being this type.

    ISTP: Enigmas, what can I say? This seems to be the one type where the auxilary function (Se) can make for totally different types. I either find those that use their Se well or skp it and go to their teritiary function. Like INTPs, I think that sometimes ISTP is the flavor of the month so people make claims to being this type because of sterotypes (i.e, I like to ski, I like extreme sports, I like doodling with cars therefore I must be ISTP). What I do like about my gang is the fraternization that we share in seeing someone wearing the ISTP badge. We seem to respect one another and always there for one another even on forums, to have our backs. These are my BOYS (this includes the female ISTPs).

    ISTJ: I only see these types in real life, but when I do encounter them on the fourms, I mistaken them for ISTPs or INTJs. They're wanting in knowing the principles of type, but don't seem to stay long on the forums.

    ESTP: I see ESTPs as I do ENTJs. Something about them makes me want to stand up straight and pay attention when I encounter them. I respect them on the forums and seem to be in awe of them (even the females) when I converse.

    ESTJ: Not met enough of them, or had discussions with them to know what they're really about outside of work.

    ISFP: These are the types that I just want to shake them and tell they are just as intelligent as anyone else on the forums. They are everyones equals. I have learned a lot about type from ISFPs on other forums. They either seem to hold their own, or becoming shrinking violets quickly and disappear. The males are different, but even they seem to be happy when they see me coming. Almost a big brother/little brother or sister relationship when I encounter them.

    ISFJ: Interestingly this again is the type that I encounter daily in real life. I love them/I hate them. They are the true Fe types that sometimes share the qualifies of INJs in voicing their opinions as facts. They're also the ones that quickly put you on a pedastal but become your worse enemy once the rose colored glasses are removed. Want someone to know your secrets, tell an ISFJ.



    Meeting people on forums, claiming to be a certain type is very different than encountering them in real life. The ESTJs that I have encountered are quite jovial and seem to have a lot of fun. There is a mutual respect. The one INTP (not confirmed) that I think I encounter is highly intelligent, but can be lazy and procrastinating.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Your type:INTJ

    INFP: My twin brother is this type. They have their dark sides and tend to be ok one minute, and is easily angered. For the type in general, they don't like confrontation but won't shy away from Gossip. Intelligent, but also aesthetic which can lead to elitism/pretentiousness.

    INFJ: IRL, don't know. But these guys are good at coming off as T types online. They seem able to separate their hearts from their arguments, but just don't attack their loyalties.

    ENFP: I get along with these people. They're bursting with ideas at the seams though, which can be overwhelming. They just emit them while I'm still processing the idea from 2 minutes ago. Overall I'm usually able to bond quickly because they tend to see more in me than most people do.

    ENFJ:People...people. While people may not expect someone to behave this way normally, they're definitely an interesting lot.

    INTP: Don't know any IRL. But online you'll find varying manifestations of this type. It's quite interesting. Oh, they're ALL atheists too. (Well, save one) They would make good friends.

    INTJ: Jerks.

    ENTP: Idea people. I know one online and we talk about typology and various other intellectual topics. She's very laid back

    ENTJ: I don't know any. I imagine if no clicking occurred there would be a mutual disinterest.

    ISTP: Not much experience.but they would probably easily earn my respect.

    ISTJ: They have this notion that kids today are in the same world that they grew up in and should be parented exactly how they were. >_>

    ESTP: No I am not interested! *SLAM*

    ESTJ: I know a few. Tend to be self centered and insecure while appearing confident and doing their "ESTJ thing". Typically there is mutual respect but also disinterest.

    ISFP: She dyes my hair! They don't put many expectations on you, and are fun to be around..even if I'm not good at shouldering their hurt.

    ISFJ: I only know one semi well, and she enjoys my sense of humor. They tend to have expectations for their lives and are generally nice to everyone. I mistake them for extroverts sometimes.

    ESFP: ...Bunnies!

    ESFJ: They're nice and buy you stuff without asking and don't keep count of favors. They're better at remaining in the world of people, and can be easily swayed.
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    Unknown Personality

    Your type: ENTP

    INFP: I can only think of one that I know, and she's kind of a downer to be around. Everything in her life apparently sucks, and everything that happens to her is a huge-ass deal. She's a bit of a drama queen, in some ways. Eh....I'm sure they're not all like her, but that's the only real-life example I have. The INFPs on the internet are much more cuddly.

    INFJ: Again, I've only ever met one, but he was my first love, so...yeah. The connection was awesome at first, but we didn't really get each other's views or agree on much of anything. He'll be cooler when he's more mature. Still, INFJs have that uncanny INxJ charm, gosh darn it...

    ENFP: I'm 90% sure my little sister as well as my friend are ENFP. You guys are crazy, but I love you. The ENFPs on this site are especially awesome.

    ENFJ: I have an ENFJ teacher, and he is incredible. So friendly and honestly passionate about what he does....ENFJs are adorable!

    INTP: This depends. I tend to get along well with INTP girls, but I simply cannot deal with the INTP guy I know. We disagree on everything! Agh! In general, though, I'm borderline INTP, myself, so y'all are cool.

    INTJ: I am obsessed with INTJs. Seriously, it's kind of weird. My brother (who's basically my best friend) is INTJ, so that probably contributes. I'm sort of in love with an INTJ, and it's driving me insane...

    ENTP: We're cool. Still, I tend to argue with my fellow ENTPs more than with any other type...

    ENTJ: My best friend is ENTJ! I pretty much love ENTJs as much as I love INTJs. Utter awesomeness. When I talk to them, everything just...clicks. Perfection.

    ISTP: Can't say I've ever knowingly met one.

    ISTJ: Again, never met one.

    ESTP: I'm definitely a fan of ESTPs. My ESTP friend and I always have insane amounts of fun together. Just don't try to get in on the fun - you'll forever feel like you're somehow on the outside of a great, big, funny joke.

    ESTJ: My mama is ESTJ. I love her....Without her, I would never get anything done. It's because of her that I can succeed academically. Most ENTPs seem to think ESTJs are, like, the ultimate evil, but I like them...

    ISFP: I get along with ISFPs quite well. Honestly, who doesn't? They're just so darn likable.

    ISFJ: Eh. I can get along with them superficially. As long as I don't express any of my more unorthodox opinions, we're just fine. They seem to like me, for some reason...

    ESFP: They're whatever. A bit simplistic, if you ask me, but I have nothing against them.

    ESFJ: I get along similarly with ESFJs and ISFJs. It's very superficial, but they like me for whatever reason...
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Your type: INFJ

    INFP: Two of my best friends are INFPs. They're very relatable and they have stayed for a long time. One of my INFP friends only signs on every few months but she used to and may still see me as her confidant. I wish I could chat with her more often but I am afraid of starting the conversation. The other INFP has always been there for me and is one of the only people I don't fear talking to.
    I think my dad is also an INFP, he's calm and avoids any conflict. My dad is pleasant to be around and both of us are really quiet.

    INFJ: There are two people I've been good friends with who are possible INFJs. I'm afraid of speaking to both now because I'm afraid that that they dislike me (I fear that with most people).

    ENFP: I don't know many people.

    ENFJ: Not sure.

    INTP: My best friend is an INTP, we no longer speak. We both shared so many thoughts of inadequacy. She was loathing of others and saw them all as illogical and conventional. She was a mother-like figure to me and was always there for me. She was the only person I trusted or talked to about how I felt and we had the same interests.

    INTJ: There's only one INTJ that I currently know in real-life. I admire fictious INTJs for their wit.

    ENTP: I am not sure if I know any.

    ENTJ: I think one of my friends is an ENTJ, she's a mother-like figure to me also. She certainly talks the most, but I enjoy listening. She sees me as a confidant. Sometimes I must join group conversations including her where I don't say anything, but if the conversation is one-on-one we get along well.

    ISTP: ~

    ISTJ: ~

    ESTP: There is an ESTP that I've been friends with since 2006. We aren't close but I like to converse with her and we have common interests.

    ESTJ: ~

    ISFP: ~

    ISFJ: I think my mom is one. Her and all of the fictional ones that I know of are unstable and tense.

    ESFP: ~

    ESFJ: ~
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    Unknown Personality

    Your type: xntp

    INFP: Muses.. great friends, but some of them end up bitter over the differences we have in values.

    INFJ: They tire of me after a while. Not sure why. They just seem very cagey to me, and never really open up, or relate to me at all.

    ENFP: Taxing on my energy, but have lots of interesting things to say - more than most types.

    ENFJ: Taxing on my energy.

    INTP: Mind-mates, but sometimes annoy me with the pedantic spelling/grammar nazi correction bs. ; P

    INTJ: If I need an expert on what the intj in question is an expert in - that is who I will go to.. but I can't just chill with an intj.

    ENTP: Hit -or- miss. An entp can be a very comfortable best friend, or a very obnoxious person that I can't deal with. Depends on the individual entp.. but its either very very good - or equally bad.

    ENTJ: For some reason we seem to get along great. I don't see them as the domineering tyrants that others see them as. We complement each other.

    ISTP: I have always gotten along with istps wonderfully, but only on a superficial level. We can kick the shit, and just waste time, or giggle together about observations that we have both come to - but when it gets to personal philosophies, I feel like one of the INFPs who have scoffed at -mine-.

    ISTJ: They tend to leer and make stupid accusations. I get out of the interaction asap.

    ESTP: Come to blows.. unless we come to an agreement. It can also be more like the relationship between me and the ISTP. We chuckle at out similar observations.

    ESTJ: I have really gotten along with some more mature estjs. But the less mature ones and I will battle. Some of my most favored work companions have been older, more mature ESTJs.

    ISFP: I'm ok; You're ok. Let's just.. go be ok away from each other.

    ISFJ: Very sweet people.. as friends.

    ESFP: Stfu. Sorry.

    ESFJ: We usually get along great because they are full of information, being such gossips.
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    Unknown Personality

    Your type - INFP

    INFJ: I relate to them in terms of which kind of things they put value into. They're generally intellectual, considerate, friendly, and have very interesting stories to tell. They hide a lot of themselves and a lot seems to be processing inside of them. They will show a whole new dimension about themselves the more you find out.

    ENFP: I like these lot. They report their perception of events and incidents in the most hilarious ways and have a wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable to express thoughts, opinions and all other things and make you go "oh holy crap i got ahead of myself" later. We can carry on for hours talking about ideas, comparing opinions and having eureka moments and have very similar perspectives. They never run short of questions to ask and ideas to discover and experiment which opens up the gateway into their intriguing persona. They have a lot of energy and touch a lot of people with it and not simply just share it. On the other hand, they can be overwhelming. They can be good with language and persuasion.

    ENFJ: I admire them for their thoughtfulness and their careful consideration of managing affairs right to the end. We relate sometimes and even when we don't the rest of the time, there is still a connection. They seem to be willing to help people and bring them out of their shells. They can ignore some very valid points, however; and tend to sound rude and condescending. Can get carried away and be assumptuous. And will want to know all the time what I'm thinking, why didn't I do this or that or having already decided why I didn't do this or that! Much luv <3

    INTP: I know a very few INTPs outside of this forum -- they have a look of calmness and wisdom yet taken aback and careful-ish. They are good listeners and seem to have bounced off many angles to a situation, so we definitely click and have great conversations and humour added in. Tendency of wanting to always have the last say, can seem like they don't want to lose even though it may not be the case. I appreciate them overall and enjoy their company.

    INTJ: The closest friend I've got. She and I get along like a house on fire - they have a wonderful inner-world, which is difficult to break into. They're more in the external world than you think. Good, clear perspectives and it reflects in their conversation, decision-making, interests, hobbies, choices. Seem to be content getting on with their job and interests in their own space and are always finding something to do, albeit procrastinating, quite like INFPs Out of the blue, however, they will detach and even become somewhat reserved if there is too much of an emotional matter in conversation or the like and seem to prefer moving on from it quickly, stating the "straight-forward" point and solution.

    ENTP: I am fascinated with this type - they are friendly on the surface and very intrigued about EVERYTHING, whether what they really talk about is a reflection of what they know or don't know but will be highly energetic and curious anyway. However, they are pretty straight-forward and serious under the surface somewhere and quite testing of what makes others tick and what not. I haven't known many so this is based on the experience I had with 2 ENTP people. So can't say much more than that.

    ENTJ: We either don't know each other or do know each other well -- never in the middle of the road. Initially, they come off as direct and quick and constantly testing the waters... they have a good foot on the ground and very active in their lives. Good connection in conversations and able to discuss almost anything (apart from stuff either of us doesn't have the knowledge about). Can be unreadable sometimes -- can also have difficulty reading what others meant -- they don't like to slow down too much but are willing to if they see the purpose in it! There is a mutual bond.

    ISTP: I find them interesting, and I enjoy conversing with them - they are probably my only SP types I connect with mentally... they have opinions on matters that are insightful and are laid-back, respecting others' space as well as securing their own. I can bring up any random topic in a few words and they are willing to chip in a perspective or two. I feel I can relate to them in terms of a desire to explore and learn about new things, but with a very different substance altogether.

    ISTJ: Love-hate relationship. I really like ISTJs as friends and I really like their confidence in the task and in day to day matters. They are dependable and never give up easily and will find a reason to continue (I realize this can be detrimental sometimes). If you get to know them, you will learn how open-minded they can be and how passionate they are of the simple and beautiful things about life. They have good insights WHEN they're not overbearing with their opinions and holding a defensive stance. They could do with being flexible though, and we tend to clash a lot because some things are just not enough :/

    ESTP: Hmmmmmmmmm, ESTPs grasp my attention pretty quickly in terms of noticing them being all social and hilarious and super on-the-go but we don't become friends very quickly. They are understanding and surprisingly good listeners when you want to share a problem or just throw a rant but they will interrupt too much and over-take, otherwise. I don't know what's fully going on with the ones I know. I admire their foot in reality and their ability to analyze and comment on something, but not when it's for persuasian sake They are unpredictable for me, so I don't know what to expect the next day.

    ESTJ: I'll get back to this later.

    ISFP: We end up being jolly ole' friends all the time. I like ISFPs for their random rants and practical ideas - new hair dye! birthday party! where to go on holiday, where not to go on holiday, what happen the last time they went on holiday! memories, memories, memories, i love these type of conversations so we click on that level but we can never talk into deeper stuff and I wouldn't want us to feel awkward cuz of it.

    ISFJ: I generally think of this type as not being able to live with, but not able to live without either. I appreciate their warmth and not demanding anything in return for their generosity towards you and how they keep things down to earth and running consistently. They are willing to talk about anything with you as long as it doesn't go deep according to my definition of what's "deep". The issue is that they are almost 100% inflexible and dismissing of my opinions and approach and we don't do well in debates -- but practically I admire how they realize how valid a different point to their own can be and begin to exert effort toward it. I generally feel close to them.

    ESFP: We have a mutual understanding and I like talking to them, they have a warm presence and are spontaneous and super lively, but tiring and I just wanna retreat! Not all of them are like that, however, but they ramble a lot and bounce off one subject to another without any sort of direction which is cool but then I won't last more than an hour. heh.

    ESFJ: Can be blunt, opinionated and slightly condescending but besides that, I find them pleasant - the few that I have known or suspected to be ESFJ. They are protective of those they consider close, they are supportive and aesthetic. They value a welcoming atmosphere on their part and presentable dinners, etc. I get kinda and RATHER uncomfortable when they do stuff that has some sort of connection to me, without permission or warning or anything of the sort... and are likely to be hurt or not understand why? Can come off smother-y and stalk-y =)
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    INFP - The Idealists

    My type: INFP. I get along with most INFPs very well as long as we have similar values. I feel deeply connected to them, and comfortable. It is nice getting to be fully myself with someone. When we do have conflicts about values, however, neither of us will ever back down. These fights can be the most brutal of all conflicts.

    INFJ: I befriend them easily. They usually want to take care of me or mentor me in some way. They tend to have a parental relationship with me, perhaps because I was raised by an INFJ mother and behave like a daughter when I am around other people like her. There is always a little tension, because I feel like I will not live up to their standards, or am going to break a social rule that they hold dear. Anyone with Fe poses a certain difficulty, and there is a subtle feeling of walking through a minefield. When they understand me, it is with such total empathy and depth that I find myself fully satisfied after conversing with them, but even when they do not, it is usually easy to resolve disagreements, since they are hyper-aware of how I am feeling.

    ENFP: I find ENFPs delightful and fun. They tend to accept me easily, and to try to broaden my experiences by allowing me to participate socially. I feel included when I am around them, and when I am in groups, I tend to cling to them for safety and support. One-on-one, I connect with them naturally, and the conversations flow easily. Occasionally I will run into one whose core values are opposed to mine, and when this happens, I have trouble seeing such people as ENFPs. They do not have the stereotypical love of harmony, and will behave antagonistically. This has only happened twice, and neither time was in person. My brother is an ENFP, as was one of my best friends in one of the locations where I lived.

    ISFP: I have only had one close friend who was an ISFP, and from what I experienced, he was a lot like me. He just wasn't as interested in talking about theology, metaphysics, psychology, or literature, but shared many of my values. He got his joy out of doing handiwork, and received a great deal of pleasure from being out in nature. We could have long conversations that lasted almost all night, as long as the topics were concrete or social, but he seemed to think of me as too uptight and reserved, because I wouldn't get drunk and dance naked with him in the moonlight. I am still in contact with him.

    INTP: Oh boy... :( I don't know where to begin. I am often extremely attracted to them. Some are jerks from the start, and I just avoid those. Some are sweet and nerdy. When I run into one of these nice INTPs, I admire them and feel connected to them. Problems arise later in the little details, in how we deal with stress, and, more specifically, in how we need others to deal with us when we are experiencing problems. Eventually, there is always some kind of conflict that prevents intimacy. I am incompatible with INTPs at the very core, and no matter how hard I try, I can't overcome it. There are many that I respect, or that I even like. I just can't bond with them on the level I really desire, because I inevitably get hurt in the process. It baffles me how we can be so alike, and still be so very different.

    ESTJ: I have never had any success trying to befriend an ESTJ. Even the nicest one I ever met, here at PerC, admitted to behaving in ways that would make me incapable of being around him in person without the encounter being painful and explosive. They push all of my buttons, and behave in the ways I find most intolerable, unfair, cruel, etc. My grandmother who recently died tested as an ESTJ, and I am sure her son, my uncle, is also an ESTJ. I remember watching him trying to be nurturing once, and he did it by yelling impatiently in an irritated voice for the person to just relax. Of course, this only made the situation worse, and he felt like it was the other person's fault for not doing what he said! So, needless to say, even being in the presence of an ESTJ can be painful for me, whether I am his or her victim or not. It is as though they have no mercy, no compassion, no respect for vulnerability. I hope that they aren't all like that, and that I have just been encountering the bad apples.

    ESTP: I don't usually do very well with ESTPs. I have had two ESTP friends that I actually got along with, but this was largely because I did not befriend them on a very deep level, and was just a working buddy, doing various tasks with them, or drinking with them. Usually, I have many of the same problems with ESTPs as I have with the ESTJs. They don't seem to have much respect for vulnerability. One ESTP gym teacher had the nerve to tell my parents that "Getting hit in the head repeatedly with a basketball doesn't hurt. Your daughter was overreacting." I looked over at my usually unemotional dad and saw exactly what he was thinking about doing. He was about to throw the basketball at the teacher's head, to show him just how much it "didn't hurt." He used to be a baseball pitcher who could throw at ninety-something miles per hour. He probably would have killed him at such close range. I'm glad he didn't do it, even though I hated that merciless asshole with a passion.

    ESFJ: I don't have very good luck with ESFJs, although I have met some that I really like. My aunt is an ESFJ. The neat-freakishness is a major source of stress for me, as is the expectation that I automatically know all of the social rules, and how things "should be done." The inability to respect my privacy is a bit of a turn-off, but in general, my relationships with ESFJs haven't been horribly painful or anything. They've just been a bit uncomfortable, with moments of connection in which I feel sisterly toward them.

    ENTJ: I haven't known any in real life, as far as I can tell. The one I talk to from here is always really caring, despite our almost diametrically opposed values and beliefs. He is one of the few people I can argue with without feeling personally threatened. Another one who used to frequent this site was always sweet to me, too. I don't have enough experiences with the group to form a generalization, though.

    ISTJ: I have been good friends with every ISTJ I have ever known. Their loyalty and integrity appeal to me, and they are very similar to idealists. My dad is an ISTJ, as was one of my favorite roommates, and I have never had any problems with them.

    ENFJ: I have had one ENFJ close friend, but when they are in positions of authority, I have the same problems with ENFJs as I have with ESFJs, where I feel like they have alien expectations that are mistaken for common knowledge. They can make terrible bosses. When we are allowed to behave as equals, there isn't so much difficulty, and they are more like ENFPs, helping me to feel included and accepted.

    INTJ: I tend to like INTJs, but have some of the same problems with them as I have with INTPs. Some people have speculated that my abusive ex might have actually been an INTJ instead of an INTP. It is possible. The more INTJs I meet, the more I begin to believe it, not because they are all abusive, but because they share other qualities he had, while INTPs are less likely to behave in those ways. I find INTJs intimidating and sometimes painful, but I almost always respect them. I am strangely drawn to them, but keep my distance knowing that they are more powerful than I am.

    ENTP: I have one good ENTP friend, and one ENTP cousin. They can be great fun, bringing out all of my eccentricity and allowing me to feel free, but there is always an underlying sense of danger. They can be insensitive, and sometimes pick fights for entertainment. Unlike ESTPs who are apt to pick physical fights, ENTPs are more likely to start complex philosophical arguments, which can be stressful if one of these arguments has to do with something I care about. This is why I tend to only hang out with ENTPs who have been drinking, and are in a playful, non-philosophical mood. Online, I tend not to get along with them very well, but there are a few of them I would count as favorite members.

    ESFP: OMG I love them so much!!! I have had several ESFP friends, and they are almost always delightful. They wear me out quickly because they can be overwhelming, but they can be quite entertaining. I suspect that my favorite client, Harry, was an old, mellowed out ESFP, and that my great grandmother might have been one. I had a crush on an ESFP drummer once, and have an ESFP comedian friend who is heavily involved in play acting. I've never met an ESFP I didn't like.

    ISTP: I haven't known enough ISTPs to form an opinion. I think my uncle is one, and we do not get along very well. I find his insensitivity and lack of mercy appalling. I'm sure they aren't all like him, though.

    ISFJ: I have had good luck with ISFJs. I've never met one I didn't get along with, although I have the same discomfort around ISFJs as I have around INFJs. I know I can't live up to their sense of etiquette and will inevitably upset them with my disorder. We usually resolve things easily, and if the ISFJ is into home crafts, we have some common ground that allows for creative bonding experiences.
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    Unknown Personality

    Your type: INFP

    INFP: The only other INFP i've met was Ok. We aren't close friends.


    ENFP: FUN,FUN,FUN,FUN that's the only word that comes to mind.

    ENFJ: Never met one.

    INTP: My mum and sister are one. We get on great together. I love brain storming with them.

    INTJ: I've always looked up to the INTJ's i've met and I wont stop now. The're interesting people.

    ENTP: FUN, smart and creative. What else could you ask for?

    ENTJ: I've never met one.

    ISTP: Very introverted people.

    ISTJ: Can be boring. But if looking for a friend that is constant then ISTJs are the ones.

    ESTP: Never really had a interesting discussion with one.

    ESTJ: My gandpa is one, he always talks about when he was a Sergeant in the army..........Nuff said.

    ISFP: The ones at school were all up I haven't really had a good experience with one.

    ISFJ: I think I clash with their Fe.

    ESFP: Fun, insane,creative.

    ESFJ: I think I clash with their Fe.
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