Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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This is a discussion on Edward Cullen within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; So, I'm not really sure where to post this, but, I definitely looked throughout the search tool and couldn't find ...

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Edward Cullen

    So, I'm not really sure where to post this, but, I definitely looked throughout the search tool and couldn't find a thread on this. Maybe I don't know how to use the search tool. If there's a thread already on this, I apologize.

    What type do you think Edward Cullen fits into?

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Whiny Emo Fairy (Not Vampire)

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    INTP - The Thinkers


    He is faster than the others. He is really smart. He knows how to push the limits of his senses.

    N is completely out.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I don't think he's really smart. Out of all his family he might be the stupidest, but I've not read the book. I was thinking ISFP.
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Why would you say the N is completely out?

    And I'm more banking on the fact that he's a J. He's organized within his thoughts. He's able to distinguish priorities, set different standards, and keep them. I wouldn't think he's a P, he doesn't have his head in the clouds. I would think he was intuitive, the way he's always right about what he's talking about and the way he knows when things will happen. Even if it is a vampiric gift.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    He has no personality. But there's a thread for...him.
    Type Edward....you know what Edward
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I've heard INFJ, but yeah, just read the old thread.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    As provided, please go ahead and discuss this in the pre-existing Edward Cullen thread - it's not too long since there's been a reply.


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