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Which MBTI type is the most feminine?

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This is a discussion on Which MBTI type is the most feminine? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I/E - I think its safe to say that introversion would still be considered more feminine in most countries, overall ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I/E - I think its safe to say that introversion would still be considered more feminine in most countries, overall though it could be either

    N/S - Intuitive is the clear feminine winner here, females are far more respected as scatterbrains than men, which is why NT men such as myself confuse people so much. Logical + scatter = holyshit

    T/F - Argue all you want on this one but F is the clear winner overall, there's always exceptions to the rule but I doubt exceptions is what this thread is about

    J/P - Make up all over the floor, spontaneous and crazy yeah we have a clear P winner here

    My vote - INFP

    Conclusion - People taking this thread really serious need to calm down, its harmless fun
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by firedell View Post
    I would say ESFJ as well, the stereotypical housewives.
    Quote Originally Posted by smoke View Post
    That depends on how you define 'feminine'. All F types are more feminine in general, but some are more unconventional and dreamy (INFP, INFJ), others more artistic and playful (xSFP), others more conventional and submissive (xSFJ).

    I think the least feminine of the F types are ENFJ (they're more powerful, visionary and make good leaders) and ENFP (more selfish, daring and typical feminists).
    It really depends on how you define what is feminine. Feminine woman could mean

    warm, caring, typical mother type

    sensitive, dreamy, girly

    Seductive, sensual, sexy, brave

    photos from here

    or something else... Not only typical housewifes are feminine...

    So different kind of woman stereotypies. All of us can be anything.

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    Unknown Personality

    This thread is bullshit.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I think that whilst you can say that a type on average is the most feminine or the most masculine, the individuals within that type will be found all over the gender identity spectrum, as people are in the world as a whole.

    For example, my ESFJ sister has a lot of the more feminine qualities of her type, whilst at the same time if she has a daughter, she wants to play football (soccer to Americans) with the daughter and she has probably as many masculine qualities as she does feminine, although overall she's feminine.

    Having said that, I agree with INFP being the most feminine as a type. I notice that some people have mentioned "women's intuition" - women are no more intuitive than men, and the concept of women's intuition is a societal construct to allow women to seem intelligent without actually being called it (at least, that's how I see it).

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    INFP - The Idealists

    That's a no brainer--INFJ

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    ESFJ statistically speaking.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    women are no more intuitive than men, and the concept of women's intuition is a societal construct to allow women to seem intelligent without actually being called it (at least, that's how I see it).
    How do you know this? Just curious.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I don't think one type or the other is going to be masculine or feminine; it's more like "masculine/feminine" vs. "androgynous". I'd put it like this:

    E vs I: E is more expressive, and so, more likely to display their masculine or feminine traits, I is inwardly directed, and so, can appear to be more androgynous.

    S vs N: S is more masculine/feminine, N is more androgynous (an Intuitive man might seem more feminine, an Intuitive woman might seem more masculine).

    T vs F: Most people here would say T is more masculine, and F is more feminine, but it's been said before that this isn't necessarily the case. This largely depends on the perception of masculinity and femininity, but it bears repeating that being an Fe dom doesn't necessarily make you feminine, if the communal values you're espousing call for you to be masculine. Nor does operating according to a personal moral code make you more feminine; in fact, standing up for what you believe is right has been traditionally encouraged in men for much longer than it has been encouraged in women. Now, men are often expected to be colder and more rational, but this can also have the effect of making us seem bloodless and passive, rather than passionate and outspoken, which can be seen as more masculine (not saying thinkers are cold and rational all the time; I'm probably one of the most passionate, impulsive people I know, and I'm a thinker). So, feelers might actually be more likely to appear either masculine OR feminine, while thinkers might be more likely to appear androgynous, though again, it depends on which definition of masculine vs. feminine we're using.

    P vs. J: I'm leaning towards P being more masculine/feminine, and J being more androgynous, but I really have no idea; convincing arguments could be made for either side. On one hand, P types are more impulsive, unplannned, and so, could be seen as more authentic, and more likely to show the character traits that are considered more masculine/feminine, while J types might be more likely to control themselves, and hide their more masculine or feminine traits if they don't suit their purposes. On the other hand, P types might also show more traits that are associated with the opposite gender, while J types would be more likely to suppress these traits, only showing those which are associated with their own. It really could go either way.

    Based on that, the most masculine AND feminine type would be ESFx, and the most androgynous type would be INTx.

    -Insert obligatory statement about how these are not meant to apply to all people of those types, and are just used for the purposes of the thread's question-
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by JungyesMBTIno View Post
    How do you know this? Just curious.
    I don't, but that's the impression I get about "women's intuition".

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Romantic View Post
    Based on that, the most masculine AND feminine type would be ESFx, and the most androgynous type would be INTx.
    I could see INTPs in particular being quite androgynous. Although the stereotypes would suggest it to be a masculine type, there's a lot of qualities associated with the INTP that are more gender-neutral than masculine or feminine.
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