If you've ever been really wasted how did you act?

If you've ever been really wasted how did you act?

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    If you've ever been really wasted how did you act?

    What did you do?

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    I'm a happy drunk usually I've fallen asleep with the shower running once

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    I passed out... thankfully.

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    Nothing, except being more eloquent and focused, with a tiny penalty in motion coordination.
    Beyond that, I only had annoying headaches.

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    I am a happy drunk, mainly. My decision-making process seems surprisingly unaffected though (don't worry, I didn't drive). The first time I got drunk enough that I was staggering, but I still found it hard to approach a woman I liked. Harder than when I'm sober, actually.

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    I tend to just be more obnoxious as far as peacocking blatantly. Being tackier than normal. It is just the more uninhibited version of myself. I dance sober anyways, but drinking I am more flamboyant about it.

    I am more cautious tho about pick ups etc. I do not like to be bothered drinking with pick ups. I tend to get sarcastic and gaslight. Not that girl who just hookups drunk. (Nope actually my hookups are sober). I am very hyper vigilante about my environment and more the watch dog of my main friend group in this way. I would say I am cautiously paranoid and even drunk keep my faculties enough to watch. I do not leave my drink places etc. I do not know how people do trust others with their fate and get black out wasted. I have been roofied two times even being a cautious person so when I see those girls with barf all over themselves or a head in a toilet who cannot talk or walk I just think woah you really have no give a fucks about yourself.
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    Yes, a few times.

    I forget english.

    My poor husband ( then mere aquiantence) he was so confused and I was so frustrated by his lack of understand as I tried to shove a book into his hands yelling " Yomida!"

    I also become incredibly laid back and get along with people I typically do not.

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    Only a handful of times. Drinking to intoxication is not something I like to do.
    My Fe and Se lock my inhibitions in the closet and I'm a very very friendly drunk. I love all the people.

    Unless I drink straight tequila, and Joe Nichols wrote a country song about what happens when I drink tequila. (So I never drink large amounts of it in public. Ever.)

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    I posted inappropriate comment on anonymous forum, viewed it the next day, attempting to feel shame and guilt because of what I have done, but instead I thought it was brilliantly amusing, I was genuinely surprised by my own wit and thought I should drink more often.
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    I've never gotten "really wasted" but the times I did get somewhat drunk, I was a very angry one.

    (I don't drink anymore though, personally)
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