[ENTP] Your Favorite People and What Personality Type are they?

[ENTP] Your Favorite People and What Personality Type are they?

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This is a discussion on [ENTP] Your Favorite People and What Personality Type are they? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Who are your favorite people, you know those people who you actually know you well enough to understand you and ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    [ENTP] Your Favorite People and What Personality Type are they?

    Who are your favorite people, you know those people who you actually know you well enough to understand you and how crazy you are but somehow put up with you. ( this has been done out of simple curiosity, just to see how many ENTPs form similar relationships with various people, details are awesome but not necessary ) Keep the thread going! Dying of curiosity since I don't meet many ENTPs!

    Here I'll go first


    ENFJ (Grandma) this women has tainted me! Because of her I actually know how to organize things, dress properly and understand people much much better.

    ENFP ( Aunt ) reads my mind, it's awesome in an appalling way cause she ruins my fun sometimes I get the better of her though

    ESFP ( Bestie #1 ) We bounce of of each other and gain energy as we go

    ISFP ( Besite #2 ) not that I see her much since she's so introverted and to lazy to come meet me but when we do see each other we drive each other crazy in a good way ... Kinda

    INTJ ( Old friend ) one of the only people to fairly defeat me in a debate ... Multiple times. This of course just made him extremely interesting.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    ISTP 5w6 - My bf. The one person in the universe I can say I completely trust and know would never judge me despite knowing every square inch of my mind, vice versa. Our (questionable) levels of morality closely match and the humor between us is frequently offensive. Although we met in N America we're from the same city and unknowingly walked the same social circles growing up.

    INFP 4w5 - Best friend from highschool. She got me into MBTI and I got her into the Enneagram; our favorite hobby is analyzing people. We're each other's personal shrink and sounding board: she helps diffuse my unruly emotions and I've had a hand in the growth of her rational mind. We both enjoy reading and food consumption.

    ESTP 8w7 - Other best friend. In true ESTP fashion he simply walked up to me in a pub and we became friends instantly. Oddly enough he's practically the opposite of the INFP in terms of hobbies and interests, but we have ridiculous energy and he always jokes that we're in an abusive friendship because we're always rough housing. He's my main extroversion fix.

    INTP 5w4 - My one remaining friend from college. Probably my first, and only true NT friend; she seems to admire and attempt to emulate my cutting logic while I'm perpetually fascinated by her ethereal presence and unusual point of views. Our discussions can wax philosophical and we frequently experiment with various psychoactives.

    Wow I need more friends. Or rather, the world should try to be more likeable.

    PS. @mythirl, why didnt you post this in the ENTP subforum?
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    Why is this not in the ENTP subforum?
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu View Post
    Why is this not in the ENTP subforum?
    Sorry, when I posted this I'd only been on about two hours I wasn't sure how to do that
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    Quote Originally Posted by mythirl View Post
    Sorry, when I posted this I'd only been on about two hours I wasn't sure how to do that
    No worries.

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    Unknown Personality

    Nobody I know is similar to how they were when I was younger, but that may be partly due to me changing and the circumstances of their own lives changing. However, I still remember a select few that I honestly liked so much that I almost never thought about hating them.

    Great-grandmother - insightful ISTJ, perhaps the only one I know of that I got along with; she was wonderful because she had quite the sense of humor, and every time I visited, she would offer to make me something to eat (although I almost always turned her down; then we would usually sit around the house and eat ice-cream while watching Jeopardy).

    Grandfather - ENFJ, maybe a bit strong on his opinions at times, but otherwise, he was always encouraging me to follow my dreams. Just like my great-grandmother, he's very insightful. Every time I visit, we rent a few movies (now we can do this via Netflix) and sit around watching them each night. And every morning, we would have waffles at the local diner.

    My OTHER great-grandmother - soft-spoken ESFJ? Always has a positive thing to say, and she's always looking to keep the mood light and happy when I visit. She makes an amazing meal, and I decided that if I went to university somewhere nearby, I would love to visit more often. Her husband is an obvious ESTP; quite a loud-mouth, but he can be quite kind too.

    My high school Computer teacher - another soft-spoken ESFJ. Far too kind; I felt guilty whenever I did something contrary to what he told us to do. Usually, however, he would let me surf the internet after finishing my work, so long as I didn't disturb the others in the class.

    My best friend - INFJ. Never before met anyone as perfect as this. Unlike most INFJs I've known, however, he's capable of putting aside his opinion in order to entertain alternatives, much like the INTJs I've known (although they tend to be too stubborn to accept any alternative to their own presuppositions). He listens, encourages me, and uplifts my mood all at once. We rarely solve problems together, however - that's how different he is from the INTJs I've known. For the most part, we share the same goals in life, as well as the same interests.

    INxx friend - Somehow, she's capable of putting up with me most of the time. We know how each other thinks, and we love spending time together. However, I think there are still the issues of trust and honesty we have to work on overcoming. My pessimistic side says this relationship won't last - 90% chance of failure if I go with plan A, and 85% chance if I go with plan B. It's another failed attempt at getting close to someone, which really sucks because she honestly is my most favorite person on the planet. I guess I need to learn to stop playing against the odds.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    ESTJ - mom.

    INFP - dad.

    ENTP - Steve Jobs.

    INTP - Albert Einstein.
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