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    "Summary of the Cognitive Functions"

    This article is a short but descriptive summary of the four cognitive functions, Sensing, Feeling, iNtuition, and Thinking. Each cognitive function is expressed either with an Introverted or Extroverted “attitude” next to the function.
    Example: (Se, Si, Fe, Fi, Ne, Ni, Te and Ti)

    Ne is perceiving abstract patterns and connections in response to stimuli (either in the external world or in the mind. ) Ne generates new information starting from something existing. Ne focuses on future possibilities.

    Ni is the creation of mental imagery independent of outer stimuli. Ni generates abstract structural images of a given problem domain that a person can view from different points of view at will. Ni focuses on the structure of things from a timeless point of view.

    Se is indiscriminant awareness of the physical environment. Se prefers to indulge in that which exists in the present moment.

    Si is awareness of concrete forms and categories of sensory perception. Si interprets stimuli in terms of the past. Si stores and recalls facts, figures and past situations.

    Te is structuring one's interactions with the external world in a systematic fashion, based on logical and impersonal hierarchies and categories.

    Ti is judging the validity of perceptions logically. Ti as a mental process is a collection of threads of thought taking concepts or percepts apart or pulling them together based on rules and criteria.

    Fe is adapting one's interactions with the external world to the moods and feelings of others. Fe is sensitive to events like changes in people's expressions or other such "soft," hard-to-quantify conditions in the environment.

    Fi is judging perceptions emotionally, based on weight of evidence. Fi as a mental process is the flow of judgements on perceptions personal ideals or feeling of right and wrong. Fi strives for integrity and consistency in it's ideals. Fi is higher cognitive refinement personal emotion. Fi enables one to vividly re-experience past feelings.

    This is taken from Personality Type (Jung on the Hudson Book Series) by Lenore Thompson. Please purchase the book to learn more about the functions.
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