September 2010 Member of the Month, "Promethea" Interview

September 2010 Member of the Month, "Promethea" Interview

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    September 2010 Member of the Month, "Promethea" Interview

    Um ya...about this late interview, uh.... I have an excuse, however, I am running low. I decided to save and hoard my excuses, so for when the apocalypse comes forth, I will be ready with an excuse to be late. I'm most certain Promethea will understand!

    Anywho since I've already mentioned her "username", the most exciting section of this interview has passed! Her intellectual capacity, interesting persona, enthusiasm for cognitive development, strong
    devotion to the PerC community, and a funny event that occurred (you may ask her yourself), has landed her as our September Member of the Month. It is a very well deserved award and I'm very privileged to have been given the chance to do this interview with her.

    Here now is an interesting little insight into wonder wo..., I mean Promethea's life.



    Which country are you situated in?

    I was born, and live in the United States. Currently I reside in New England.

    How would you describe yourself in one word?


    How did you find Personality Café / What made you join us?

    After the fall of the last mbti site that I was a member of, I heard that many people were migrating over here. I wanted to keep in touch with a lot of my friends, so I checked it out, found it interesting, and decided to hang my hat here awhile.

    How did you choose your name Promethea?

    One of my favorite books is Prometheus Rising, by Robert Anton Wilson. I feminized the name because people think I’m male enough online, before they see a photo – so I figured I would try to eliminate some of that confusion. I used the handle before PerC, and my reputation just kind of followed me along with it. I also discovered that Promethea is a really interesting comic book by Alan Moore – the guy who wrote Watchmen.

    So what’s it like moderating PersonalityCafe?

    I enjoy interesting people; getting to know them, interacting with them. Moderating is a way to keep me interacting, in order to consistently observe. I have discovered many interesting and wonderful characters, indeed.

    How did you get involved with Personality Typing?

    When I was in one of my first semesters of college, I met an ENFP in one of my sociology courses. I hadn’t really known many Ne types up to this point. I realized that he and I had a lot in common immediately – before we ever even started talking to each other. When we finally worked up the nerve to interact, we really clicked. He mentioned MBTI, and I vaguely remembered my personality type. When I told him, he seemed very excited about it. Well, he let me borrow his ‘Please Understand Me II’ book, and I became absolutely immersed in it. The first person I typed accurately was an ESTP in that same sociology course – this was about seven years ago, and its been something that I have refined constantly. Lately I have been more interested in understanding all there is to understand about Enneagram -- a new system for me to master, giving me new puzzles to put together. Its also a way to interact with others and actually have a more in depth way of connecting with them, nothing surface and boring like small talk, or too awkward and personal, as I’m just giving typology help. But, as I said, its still a work in progress.

    What is your Socionics Type?


    So what's it like to be an LSI?

    I can give a snapshot – but to describe it in its entirety wouldn’t even be possible:

    Some of my personal experiences as a Ti dom, which seem different from the way other types experience themselves (and different from the way even other To doms experience themselves, I’m sure), seem to make me feel like my mind – its patterns, and desires, are always in conflict with the human aspects of me. I don’t think that my corporeal vessel is adequate to sustain my mind. The needs of the body interrupt the desires of my mind constantly, and it frustrates me to no end. I have tried to get my bodily needs down to a science, so that I can spend as little time as possible focusing on its endless urging me to stop what I’m doing, and nurture it. I see it as something exterior, because I am so deep in my own mind most of the time – yet its not external, its all connected.

    The frailties of the body, that affect the mind, have been something that I have examined in myself in depth. Much introspection is limited to inner thoughts and emotions, but mine has gone beyond, into the simple biological functions of my body. Every mood and desire caused by hormones and brain chemistry, in myself, is understood. Getting into this at some point, I only understood some – which would put me in frightening situations where I would feel strange processes in my body, not understand them, and get thrown into the typical panic attack caused by such. That isn’t a problem anymore. I know them all too well. They are still tricky things to entertain, but I’m not left in the dark, seeing myself as some instinctual animal, being controlled by them. Many others seem to be completely mystified from it all. I study my own mind and body like it’s the most important experiment I could ever understand. I have put it through hell at times, in the process – but all in the name of understanding. And well, sometimes escape, when it gets to be too much.

    When I was a child, I realized early on that my passion was simply to understand the world.. the universe, and beyond. Yes, beyond – if there is a beyond. And well, then I realized my own mortality – a startling thought. I realized that when I die, the analysis and understanding may stop. I would never have answers, only inconclusive pieces that really don’t mean shit. I spent most of my life heart aching over that. At some point I tried to appreciate living in the moment more. I gained an appreciation for nature above all else. It wasn’t exactly that kind of truth that I was looking for, but I knew that it was at least real.. not some contrived manifestation of cognitive garbage like most of what exists in consensual reality. Trying to exist in the moment is the greatest challenge for me. I’m sure many around here have noticed my fascination with Se. Now you know why, in depth.

    Do you prefer to associate yourself with certain MB types? If so which?

    I tend to surround myself by people whom I deem to be “chill.” People who are challenging, exciting, and such are terrific, and I certainly want to interact with them as much as I –can-, but I feel more comfortable when I can have a more laid back way of communicating with people for the –majority- of the time. Most people in general start to grate on me after a while though and I need a break. I just kind of mentally shut down if I don’t get that desired distance. Some people have ways of really draining my batteries more quickly than others. But, I appreciate them all at some point, for some purpose.

    Do you think the different personality theories give an accurate description of you?

    A portion of myself can fit in those boxes just fine, but some of my tentacles are still hanging out when you try to close the lid.

    What is your greatest strength?


    What is your greatest fear?

    Having people know my greatest fear. : )

    What motivates you?

    The dreadful feeling of inaction.

    What is your philosophy?

    The world is full of false meanings that people get pulled into, and I see it as a sort of suicide to get pulled into it, because it completely replaces any sense of true identity with consumer culture. I think its important for people to see these things objectively and find what truly makes them happy. I insist on myself no matter how odd or unpopular it could make me ultimately, I see truth – in myself, in the rest of the world.

    What are you passionate about?

    The mysterious and unknown. A few of those things that I can label are the paranormal and occult. I think I have perhaps spooked a few people around here talking about such things, which is silly to me. I’m not an active practitioner of magic, I basically just want to know if there’s anything to it all. I think this idea came from my hope that death isn’t complete analysis paralysis. I have been told that Thinkers can’t “believe” in the paranormal, but I don’t believe –or- disbelieve. I just think its an interesting concept to explore. And I don’t think that its all just as unfounded as a schizophrenics fantasy for example, because in seriously researching the paranormal, there are patterns and trends - undeniable similarities in accounts of experiences to be found all over the world, in completely dissimilar cultures, throughout time, and even before much intercontinental communication was taking place. Now, it could be explained psychologically, sure. Still interesting to me. Also, just because something isn't yet measurable by the scientific tools that currently exist, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The scientific tools that we have, were created from the knowledge that we already gained only through the senses. Basically we are measuring more of the same, rather than measuring something new. How would we know what tools to develop, to measure the paranormal?

    What are your pet peeves?

    Bad table manners, talking too loud/too close (or any violation of my physical space unless we –are- close enough to be doing that). I don’t have many really. Stupidity is one, but its so general and would mean something different to everyone, and it really would take hours for me to explain what it is to me. I really get annoyed when people project their own shit on me, or ascribe emotions to a state that I am in when its simply not present.

    Any phobias?

    Maggots, dying in space.

    What's is your favorite place to travel to?

    Anyplace scenic or creepy.

    Your favorite color and weather.

    My favorite color is green, as it reminds me of nature. I also love blue, black, and red. I really like many colors for different reasons, and can’t rule out any of them.

    Weather: fall or spring. The changes that take place in nature during spring are not only beautiful, like autumn, but full of warmth -- not just in the literal way, as the winter frost disappears, but in the general mood as nature is being brought back to life. After a long ~90-100 degree summer, however, I am a little partial to autumn's chill at the moment. I really can't handle hot weather, as it makes me feel nauseous and headachy, so I don't get out nearly as much during the summer. The main thing I am looking forward to this autumn, is being able to go jogging without the discomfort that the extreme heat causes me. Its also very relaxing to sleep with the windows open, and have a cool, fresh breeze fill the room. I also sleep much better in the fall for these reasons. I tend to burn Spiced Pumpkin candles during this season, and really only then. Its a smell that I strongly associate with Fall. - That, and even better: burning leaves.

    What are your favorite books, movies, tv shows?

    Some of my favorite books:
    Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide: To the Fantastical World Around You
    Prometheus Rising - Robert Anton Wilson
    Qabalah: Secret Tradition of the West - Gerard Encausse
    We the Living - Ayn Rand
    The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand
    Rendezvous With Rama - Arthur C. Clarke
    Choke - Palahniuk, The Stranger - Camus
    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Pirsig
    Society of the Spectacle - Debord
    The Illuminatus Trilogy - R.A.W
    The Ethics of Ambiguity - Simone de Beauvoir
    One-Dimensional Man - Herbert Marcuse
    Good Omens - Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett
    Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Light series
    The Essential Zohar - Rav PS Berg, Four Blondes - Candace Bushnell
    Ecstasy Club - Douglas Rushkoff
    Rules of Attraction - Brett Easton Ellis
    Monsters – Greer

    My movies list would turn this into more of a tl;dr mess so I’m just going to list genres: Horror above all, Scifi, and Fantasy. I also like the Thriller genre, and the sub-genres within thriller: erotic, crime, and supernatural. I like interesting documentaries as well.

    Shows: X-files will probably always have its place at the top of this list. Nothing can ever top that. La Femme Nikita was another favorite, along with Taxicab Confessions, and Real Sex. Currently if I actually watch television its only to watch Adult Swim. Some shows that I have watched online in the past few months are IT crowd, and Surface. Both of those were so excellent to me that for days I just absorbed every episode.

    What can I find in your fridge?

    Lots of protein, organic produce, and condiments.

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

    *Crunch* None.

    What type of music genre do you listen to?

    Absolutely anything I like, which can come from any genre. I will give anything a chance.

    Any favorite singers or band?

    Tool, A Perfect Circle, Faith No More, Led Zeppelin, New Order, Pink Floyd, Fugazi, Shawn Colvin, The Cure, Deftones, Jeff Buckley, Morphine, Type O Negative, Portishead.. I could name them forever but those are some more important ones to me.

    Your favorite websites to visit?

    I start the day with my gmail tab, perc, Lj, then whatever else is open, is there for research typically.

    What do you do for fun and relaxation?

    When the weather permits, the most fun thing to me, is to go hiking and exploring. I love camping, swimming.. and gardening. This year, my garden consisted of: a dwarf lemon tree (which will grow about 4 ft tall and bear more lemons than I can eat once its reached maturity), various types of tomato, and pepper plants, and various types of herbs, and flowers. The lemon tree is probably my most prized member of the garden because it will live through the seasons, rather than just be harvested then thrown out.. and my oxalis deppei – which are large flowering four-leaf clovers grown from blubs. I like to dry them in books and laminate them for book marks.

    What do you like most about PersonalityCafe?

    I enjoy how all the different types can interact.

    What do you dislike most about PersonalityCafe?

    Sometimes someone will take something way too seriously and create a typhoon of drama and butthurt.

    Has PerC taught you anything?

    How to communicate easier with different types of people. : )

    Do you have any advice for the community of PerC?

    Understand that typology only explains so much about yourself, there are tons of traits that are personal to you and can’t be explained away by any typology system, so don’t neglect those other parts of yourself, in attempts to –be- your type.

    So what is next for you? What are your plans and goals for the future?

    Cabin off the grid.

    Give us your parting words.

    I think that a lot of people are afraid to talk to me like I’m just another member, because of the moderator status, but typically I am not on here as a moderator until there’s something that needs my attention –as- a moderator. Most of the moderation that I do is focused on keeping the place clean. I merge posts, move things around for better organization.. rarely do I even think someone has really broken a rule. I’m also never ‘out to get’ anyone, so if it seems that you have seen me around your stomping grounds a lot, Its probably coincidence or I’m just curious as a person, not as a moderator. There have been times that I have just wanted to sort of make contact with a member and talk to them a bit, only to have them react like a cop has pulled them over. I guess I can see why some would get that impression, but unless I clearly state that I am contacting someone about violating rules, its just me talking to you as another person. I find you all very interesting, and appreciate you for being so.
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    Hooray! Congrats, Prom-Prom!


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    Congratulations, Prom! Great interview, too!
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    Your answer was very well put to the question of which MB type do you associate with. Dis I like.
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    Congratulations, you are an extremely interesting person
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    I like the authenticity in each of your answers. A fine interview for a fine person!
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    Thanks, everyone. I just noticed that my img link was broken, so I have fixed it. The host for where its stored is down today of all days. Timely.

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