January 2010 Member of the Month, "Liontiger" Interview

January 2010 Member of the Month, "Liontiger" Interview

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This is a discussion on January 2010 Member of the Month, "Liontiger" Interview within the Member Spotlight forums, part of the Announcements category; We made it just in time this month and after a server migration too! Woot! This month we are interviewing ...

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    January 2010 Member of the Month, "Liontiger" Interview

    We made it just in time this month and after a server migration too! Woot!

    This month we are interviewing a ferocious and hungry Lion. Oh wait what? Also a tiger? So Liger? Here is her picture...

    Oh ok that is not really her. Her picture is below. You decide who looks scarier. She was chosen as this month's member of the month due to 3 nominations and of course her likable personality. I think?

    Anyways here is an interview with the crazy cat Liontiger.


    Motto: "The best things in life take the most effort to achieve. Never stop fighting for those things."

    What is your real name? First name is fine no need for last name.
    Casee (pronounced kay-cee, not kass-ee)

    How old are you?

    Any brothers or sisters?
    I have a 22-year-old sister (suspected ISFJ).

    Which country are you situated in?
    US of A

    How would you describe yourself in one word?
    Deep….like the ocean ><

    How did you find Personality Cafe?

    What made you join us?
    The layout of the forum was the prettiest and easiest to use out of all the other MBTI forums. I was originally a part of INTPforum, but I found it really unwelcoming and somewhat boring.

    How did you get involved with Personality Typing?
    I stumbled upon it while searching for personality tests online (such as “What’s your stripper name?” and “How old are you really?”).

    What is your Myers Briggs Personality Type?
    ENTP with borderline E/I and near-borderline T/F.

    Do you prefer to associate yourself with certain MB types? If so which?
    The overwhelming majority of my friends are ExxPs. This makes for a crazy time, to say the least I also relate to these types the most. Dominant extroverted sensors complement me very well.

    Do you use "Personality Typing" in the real world?
    I use it when trying to help people understand their differences, but I never use the terms associated with MBTI. People just don’t understand them, and I don’t like to talk above anyone. It also runs in the back of my head while I analyze people.

    What is your Enneagram Type?

    Which personality theory do you find most helpful and accurate?
    The Enneagram is probably the most accurate for me simply because I fit into so many MBTI types. It can also be an incredibly powerful system in terms of self-development. I know that the first time I read the description of Nine, it hit me hard.

    Has Personality Typing enhanced your views on life?
    It enhanced my views of myself and others more than anything. Life enhanced my views on life.

    How has Personality Typing helped you if any?
    When I first started getting into it, personality typing stimulated my self-analysis and growth. Nowadays, I like to talk about it for fun.

    Do you think the different personality theories give an accurate description of you?
    Yes and no. If I had the ability to fit under more than one personality type, it would be very accurate. I could if I really wanted to, but the system doesn’t technically allow you to do that.

    How is college?
    AMAZING. Best thing that could have ever happened to me. Boston is truly my new home.

    Has college changed you?
    Yeah, it really has. I know so much more about life now than I did before I came here. I’m just a wiser and more well-rounded person. I’m also more outgoing and at ease with myself.

    Your Major?
    Psychology. I might double-major in something else, though.

    What type of job would you like to have/ gunning for?
    I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. I might do research and be a professor. My dream job, though, is to be a psychological analyst for the CIA.

    What are your favorite characteristics?
    About myself? I’m funny and the innocent kind of adorable. I can be quite charming when I want to be. In general, I really appreciate honesty and open communication. “Playing games” is not my thing.

    What is your greatest weakness?
    Not being able to distinguish between what is actually happening and what I think is happening.

    What is your greatest strength?
    I’ve always been a really good problem-solver. Whether it is life’s problems or homework problems, I can always come up with solutions.

    What is your greatest fear?
    Reaching a point in my life where I love no one and have no one to love me.

    What is your greatest accomplishment at this point?
    Being able to love someone.

    What motivates you?
    My far-fetched goals.

    What are you passionate about?
    Anything I’m interested in.

    What is your philosophy?
    F B*tches get money – I mean…

    Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Second chances are my thing.

    What are your pet peeves?
    The sound of chewing by people who aren’t my close friends. Don’t ask me why that makes a difference.

    Any phobias?

    Who do you look up to if any?
    I don’t look up to specific people. I look up to positive human qualities in general.

    Your favorite place to travel to?
    Anywhere I can be with nature. Visiting cities is nice, but nature is much more calming.

    Your favorite favorite color and weather.
    My favorite color is grey, and my favorite weather is sunshine and warmth. Not heat. Warmth.

    What are your favorite books, movies, tv shows, food, beverages?
    I like a lot of things. Too lazy to list them. We won’t get into what my favorite beverages are…

    Favorite animal? Lol!

    What type of music genre do you listen to?
    Pretty much everything. I have a wide range of tastes.

    Any favorite singers or band?
    I’m currently obsessed with NeverShoutNever! Some of my other (current) faves are All Time Low, Hey Monday, Owl City, and Secondhand Serenade.

    Your favorite websites to visit?
    Facebook, Wikipedia, IMDB, Facebook.

    What do you do for fun and relaxation?
    I do anything that involves music. Listening to and discovering music, playing the piano, writing songs, and going to concerts are some of my faves. I’m pretty into drawing and painting. I also like to go on the internet (usually Wikipedia) and just take in random knowledge. It’s always good to know a little bit about everything.

    What do you know now that you wish you'd known 5 years ago?
    Nothing. I don’t like to think about going back and changing anything about the past. I’m always looking forward.

    Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know.
    98% of my clothing comes from American Eagle. I can recognize their clothes on other people without having to ask, and I can sometimes tell you which collection it came from.

    What do you like most about PersonalityCafe?
    The fact that I can get my fix of intellectual conversation and gossip in the same place

    What do you dislike the most about PersonalityCafe?
    It stole my life and won’t give it back.

    Has PerC taught you anything?
    That personality typing should never be taken too seriously.

    Do you have any advice for the community of PerC?
    Go outside and enjoy the world. Don’t make the internet your life.

    So what is next for you? What are your plans and goals for the future?
    I’m gonna be rich one day. That’s not necessarily a goal so much as something I already know will happen :3

    Give us your parting words.
    Peace out, homeskillets.

    (After the Interview was finished...)

    This is a long-ass interview, Lance It ended up all being bolded. Oops. Have fun with that

    Me: What a b***h!

    If you want to nominate a member, just shoot me a pm. I'll consider all nominations. I usually go by most nominations.
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    It's like a lion, and a tiger!

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    Congratulations Liontiger. Some of you were responses were very interesting.
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    Gracias, chicas. And Lance: you have way too much fun with that
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    Congratulations, Liontiger. I now expect the lion-tiger jokes to come in full throttle. That's what you get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liontiger View Post
    Gracias, chicas. And Lance: you have way too much fun with that
    That was the most dreadful interview I have ever done thus far!
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    Congrats, Liontiger. Your interview was interesting. [And long]
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    The rare individual who's favorite color is grey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yin Praxis View Post
    The rare individual who's favorite color is grey.
    Yeah, I prefer the color gray myself.

    Interesting interview, though.
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    Congrats, Miss Liger!

    How you doin' ?
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