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Which types are most likely to be sociopaths/psychopaths?

View Poll Results: Which types are most likely to become sociopaths/psychopaths?

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  • ISTJ

    14 7.53%
  • INTJ

    67 36.02%
  • ISTP

    37 19.89%
  • INTP

    31 16.67%
  • INFP

    9 4.84%
  • INFJ

    12 6.45%
  • ISFP

    2 1.08%
  • ISFJ

    4 2.15%
  • ESTJ

    18 9.68%
  • ENTJ

    40 21.51%
  • ESTP

    39 20.97%
  • ENTP

    24 12.90%
  • ENFP

    6 3.23%
  • ENFJ

    8 4.30%
  • ESFP

    7 3.76%
  • ESFJ

    5 2.69%
  • Any Type

    38 20.43%
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This is a discussion on Which types are most likely to be sociopaths/psychopaths? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; This question needs to be rephrased as "Which type is most likely to come across as sociopathic?" because sociopathy is ...

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    This question needs to be rephrased as "Which type is most likely to come across as sociopathic?" because sociopathy is essentially feeling no empathy, and there is no such MBTI type.

    ISTPs and ESTPs are most likely to seem sociopathic. They seem to be the ones that have the easiest time walking away from people and feelings. ENTJs and INTJs have the NJ which makes their bonds deeper. That being said, I can see more people getting hurt by the lack of emotion from these types and thus considering they lack empathy and are sociopaths.
    ISTPs probably can seem psychopathic most frequently because of the above stated sociopathic qualities combined with the fact they rarely, if ever, need people and often have machines as a hobby and in my observation get really, really obsessed with their hobbies.
    ENTJs may seem this way if you are never exposed to their sentimental side.
    INTJs are the same. These would probably make the best sociopaths because they can strategize about how to come across as normal.

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    Well there goes three hours of self confidence out the door.

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    What a surprise. INTJ is way out there ahead of everyone else. <-(That was sarcasm, btw.)

    Are there really so few of us who receive emotion chips in real life? Not that emotion is the same as empathy. It totally isn't. This poll is rigged! Anyway, which media institution is most responsible for perpetuating this pop culture stereotype? Is it Ditzney?! Slander, I say! Libel, I say! Bigotry, I say!

    Us want Justice! We want Thunderdome!!

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    You know I get this "I didn't expect this person to be so evil" from some types (mbti... some types of those types... lol) you think wouldn't be so evil while I get "holy shit I didn't expect this person to be so good" from types (mbti... some types of those types... lol) you would perhaps expect to be "psychopaths".

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    This is like asking "Which types are most likely to have cancer"..

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    The first post I did in this thread is based on impressions generally and perhaps I'm unable to see past the rough exterior of some people as well and I overvalue people that come off nice on the surface regardless how they are inside. Does not sound well. I don't generally have the interests of knowing some people that well I admit...

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    First of, I do believe that every person has one MBTI type, whether they have a psychological disorder or not.

    Regarding psychopath's and their ability to "change" their type on a whim: they are just magnificent manipulators and also actors in a way. Actually, you do not even have to be a psychopath to act completely out of your type. I myself as an INFJ would act similarly to an ISTJ in a school environment, because extroverted Thinking is more encouraged. When acting in an extroverted role, I would be like an ENFP or ESFP. (But this is only that - acting, not my real functioning!)

    I have the theory that types whose Feeling Function is the most underdeveloped would be more likely to be(come) psychopaths. Simply because Psychopaths are detached from any real, genuine human emotion. Their drives are a mixture of calculation and instinct, feeling plays often a very little part in their decision making process and behaviour in general.

    That is why I chose the following types from the list:

    Why not INTP? This may sound irrational, but them being psychopaths is, in my eyes, pretty unlikely. Someone like Albert Einstein, a psychopath? Just no. Hm. I may be biased here. ;]
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    Quote Originally Posted by SisOfNight View Post
    Someone like Albert Einstein, a psychopath? Just no.
    He might not have been a psychopath, but he was known to have undervalued interpersonal relationships despite his hypocritical quote that "man is here for the sake of other men." If that sounds like something a socialist would say, it figures, because Einstein was a socialist. So it could be said that while he possessed great knowledge, he lacked wisdom - specifically, wisdom in regard to the realities of human nature. He was also an advocate of a one-world government, though he opposed Nazi fascism (National Socialism) which sought the same goal since they based their ideology on the Roman Empire which also sought the same goal. He also opposed capitalism because he viewed it as chaotic. Assuming that Nazism represents "order" (if one has a troglodyte mind, that is), this would mean that he opposed both "order" and chaos. Well, not technically. He opposed "that" concept of order, but still advocated a global state which is the epidome of order and oppression. He might have viewed it as utopia, but in reality, it would have been - or will be - an international police state. Still doesn't mean he was a psychopath. Just ignorant.

    Einstein = ignorant? Yeah, irony is lulz.
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    I think xNTJ appears to be most psycho on the surface, but in reality it seems they usually have a well-developed conscience. It's just that they see the parasite world well. I'm not sure that psychopaths can be typed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychosmurf View Post
    My 2 cents:

    I don't think psychopaths can have any Jungian type at all. (Although they can imitate any type)

    Firstly, they can change their personality completely, on a whim or to suit their interests.

    Also, if you think about it, they can be neither Thinkers nor Feelers. Since they have no concern for truth or accuracy whatsoever, they can't be Ti doms, and since they don't care for any kind of external criteria of judgment or organization, such as authority (and especially authority), they can't be Te doms. I think it's also quite obvious why they can't be Fe or Fi doms (please tell me it's obvious).

    As for Intuitives and Sensors. While they can be novel in their approaches to getting what they want, they never do anything novel for the sake of novelty, like Ne doms. They don't consider any perspectives except their own to be valid or even worthy of consideration which rules out Ni dominance. As for Si, they can abandon and/or destroy anything that one might think would be important or have personal value to them, as soon as it becomes even slightly inconvenient. They can change their lifestyles literally overnight. This goes completely contrary to Si values. Finally, we arrive at Se dominance. Se is the attitude reacting immediately to stimulus. Or just "going with the flow". Psychopaths generally don't do this in the same way. While they are impulsive, that doesn't mean that they're "going with the flow". They actively monitor every aspect of the impression they want to give you, which is not at all like "going with the flow". I think Se doms will agree with me on this, but I must admit that my understanding of Se is sort of vague.
    For attempt at consistency sake, I will be defining a psychopath as one whose brain is inherently wired to not not have empathy. If you scan their brain it will use different parts of the brain to function.

    A sociopath is a person who's brain is scarred based on experiences to not function correctly, that is they probably would not demonstrate such behavior if they had different life experiences.

    I'm not sure if either definition is definitely correct, but that is how I am referring to them.

    I find this very interesting. They aren't preferring any type, they just use them to satisfy whatever their motives are, and I'm assuming "self preservation" is their number one priority. Since they are described as lacking empathy, maybe they are not using F at all and just Ti/Te. As for Perceiving I am not sure, but Se/Ni seems to be more accurate.

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