How loud do you like your music?

How loud do you like your music?

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This is a discussion on How loud do you like your music? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Personally, I can't stand loud music so I listen to it at the lowest volume possible. Yes, even rock (I ...

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    How loud do you like your music?

    Personally, I can't stand loud music so I listen to it at the lowest volume possible. Yes, even rock (I don't care for any specific genre).

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    i like my music loud in my car and on my headset. it just feels good. i like to just have my music and forget everything else. i also like loud music at a festival, i think it's just the atmosphere of it. i don't like loud music on a radio or club though :/.

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    I prefer quiet to medium music levels (doesn't matter what type of music)

    Loud music grates on my nerves
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    Mostly mid-range though it depends on the kind of music to some extent, e.g. classical? I prefer it low to medium as it builds and will, at times, become overwhelming. Jazz? On the lower end of medium. Joe Bonamassa, other guitar-driven pieces? Louder, and so on.
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    Too loud - far, far too loud. INTJ brother is always griping that I've got it too loud and I'm going to end up loosing my hearing. But it's only with earbuds! I don't like to bother others unnecessarily - even if I think that it's loud enough for other people to hear it, then I'll happily turn it down when I've got headphones/earbuds in. But... I am that person at the light playing their music at ungodly volumes and disturbing the peace. Sorry y'all. ✌
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    It depends on what I'm doing. In general, I'd say medium to medium-high, unless I'm studying. In which case it's either quiet classical or silence.
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    I tend to listen to it pretty loud. In fact I can't stand earbuds because I can't hear the music well enough, I have to use headphones. Music feels like sex to me if I'm being honest lol, I just want everything intense... Nothing better than a deep bass, sad strings, reverb, someone wailing about lost love, everything all in synthesized harmony at full blast as if a phoenix is rising from the ashes and consuming me whole.

    ...Sorry. I know I am crazy lol.
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    Depends on where I'm at. If I'm in public, I make sure to have a pair of earbuds with me. If I don't then won't blare music because that's just obnoxious and rude. As much as I think my music is superior (Just kidding) I know people will not want to hear it.

    If I'm in the car or at my house for example, I'll play it at a louder volume. Of course, you wont find me blasting the music so hard that everything within a meter is rattling because of vibrations.
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    I swear, I wouldn't dare to listen at half volume in my flat
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    When I'm dancing, very loud. When I'm working or reading, quiet. When I'm cooking, medium.
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