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What is your purpose here on Earth?

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This is a discussion on What is your purpose here on Earth? within the ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Originally Posted by kittychris07 The ISTJs appear to be lacking in serious answers for this question so far. Come on, ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by kittychris07 View Post
    The ISTJs appear to be lacking in serious answers for this question so far. Come on, guys!
    I'm pretty sure we did give serious answers.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    -Protect my well-being.
    -Protect the well-being of people I care about.

    Beyond that it's less about purpose and more about what I want to do.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    My purpose, IMHO, is to make the community or area I live in a safe an relaxing place to be. Whether its protecting it from criminals(if I major in criminal justice) or warning it about weather danger(if I go into meteorology studies), I hope to make people want to live a peaceful and prosperous life wherever I go.

    On a side note, I also hope to achieve my life goal of overcoming my fear(almost phobia) of heights . I guess I'm off to Paris after I retire.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by Deamo View Post

    That is all.
    47. (10 char)

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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    My "purpose"? TBQH, I haven't figured it out yet; I'm not certain that I actually ever will. The question is multi-faceted and intense and any answer that I could come up with seems to fall short.
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    [QUOTE=Coke;1037270]ISTJs: What is your purpose here on Earth? What is life, the universe, the world to you? What's your life's purpose?

    What is your purpose here on Earth? What's your life purpose
    Spread the word of god, live like how Jesus tells me to live. Follow his commands: Which means to find a christian wife...work hard to earn a living....provide for my family....respect my parents....place god above all things....10 commandments...

    What is the universe /world to you?
    The world to me is an external struggle which forces you to conform with everyone. But i say 'No', I will take this world and look at it another way, the world is filled with helpless people asking to to be saved and comforted. Saved from loneliness, loved-less, and friend-less. That's what my world is. Like a battlefield. Now the universe is.... hmm I dunno lol, the cosmos maybe?
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Aside from the obvious ones of procreating, increasing the amount of order in the universe, and trying to increase the amount of pleasure in those I care about, I've given my life over to the pursuits of science, and the destruction of superstition.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by Sela View Post
    My "purpose"? TBQH, I haven't figured it out yet; I'm not certain that I actually ever will. The question is multi-faceted and intense and any answer that I could come up with seems to fall short.
    Exactly my thoughts... well after Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ofcourse.

    My purpose in life.. i don't have any all-encompassing puropse.

    I have many things that i follow, endeavour to meet, etc as my life goes along (that i have no intention of detailing here). As I/ my ideas/ my perceptions change, those things change too.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    I'd like to apologize in advance for all the trolls/funny answers I've been posting lately. I think my ISTJ rigidity has been slowly shedding itself. I'll try to give the best answer possible before I go to bed. Here goes.

    My purpose in life? My meaning in life?

    Short answer: To serve God.

    Long answer: I don't know.

    Sounds contradictory? You betcha!

    In short, I genuinely believe God has put me where I am in this very spot and moment to fulfill some purpose of His. Don't ask me how free will and God's designs work together--I have my own philosophy of this which we can talk about another day. But I just KNOW there is a role I have to play as a main actor in my own TV series "Zeth."

    In the long term...I don't really know! I'm in law school with mediocre grades. I don't really consider myself anyone special. I've learned long ago that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm well aware that I'm no Brad Pitt in the looks department, which automatically disqualifies me for an acting career, sadly. I don't see myself as being destined to conquer the world, marry the most beautiful woman alive, or become rich. I guess realistically I could see myself becoming some kind of transactional lawyer for some corporation years down the road after I've accumulated experience. But whether alone or single, my tendencies to seek contact could eventually lead me to have a role in having a positive influence upon others and one day having to help my family and friends in their time of need. However, as it is, I'm not financially able to provide much material support. All I can do is offer moral support and be there when I'm needed. I suppose I could spin up more plausible tales as to where my life leads me from here on out. But it's all little more than mere speculation.

    In the end, I'm prayerful every night about these things. I experience all the same kinds of obstacles everyone else faces. But the one difference is I know that my path has already been laid out for me in a way. With my choices, I could end up in a thousand different places. If life is like a choose your own adventure book, my goal is to do my utmost to live without regrets and make the best decisions possible. Part of making choices includes learning to view all my hardships and learning experiences as ways to become better and more mature as a person. I'm different from who I was long ago. But I have a purpose, a path ahead of me to walk.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke View Post
    ISTJs: What is your purpose here on Earth? What is life, the universe, the world to you? What's your life's purpose?
    The Universe is a vast, mostly empty space. The World is this physical place (planet-continent-country-city) that I currently inhabit. Life (organic and/or intelligent) is rare and therefore precious.

    Objectively, I'm merely a product of genetic chance. I wasn't put on Earth with any special 'purpose'. The most I can do with my life is to choose how much I enjoy it, while sneaking in a couple of major tangible goals - which should be achievable in an average human lifespan - for some degree of self-satisfaction.

    I don't consider myself a nihilist, though. One neat thing about the mind is that one can play this game of 'scales'. Objectively speaking I'm a mere dust floating in this vast space, but subjectively, I am my own Universe. My conscious thoughts, emotions, and decisions affect my life in the absolute sense. Whatever meaning I choose to confer upon my own life would assume the utmost importance.

    So far I haven't felt the need to assign some meaning, or purpose, to my own life. The pursuit of subjective happiness is the closest thing that comes to a goal. Next is protecting and being of service to my fellow human beings, whom I generally happen to like. But mostly I'm just enjoying stuff as they come, as they are. Life is a string of interesting experiences - too bad I can't hang around here beyond my natural lifetime.
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