[ISFP] What cheers you up?

What cheers you up?

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This is a discussion on What cheers you up? within the ISFP Forum - The Artists forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; I've been feeling down lately and was wondering what you guys do to cheer yourselves up. I'm feeling totally non-existent ...

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    ISFP - The Artists

    What cheers you up?

    I've been feeling down lately and was wondering what you guys do to cheer yourselves up.

    I'm feeling totally non-existent right now. For the past several weeks, I've been practicing driving with my parents and told my friends that I can't hang out. As a result, in the past few weeks, the number of calls and texts dropped. I just got my license the other day and now I feel like I've been forgotten. I know I'm being irrational at the moment but that's just how I perceive it.

    Also, I can't even keep up conversations, as much as I'd like to. I don't get it. I just can't think of anything to say. This happens with family and even my closest friends. Sometimes I have my good days where I can talk to them about anything but lately, nada. It's so frustrating.

    Anyways, enough about myself, what cheers you up? What helps you cope with stress? How do you get back on track?

    (the venting kind of helped)
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I like to do an physical activity like sports. Doing sports for some reason always gets my mind off of things.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Sports and working out are great ways to cheer yourself up because in doing so, releases endorphins and makes you happy.

    What cheers me up is a good laugh and music. Also, time, I'll get over whatever is bothering me eventually.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Personally, I read or look at uhh... cute pictures of animals. Don't judge me. Working out sounds great though, since its productive.
    Time helps a lot too, its part of the beauty of living in the moment I suppose. -_-

    As for your particular situation... have you tried talking to your friends again? Like something obvious as in, "Hey I finally got my license, lets do something!" Maybe they're not sure if you're still busy or not and don't want to bother you. I have to be really straightforward when I want my friends' attention again haha.

    Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the conversation thing. Everyone has their bad days and people who are close to you don't necessarily expect awesome conversations everytime they see you. They like being around you. As long as you show that you care and blah, I'm sure they'll understand.
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    Unknown Personality

    What about music! I'd try music. Even sad music would cheer me up. Not sure why...
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Same, if I've got music playing I always feel tons better than if I didn't. Also, sometimes if I'm really stressed I'll take a shower and then say out loud everything on my mind that's bothering me, release all the pent up frustration that we so love to bottle up forever.
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    Unknown Personality

    I think what will probably cheer you up is contacting your friends. They are probably waiting for you to come to them and if you can pluck up the courage to call them up and ask them to hang out I'm sure that by spending time with them that will cheer you up :)

    Maybe choose an activity that doesn't require too much talking? Invite them to the cinema or something like that?

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    music, drawing, going for a walk or run, going out with friends, writing...
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    Unknown Personality

    What cheers me up?

    Cute roadkill...
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by Niccolo Machiavelli View Post
    Cute roadkill...
    lmao. i feel bad for laughing at that haha.

    and yeah, i feel better now after calling them.

    @whist : thanks for the advice. i didn't think of it that way.

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