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    The ISFP personality can seem aloof due to their quiet nature. However, they are one of the most caring of personality types. When they first meet people, they may have difficulty in establishing quick bonds. To some, ISFPs can seem slightly eccentric in their pursuits and motivations. In truth, they are often simply following an internal set of ideals, generated from within and kept private from others. Many ISFPs are driven by what they sense around them, often at the cost of sacrificing what other people may consider pragmatic. When people get to know them, they're usually well-liked as they exude an uncommon level of compassion and empathy for people. Below, we'll explore how ISFPs keep their feelings inside, are unusually susceptible to sensation and the limitations they cope with.

    Containing Feelings
    The ISFP type is private nearly to a fault. They have a tendency to avoid sharing their ideas and thoughts with others. Most people consider them to be composed, even in circumstances that imply a confrontation. In fact, ISFPs rarely express themselves through anger. They feel everything from within and can be sensitive to what others say or do. They seldom speak with strangers because they're reserved; that quality can make them seem standoffish and even unapproachable, despite their innately caring personality. ISFP personality types are apt to develop a strong set of values based upon their feelings. While they won't typically communicate these values, their actions are usually consistent with them.

    Using Their Senses
    People with the ISFP personality experience the world through their senses. While others may conceptualize ideas and events, ISFPs have a natural propensity for absorbing what their eyes, ear, nose, mouth and skin tell them and taking action based upon those impressions. They have an appreciate for the arts that rivals that of most other personality types. People with the ISFP trait can almost feel the artistic creations of others due to their intense awareness and sensory input. They're most comfortable when they are applying their ideas by actually doing something instead of spending time in conjecture.

    Unverified Data
    ISFPs often show a hint of intuition, but it comes from information that is gathered internally. Rather than relying upon tangible evidence to draw conclusions, they'll often begin forming connections based upon their own hunches or feelings.

    Potential Weaknesses
    ISFPs run the risk of alienating those who are not close to them. However, it is through no direct intention on their part; rather, it's a result of their tendency to remain private and reserved. They also tend to drive themselves toward perfection. This is likely due to a strict adherence to their values. Unfortunately, this hunt for personal perfection can potentially sabotage their own efforts and productivity. Also, ISFP types who use their intuition may find themselves arriving at the wrong conclusions. Because they're prone to taking action, this can cause problems. However, despite their inherent flaws, ISFPs make devoted friends, lovers and companions.

    ISFP Personality Type and Traits
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