[ISFJ] 'What Is Your Inner Animal' Test

'What Is Your Inner Animal' Test

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This is a discussion on 'What Is Your Inner Animal' Test within the ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Take this test and comment what animal you got! WWF - Act Now - Find Your Inner Animal I'll bet ...

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    'What Is Your Inner Animal' Test

    Take this test and comment what animal you got!

    WWF - Act Now - Find Your Inner Animal

    I'll bet you most of us will get the Giant Panda... I know I did ;)

    You have a soft and cuddly appearance and a big heart, but you prefer to live alone at a slow pace. Reclusive and somewhat restrained in your personal tastes, you are nonetheless a unique creature of habit.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I got the Douc Langour Monkey (that's oddly specific).

    A unique individual, you have a colorful personality and a big heart. Others tend to gravitate to your gentle nature and you really enjoy being part of a crowd. You are expressive and playful and prefer leisure activities during the warmer months.

    I don't think I am that expressive, and I don't really have a colorful personality (is that just because I wear bright colors???) and I am not unique, but close enough.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Awesome, I got Rhino

    You are extremely rare, and although your outward appearance is not warm and fuzzy, you have a gentle disposition and a big heart. You tend to be a creature of habit and rarely wander too far from home, preferring to spend time with close family. When you do travel, you are drawn to warm-weather destinations.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    ...I've received a Harbor Seal?

    You are very perceptive and your keen sense of awareness really serves you well. Your highly social nature makes you quite the life of the party. But when you really want to kick back, you head out for time on the water with friends and family.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Your Inner Animal is a
    Red Panda
    ... The second time I got
    Giant Panda
    only different answer was the first time I chose mountains
    The second time I chose plains
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Whale Shark
    Quite an imposing and colorful character, you have a very easygoing style. Others are in awe of you and enjoy being around your gentle nature. You are vulnerable and sensitive to your surroundings and prefer life on the water.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    You are quite a striking and rare individual. You appear to be warm and cuddly but the soft exterior hides an iron will. You prefer a rather solitary lifestyle. You are comfortable in a wide variety of environments and definitely prefer the quiet of nighttime.

    I strongly agree
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    Aright, so I take back what I said about everyone the getting Giant Panda, haha...
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I got Giant Tortoise. Not a very good sounding animal, but the description was dead on for me.

    "Slow and steady, you are a creature of habit, and routine is very important to you. You prefer beach and shore activities and have been known to return to the same vacation spots year after year. You are gentle and have a huge heart, so others really enjoy your company."

    Si routine-like, but gentle like an ISFJ, not ISTJ.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Your Inner Animal is a
    Darwin's Fox

    A very rare breed, you are quite particular about where you live. There are only a few places that suit your fancy. Your soft and cuddly appearance is mesmerizing but you really prefer to be alone. You are also quite a sly character.

    This i can say is true
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