[INTP] Accuracy of shadow type as a reflection of actual MBTI type

Accuracy of shadow type as a reflection of actual MBTI type

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This is a discussion on Accuracy of shadow type as a reflection of actual MBTI type within the INTP Forum - The Thinkers forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; A majority of the times I've taken the MBTI test I've scored ENTP with a slight extroverted preference. For the ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Accuracy of shadow type as a reflection of actual MBTI type

    A majority of the times I've taken the MBTI test I've scored ENTP with a slight extroverted preference. For the past few months though, I've felt much more attracted and pulled towards the INTP forum. I'm not sure if this is because I'm just entertained by your way of conversing with each other (the choice of topics too >.<), if it's because you lot are simply more responsive than the ENTP clan, or if it's because I'm more introverted than I originally believed.

    Since I no longer see any point in taking the MBTI test normally (I think we're all well too aware of what the questions are getting at and can unconsciously swing it towards a desired but not necessarily accurate type) I decided to try the suggestion of taking the test by choosing the answers I'm not inclined towards to get my shadow type. I scored ESFJ (22 percent E), where as on the regular test I score about 2/3 percent E.

    I'm not really looking for an analysis of whether or not I'm extroverted or introverted so much as your thoughts on whether your shadow type is a good indicator of your actual type. Do you think those results should hold more sway or is taking it the original way a better measure of type? Why so?

    ...Damn it. Maybe you guys are just rubbing off on me, I derno! Ahg o.O

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    I was confused on my type for the longest time. I thought that I was an INTJ, because I have good organizational skills, and other strong J preferences that are not typically associated with being a P. I had the same idea with the tests that you have stated here. I took a multitude of tests, and answered them backwards. My result was always ESFJ.

    Perhaps you are an ambivert. Or perhaps you are an INTP who uses our diverse chameleon traits to blend in with people, therefore you only think that you are more extroverted than you really are.

    The question would be though, do you feel worn out after a social gathering? Or do you feel energized?

    Do you seek out people for entertainment? Or do you find pleasure in solitary activities such as reading, or music?

    One common mistake that people often make when deciding between extroversion and introversion, is that introverts are shy. This is seldom the case. Being and E or an I is simply how you prefer to expend or conserve your energy. What wears you out, and how you prefer to recharge.

    Are you recharged by being alone? - Introversion

    Or, are you recharged by interacting with others? - Extroversion

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    Unknown Personality

    Maybe there's a missing level
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Occasionally I wonder if I'm an ISTP, because I'm not too much of a loud mouth or class cloun @ first. Around people I don't know or don't usually talk to, I tend to sit back & observe. So whether I was an I or an E was always my catch too, but I've learned that I'm definitely extroverted. My happiest moments & my most refreshing & energizing experiences are those that include other people. I like to talk & laugh. I'm very entertaning to those people who I know pretty well, or who I just like to have fun with. I turn to dark thoughts when I'm all by myself, because I feel sadder, or my body levels aren't right without other people around me.

    So that's my 2 cents on I or E. But honestly I think if it's the first time you've taken the MBTI test & you're not very familiar with the different types, the results you get are accurate for your actual type. The first I took it I got ESTP, & I was confused & kind of nonshalant. Then when I started learning about the types & trying to convince myself that I could be a different type, the conclusion always came back to "I'm an ESTP."

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    It's a misnomer to assume INTPs aren't social, don't prefer social interaction, or don't get immense pleasure and value out of relationships with others. We absolutely do -- we just prefer it in different ways. We're more likely to enjoy one-on-one conversations to large parties. We're more likely to take time off to be alone. I've heard from a lot of ENTPs that they enjoy alone time as well, so I think it can be challenging to figure out where you are on the I/E scale unless you're very obviously one or the other. I'm not sure about shadow functions, I've never tried to take a test that way.

    @jdbullet23 - I have a friend who is an ESFP who is very similar. Not very loud or clownish, enjoys small groups and intellectual discussions. If he didn't take the test, I would have thought him to be an INFP or ISFP, but upon further reflection of his behavior (particularly that of when he was younger), it was very fitting for him. He had grown into a healthy balance of traits. My ISTP father also doesn't exhibit typical SP traits (adventurous, fun, crazy), but I think being married has tamed him.
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