The INTP Child

The INTP Child

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    The INTP Child

    From: Parenting Skill the INTP Child, the Independent, Curious, Logical Child!

    If your child is INTP, Introverted with Intuition, Thinking and Perceiving, parenting skill can be improved by understanding that these INTP young ones are logical and strongly individualistic at a young age. And we will get into that in just a moment.
    Firstly understand that this page is devoted to helping you as a loving parent or guardian better understand how to use your instinctive nature to improve your parenting skill by nurturing your child.
    Your nature and your child’s nature is your personality type and your child’s type as discovered through the Myers Briggs Test.You may or may not be INTP; but, if your child is INTP than this page can guide you in developing outstanding parenting skill as you raise and interact with your INTP child.
    You’ll be introduced to several key personality characteristics of the INTP child and you’ll be given some suggestions as to things to do that will improve parenting skill and help nurture you INTP child all through life.
    We’ll assume that you know your personality type and that your child is INTP…here we go!!
    Some Characteristics of the INTP Child-Some Behaviors to Look For

    • One thing you will see Mom and Dad is that these little ones quickly become individualistic and very independent…this can be challenging
    • They can be as babies, calm, distant even serious
    • INTP toddlers need alone time and will tire if they are with too many people too long
    • They normally learn language early…even though you may not hear them use it much
    • They are very curious and will ask many questions
    • They may be quiet, distant then have brief periods of intense energy
    • The INTP will be emotionally distant from you Mom and Dad don’t be scared by that
    • They are very fair and empathic children
    • They will take risks due to their curiosity
    • Most INTPs enjoy reading, bike riding, exploration
    • They typically enjoy school
    • Are naturally good at a young age with computers
    • They are very good at building things, creating things, games, places
    • They do not like routine…that part of school they will not appreciate
    • Socially they can be hesitant to participate
    • They tend to put things off and procrastinate
    • They are naturally skeptical of authority….yours and everyone else’s

    Regardless of Your Type Mom and Dad-Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Nurture the INTP Child and Improve Parenting Skill

    • Create a safe atmosphere for them….but allow them to explore and experiment
    • They are introverted so give them time to respond to questions
    • All INTP children (adults) are great at beginnings and may stumble at finishing….encourage them when young to finish what they begin
    • Respect their privacy….make sure they have some
    • Search for common ground to help you and them develop closeness and intimacy
    • Give them all the technical stuff they can handle
    • Work with them on how to manage time
    • They are wonderful at self teaching…let them figure some things out on their own
    • Don’t be surprised when they challenge you the INTP has a strong “perfectionist” drive…that is most likely where the attitude of challenge is coming from

    In conclusion Mom or Dad, if you are INTP than most of the above seemed pretty natural; but, if you are not a Intuitive Thinker (NT) maybe the above can better aid you as you develop you parenting skill. The INTP is one of the more normal types in terms of distribution as 5-6% of the entire population is INTP.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Excellent work. Now is only my parents had that when I was a kid.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'd love to have a child like that. :) My cousin, who was raised in my parents' household for a few years as though he were my older brother, was just like that, and fit nicely into our family. I think my mother is probably extremely adaptable in her parenting style and would have altered her techniques to suit any type of child. I'm feeling very fortunate to have gotten the parents I have.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I've had slight doubt for some time if I'm actually INTP and this thread solidified the notion. Characteristics that really stood out as I was reading the post were:

    • The INTP will be emotionally distant from you Mom and Dad don’t be scared by that
    • Most INTPs enjoy reading, bike riding, exploration
    • They normally learn language early…even though you may not hear them use it much
    • Are naturally good at a young age with computers
    • They are very curious and will ask many questions
    • One thing you will see Mom and Dad is that these little ones quickly become individualistic and very independent…this can be challenging

    Growing up pretty much sucked considering that my parents came from emotionally disturbing backgrounds. I'm not one to daydream anymore than rarely, but as a kid I wished my parents weren't such superficial, irascible, narrow-minded people. Growing up with them pretty much taught me the mistakes to avoid if I ever become a parent.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Eh. I love routine and I lack empathy.

    Guess I'm weird.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    All of that was totally me. Seriously, I was a computer geek before I turned 3. I knew how to navigate folders before I could spell.

    Still remember that screen so well.

    EDIT: Why the hell does my whole post rhyme? It's like a poem.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    That was me, too. Excellent post!

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Most of that doesn't necessarily sound like me, except the parts about being good at school and being emotionally independent. However, I feel like I was "forced" into being an INTP, by a dysfunction in my nature that my nurturing failed to correct. When I started kindergarten, I was one of the loudest little bastards there! lol I definitely acted like an extravert. However, the very next year, I completely withdrew! After that point, I wasn't hesitant to participate in social activities, I had to be forced into it! I spent most recesses glued to the teacher's side. I pretended to be sick a lot, so I could stay home from school, because I was terrified of the social aspect. I didn't have any valid reason to be, none of the kids messed with me or anything. I was the pride and joy of the nuns, because I was academically gifted and excessively well behaved (I never challenged authority figures). If they caught anyone so much as look at me wrong, they would paddle them. lol I always wanted to be more outgoing, though. I would come home and cry and pray for friends, hell, just one friend. It was believed that I was just shy, and would outgrow it, but I never did. When I got older, I looked into things for myself, and discovered anxiety disorders, and figured out that was what was wrong with me, and they started surfacing around the age of six. It was at that age that I started showing signs of OCD, social phobia, etc. I don't think my social phobia just had an effect on the intravert/extrovert scale, either. I spent so much time alone, I had to spend a lot of time lost in my head, using my imagination, daydreaming, and fantasizing, usually making up imaginary friends or daydreaming what it would be like if I could go back to the way I was in kindergarten. Being alone so much, I never really learned how to appreciate other people's feelings or to be empathetic, either, and I accredited most of my social blunders to inappropriate displays of my emotions/feelings, so I tried to suppress them clean out of existence! Because I was seen as shy and fragile, I was excessively coddled to, by my mother and teachers. They took on any and all responsibility for me. So, I think my social phobia could have played a role in every last little aspect of my personality development. I constantly wonder what my life would be like if my anxiety disorders had been discovered, diagnosed, and treated, when I was a kid.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Could someone with a time machine please send a copy of this to my parents?
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutatio NOmenis View Post
    Excellent work. Now is only my parents had that when I was a kid.
    My parents are dead.

    (It's not my fault the uranium sample was toxic, I simply hadn't yet fully calculated the precise angle by which to insert the control rods. But what else was I supposed to do for my sixth-grade Science Fair project?)

    Quote Originally Posted by EmotionallyTonedGeometry View Post
    Could someone with a time machine please send a copy of this to my parents?
    Time machine?
    Yes, that's it!
    ... yay, my parents are alive again!

    PS. Dropped off the list for you. Did they read it?
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