INTJ qualities that arent spoken much of

INTJ qualities that arent spoken much of

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This is a discussion on INTJ qualities that arent spoken much of within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Hey INTJs, my best friend and husband is an INTJ as well and Ive realized some deeper qualities inside him ...

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    INTJ qualities that arent spoken much of

    Hey INTJs, my best friend and husband is an INTJ as well and Ive realized some deeper qualities inside him that arent really mentioned often. Just wanted to see if anyone here could relate to them :)

    You can be mistaken as conceited, because you look serious and quite intense. You dont do small talk and seem hard to please but you just dont believe in empty conversation, and being in groups with such people drains you. BUT you are not robotic or socially awkward. Youre not rude and obnoxious. You guys just are really intense...until you become close to someone. Which is really rare.

    You become shamelessly witty, teasing, kind, and still overall really, really intelligent. What I admire most about my husband is his ability to be SO logical. You guys are really calculated and I feel bad for inauthentic people because you see right through them and find them amusing. You know exactly who and what you want in your life and never lower your standards or try to win people.

    And I dont get this whole marrying an INTJ could be difficult thing. That you guys dont show feelings and are "cold". I think you guys are just misunderstood there. I think once an INTJ really REALLY feels connected to you, trusts you, and admires you, he/she show it. But never much in public. They dont like to disapoint people theyre close to. Theyre perfectionists and trust the opinion of those really close to them...but not always believe them. But they evaluate their own selves a lot so they dont mind criticism or real advice on improving themselves.

    But you guys really go hard on yourselves when you make a mistake. Or make someone you love upset.

    Oh and although you guys are very good at reading people when learning about them, you arent so good at indirect talk. You prefer straightforwardness. You dont mind blunt honesty and directness.

    Im sorry if im boring you guys right now I just really adore my INTJ and felt like sharing what I discovered :)

    Hmm also you guys can get obsessed about things youre really interested in and you show it.

    Youre great at problem solving. You dont do worrying or anxiety. You solve issues logically and then thats it. If things go wrong you find a plan B . If things go wrong because you failed though you feel really bad. You guys dont like failing at all :)

    Which is another reason why I think many find you guys egotistical. But the truth is youre perfectionists and put so much pressure on yourselves.

    When dealing with lots of pressure you guys become very analytical and cold. I joke with him about this often. Here you guys become like robots. Your minds go into this overdrive and you work on it in your head until you puzzle things out well, then you are back to normal :)

    Sooo ya I think thats enough for now. Carry on being your awesome selves.
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    Forgot to mention you guys DO feel emotion. You just dont really show it like most people do. I hate this aura people make up about you guys that you are all brain and no feelings. I know an INTJ is fake when he or she says they are pretty numb when it comes to feelings and find emotions to be useless.

    Mine finds emotions to be misleading when depended on and depends more on his head but that doesnt make you guys numb and cold.

    You can get very deeply in love with someone you reallllly trust and admire. And you show it. Just not by gushing. You work on the person you love and you become protective of them and hate offending them. You share your deepest thoughts and dreams and ideas.

    When youre sad you get very very quiet and space out.

    When youre mad you guys get that predator look in your eyes haha but you dont get red or angry. You just get damn serious.

    Omg didnt mention you guys have the biggest sense of justice and fairness.

    Youre not good at multi tasking; you process one thing at a time.

    You guys can be hilarious and have strange senses of humour even dark and can be sarcastic and very teasing and yes even plain silly :)

    On the outside you guys look like royalty by the way. Being formal and wise and all. Ill leave it at that gtg now :)

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Geez, this really is the INTJ admiration thread.

    I think a lot of people don't know how sensitive a lot of INTJs are on the inside if their Fi is developed, and how insecure they can be. We come off as arrogant on the surface in certain contexts, but that doesn't mean there aren't things we are less confident about.

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    I'm getting a feeling of unpleasantness from reading this post as if somebody had stalked my personal life.

    Concerns aside, i believe that familial love would be something that may seem foreign when put together with a INTJ, but i however am spoiled by my mother albeit i'm a serious-looking person, i would seem natural around with my jolly and plump mother.
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    Have those moments where they're cuter than xSFP.
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    One of my best friends is INTJ. He's:
    - Very polite
    - Has a lame sense of humor but makes us laugh anyway
    - Very kind. He shows genuine concern for people's feelings (I don't get the robot stereotype either)
    - kind of psychic. He knows what I'm not telling him sometimes
    - very bright
    - a complete nerd

    What I love most about him is that my relationship with him seems effortless. He doesn't demand much of my time or my attention. It's such a relief being with someone who doesn't get involved in drama and doesn't beat around the bush with what he's saying. I also love how he always looks like he has a purpose to what he's doing. Even when we're lazily hanging out, it never feels like we're wasting time. And the most important thing is that I know he's not lying - that he really does care about me when he agrees to hang out, that he really is my friend. I don't fully understand this type but I do appreciate these qualities about them.
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    When we want to help certain people in our lives, we can actually behave quite stupidly.
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    When I love someone, I will move mountains for them. Nothing is impossible, I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I never say no, when asked for a favor or help from my family & friends, even my annoying brother who always asks for money.
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    As usual—I have no real comment to unsolicited compliment(s) such as this; thus, I will simply / politely say "thank you", and forget about it 5-10 minute(s) as completely useless, unless the thread resurfaces within my eye-view.


    This is probably one of the most painfully unnecessary thing(s) I have ever read [part of it being I already know what is being said]—another part; is it just cringe-like; (&) seems odd to state. Even though it has been considered appreciatively.

    Please do not randomly feed my ego; — I am INTJ; after all.
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    Sounds like a turbulent ESFP to me.

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