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INTJ qualities that arent spoken much of

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This is a discussion on INTJ qualities that arent spoken much of within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Thank you @ Rozy96 ... You are such a beautiful soul! I believe that all 16 personality types possess great ...

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    Thank you @Rozy96 ... You are such a beautiful soul!
    I believe that all 16 personality types possess great qualities and strenghts that make them unique- it takes very special person thought- too focus on and see the best ones, instead of seeing the flaws of someone's character. I think that it takes time to see INTJ qualities, they are not as flashy as qualities of Extroverted types for example.
    Your INTJ husband is a very lucky INTJ! ( Just like @RansomthePasserby ' wife... I'm always positively astonished when I'm reading his posts)
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Quote Originally Posted by principesa View Post
    Your INTJ husband is a very lucky INTJ! ( Just like @RansomthePasserby ' wife... I'm always positively astonished when I'm reading his posts)
    She's my fiancée. Thank you. :)

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    @BlueRibbon that is so true for my husband as well. They have such a strong sense of making their time useful and their lives full of purpose. I need to remind him to just relax sometimes and have fun :)

    As for everyone else thank u for commenting ? im glad you liked my post :D I wish there were more intjs. Why are you guys so rare.

    Also im an infj im not sure if it shows or not (im new here)

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    I have and had INTJ teachers. All I can say, that they are very helpful and EXTREMELLY fair people. They could even see when student wants to learn and they admire that. One of the best quality set I would want in teacher.
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    Yes, all of which you mention is true, and well known of the INTJ personality. The problem is, in real life application, people forget this about us. People often view us as eccentric robots that do not have a depth of emotion. Even though they know deep down this is not true, they still have trouble connecting with us, therefor viewing us with amusement rather than seriousness. This is very true in regards to our emotional state. I can't express my emotions like other people, so people don't value them, or even accept them. I will tell them how I feel in a matter-of-fact way because it's the only way I know how to; this is met with skepticism.
    Thank you for your recognition of the INTJ as a whole complete human.
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    I am absolutely unaware of most people. I would call it unaware, but its often called indifferent. I'm not indifferent, I'm just not paying attention.

    However, the people (and animals) I care about, I REALLY care about. I experience no cognitive dissonance with the idea of taking a bullet so they could go on living. Not to be a hero, but because their existence is too pure to ever be jeopardized.

    I guess you could say that is the closest definition of 'love' I would have. I want them to be okay regardless of what role I have to play or not play in their life.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Thank you very much, @Rozy96 . You have just accurately described me, it's scary.

    Even though we are often characterized as robots - a stereotype aided by online INTJ's - we really do feel, and feel deeply, especially when it comes to people we love. Yes, we do love. Painfully so, in fact. There have been people in my life that I wished I could express my affection for, but just couldn't due to my natural inability to do so. As someone who is predisposed toward thinking, I hate this "unfeeling" INTJ stereotype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyName View Post
    Geez, this really is the INTJ admiration thread.

    I think a lot of people don't know how sensitive a lot of INTJs are on the inside if their Fi is developed, and how insecure they can be. We come off as arrogant on the surface in certain contexts, but that doesn't mean there aren't things we are less confident about.


    Your post has been flagged as a potential rule 427 (b) (ii) rule violation (unauthorized divulgence of INTJ trade secrets when not under actual distress)

    Do not respond to this message. Should further actions be warranted, you will be notified directly by INTJ Central Command through this channel.

    -- -- END OF TRANSMISSION -- --
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    Quote Originally Posted by RansomthePasserby View Post
    She's my fiancée. Thank you. :)
    Wait, what? There were three different "shes" in that message. Someone draw me a chart as to which one is connected to whom, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Ribbon View Post
    One of my best friends is INTJ. He's:
    - Very polite
    - Has a lame sense of humor but makes us laugh anyway
    - Very kind. He shows genuine concern for people's feelings (I don't get the robot stereotype either)
    - kind of psychic. He knows what I'm not telling him sometimes
    - very bright
    - a complete nerd

    What I love most about him is that my relationship with him seems effortless. He doesn't demand much of my time or my attention. It's such a relief being with someone who doesn't get involved in drama and doesn't beat around the bush with what he's saying. I also love how he always looks like he has a purpose to what he's doing. Even when we're lazily hanging out, it never feels like we're wasting time. And the most important thing is that I know he's not lying - that he really does care about me when he agrees to hang out, that he really is my friend. I don't fully understand this type but I do appreciate these qualities about them.
    Just a reminder. With proper neglect {*}, an INTJ can give you years of faithful service.

    {*} or for those non-INTJs listening, "recharge time"
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