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Why are INTJ's and ISTJ's basically opposites?

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This is a discussion on Why are INTJ's and ISTJ's basically opposites? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I don't hate detail by any means. I think a more accurate way of saying it is that INTJs hate ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I don't hate detail by any means. I think a more accurate way of saying it is that INTJs hate irrelevant details. I am very detail oriented. But all the details I care about are details that actually matter to the project I'm working on. A big part of Ni is analyzing a problem down to the very last detail. So yes detail is a big deal. However, its not the same kind of detail as the ISTJ cares about. For them, detail is things like remembering to do a huge checklist of procedures, where the INTJ will skip parts that can be skipped without serious consequence. We don't give a rip about following the script. We go for whatever is objectively the most efficient method. So here we can see that there are two very different ways of looking at the word "detail".

    In an ideal world, the INTJs would use their Ni to come up with all the best procedures and build the most efficient systems. And then the ISTJs would use their Si to actually perform these things and happily follow them to the letter, not really trying to change or improve the system.

    The reverse is a disaster. If an ISTJ is in charge of an INTJ, then you've got frustration of both people not in the roles they were designed for. Its like rubbing a cat's fur the wrong way.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Therese C View Post
    ISTJ as parent to an INTJ can be tricky. If they can let the NT be who he is, and appreciate that different people are different, they can be a stable guiding force, a foundation from which the NT can launch and soar. An SJ without such liberated thinking, on the otherhand, can clip the wings and chain the soul of an NT child.

    It sounds like there is respect and acceptance in your family. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed :-)
    Funny you say that my SJ mom did let me be me and soar but my SJ dad has never been as understanding. Perfect description of the problem/solution. Happy Holidays to you too.

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    I think that ISTJs are more comfortable with empirical sciences and procedures, while personally I prefer to deal with concepts, as I'm aware for the shortcomings of using a pure empirical method. Besides if I add some socionics stuff to the mix, INTJs (socionics ILI) don't value Si, as it's part of the superego (role function), while ISTJs (socionics SLI) have the same issue with Ni, therefore those are rather uncomfortable elements for both types, or if you go by Beebe's model, Ni is the demon function of ISTJs, while Si is demon function of INTJs, so that can show that those functions have a negative tint for them. Personally I hate rote memory tasks, as I find them to be pointless and boring.

    Now, if I continue evaluating issues from a socionics POV, another cause of friction would be on a quadra level, as INTJs (which would be the equivalent of socionics ILI) would value people from an individual standpoint, seeing their merits and shortcomings (democratic, which probably is related to Fi-Se), while ISTJs (would be equivalent of socionics SLI) would tend to box people into groups (probably coming from Fi-Ne), so both point of views would be another cause of friction between those types. I know that those equivalences aren't 100% right, but the point is that the functions of both systems are the same, only that the focus vary between socionics and MBTI/JCF, so you can get a more complete picture of types. Heck, I wouldn't delve into cognitive styles because that would be extremely tedious, but that's another divergent point related to socionics.

    The main point is that even if there's one letter difference between the types, you would find greater discrepances when you begin to delve into the core of those ways of processing information. So, outwardly could be some confusion thanks to shared Te-Fi, but sooner or later you would notice the differences between INTJs and ISTJs.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by default settings View Post

    • Sense of humor can be dopey.

    My ISTJ grandpa loved Benny Hill. I used to watch that show with him when I was a kid. It was silly-go-nuts.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I can't help but wonder how ISTJs view us and what is it about us that irritates them to no end. Surely its symmetrical.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Function stacking.

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