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This is a discussion on Systems? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I'm probably overlooking something obvious or it's a particular google search away, but I wanted your input on what the ...

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    I'm probably overlooking something obvious or it's a particular google search away, but I wanted your input on what the word system really meant. I read a lot of defintions of INTJ that use the term 'system' and how we're really good with making them ... but I really don't understand what they mean by that. Can any one provide examples of when you made systems.

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    You're too vague with your question, a system is a system, a set of operations to accomplish a goal.
    Either that or people praise us for being systematic in our actions.

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    Anything that requires multiple components in order to operate. Does not have to be tangible.

    I personally prefer to refine systems than create. I see chaos in something, I set out to understand all the elements, discard the superfluous ones and hone the necessary ones. Other times it's necessary to just burn the old system down and start over.

    Example: when I started at my company, we ran a veterinary barn at horse sales. I wanted to go see because I'd never been to a horse sale. In the vet barn, the vets were writing down billing info on napkins, no one had any clue what horses had been xrayed, which needed to be, were the owners called? It was insane. I could not handle it. I ended up working on the fly just because I could not deal with how insanely disorganized it was.

    Nowadays, I manage the vet barn for the sales. I developed a system, including a set of checks and balances - failsafes so if we get busy and one thing doesn't get done, the information will be recorded in another location. Normally I try to eliminate it but in this case, redundancy is a great safety net. All the vets have to do is deal with the horses. I make sure owners are called, billing information is accurate, the horses are queued up, etc. I've done this for about 6 years now and every sale I'm still honing the process because I'll think of a better way to handle things, considering all of the variables.
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    Keirsey defined the strategic intelligence of NT's as follows:

    Strategy has to do with identifying the ways and means necessary and sufficient to achieve a well-defined goal. But not just any goal is of interest to Rationals; invariably the goal that Rationals set for themselves is increasing the efficiency of systems. - excerpt from Please Understand Me II
    NTP: constructing complex organizations
    - ENTP: devise mechanisms
    - INTP: structural plans

    NTJ: formulating complex orders
    - ENTJ: hierarchical order
    - INTJ: sequential order

    Some Rationals concern themselves only with social systems, like families and companies, while others are concerned with organic systems, like plants and animals, and still others with mechanical systems , like computers and aircraft and automobiles. - excerpt from Please Understand Me II
    But by far the best information regarding his view of systems in accordance to strategic intelligence is this:

    Unity in systems is a two sided matter. One the one hand there is the unity of order, while on the other hand there is the unity of organization. Order and organization are different from each other: order is concerned with what follows what, organization with what is simultaneous with what. - excerpt from Please Understand Me II
    Corcerning hierarchical order:

    Order, first of all, has two forms, one having to do with above-and-below, and the other with before-and-after. Some things are of higher order than others. For example, a Colonel in the Army has higher rank than a major, a major higher than a captain, a captain higher than a lieutenant, and so on down the ranks to the buck private. - excerpt from Please Understand Me II
    Concerning serial order:

    The other kind of order can be called serial order. For instance, certain technical procedures require a series of actions that must follow in a very specific order. Take firing a single action revolver. First load it, then cock the hammer, the pull the trigger. Reversing this order will not do. Of course the kind of series that interests Rationals is a bit more complex than firing a gun. The preparations for the invasion of Europe in World War II is an example of extreme complexity involving hundreds of planners over a period of years, any error in the sequencing of operations fraught with peril and inviting disaster. - excerpt from Please Understand Me II
    I'd give examples but my contingency plans are complex yet vague and since almost none of them have worked out, I'm ashamed to say what they were. That's why I haven't developed any in quite some time. As of right now I'm just "living." *sneer*

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    Imagine behind the veil of reality there are interlocked cogs as far and as wide as the eyes can see. One cog is a component that when locked into another becomes a system which spans into multiple systems until vision ceases. Real life is a bit like that in that systems are already in existence everywhere. What the INTJ is finely tempered in is measuring, or if you like, sizing up these systems at face value and ordering them in way so that the timing is optimal for whatever purpose. So making systems is not so much INTJ's disposition as it is for INTP's, but still has a significant presence in systems. Timing and order is everything i say, as a scatter brained sequential dancer. To elaborate...


    In my head of fun and confetti INTJ's sit on a game of thrones looking both cross and cunning, and are to be addressed as mechanical composers by their shackled noble stead ISTP, who is purposely well brooded for elbow greased jobs. Both (well, one in-particular) is in strive to ultimately carry out the new world refined order master plan. Unaware to them however exist NFP's who live to tie unrelated plans by the ankles and dangle them from rooftops of skyscrapers that partially live in the clouds, much like them. They can be seen dancing in uneven circles and blowing raspberries to anyone who shows distaste. How can they live so merrily in such a unrefined world proclaim the master planners as their grimaced mouths turn into a 15 degree smile and a row of tilted heads actually happens, clearly boasting waterfalls of coveted admiration.

    Hope i haven't pissed on your thread too much ,

    good day ~

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    A system is a set of inputs or actions that result in a desired output or result.

    Pairing socks that are the same color is a system. Nuclear powered submarines are a system. There is a desired output that the system is designed to achieve...And as the rabid, foaming at the mouth INTJ knows, all system can be improved. Even when they work. They can always be made more effective, more efficient, or done away with.
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