[INTJ] What do you think of witchcraft?

What do you think of witchcraft?

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This is a discussion on What do you think of witchcraft? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Is witchcraft similar to alchemy? Do you practice alchemy? Would you practice witchcraft?...

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    What do you think of witchcraft?

    Is witchcraft similar to alchemy?

    Do you practice alchemy?

    Would you practice witchcraft?

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    Any magic, religiously based or not, is unproven.

    The only real magic is a child's laughter.

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    no, No, and NO.

    We INTJs (To which i hope my views align with the majority of this forum, otherwise do rectify me) are not the type of people who would practice dubious "witchcraft" or "alchemy", if you were speaking as if it were some role playing game (such as D&D) i believe you would need to clarify that.

    Otherwise face the wrath of factually correct INTJs about the questionable things such as "alchemy".

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    posting now so I can subscribe to INTJs answering this question. LOL! : D

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    I write fiction with witches sometimes playing minor roles in the stories. That's about as far as I get to witchcraft.

    And about as far as I practice alchemy is reading biographies of Isaac Newton.

    I understand very little of the two but isn't that their entire point? To be deliberately confusing to allude and or arouse fear? I don't think those old functions are really effective these days, unless your goal is to scare and confuse little kids.
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    Isn't alchemy the predecessor to chemistry? Still LOLing at these answers. And I mean that. I'm in giggle fits over these answers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brightflashes View Post
    Isn't alchemy the predecessor to chemistry? Still LOLing at these answers. And I mean that. I'm in giggle fits over these answers.
    Just wait if the INTJ-hive mind decides if this discussion is even worth its salt. If so, it should be entertaining. If not it'll just be occasional sneering and tumbleweeds.

    Not that I think alchemy and witchcraft are worth zero discussion, it's just that they need to be taken lightly and treated with the same amount of skepticism as would any other topic. INTJ's don't conform to any consensus except that which is acquired through isolated reasoning.

    But you're right. It'll probably still be a shitshow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkle View Post
    Is witchcraft similar to alchemy?
    No. Witchcraft is casting spells to affect the outer world. Alchemy in a very broad sense is the study of individual symbols which may hopefully lead to revelations.

    Do you practice alchemy?
    Only my own.

    Would you practice witchcraft?
    No, rituals aren't my thing. Also, I'd rather cooperate with the world rather than be willful towards it.

    If you're curious about Jung's writings on Alchemy... Among other ideas, it looks like he was trying to work out the origins of the study of the unconscious. It is a bit 'flowery', but there's really no hocus pocus to it.

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    Let me put it this way... I know an ENTP (supposedly) who is into Tarot, astrology, and in college got into Wiccan practices. I had to repress my eye rolling and just outright "you know that's all bullshit, right?" responses anytime one of those was brought up... I can't even really handle the minor stuff any better lol, like "oh the universe is telling me this isn't meant to be", "God answered my prayers", or my dad's worship of his...magical plants (gone off the deep end with alternative medicine because, you know, the Western system with their evidence-based corporatocracy is just too orthodox for him) makes my skin crawl like a junkie.

    Alchemy (if we're referring to the same thing --transforming matter into different types, typically metals into gold) was an intuitive (not MBTI intuitive... well, maybe somewhat?) effort at chemistry, possibly combined with wishful thinking about giving the lamer metals an upgrade, prior to any empirical understanding. Actually a bit like homeopathy, which kinda conceptually parallels immunization. Anyone who takes alchemy literally nowadays though... I'm sorry but there's no hope for you. Lol
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    listen to her say ''axed'' instead of asked
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