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What do you think of witchcraft?

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This is a discussion on What do you think of witchcraft? within the INTJ Forum - The Scientists forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by lolalalah This is off-topic but you can ' Subscribe to this thread... ' by clicking on ' ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalalah View Post
    This is off-topic but you can 'Subscribe to this thread...' by clicking on 'Thread Tools' (at the beginning of the page)
    But then how would I have been able to communicate to all of the INTJs about how badly I wanted them to respond? ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkle View Post
    Is witchcraft similar to alchemy?

    Do you practice alchemy?

    Would you practice witchcraft?
    I think what it stand(s) for is fascinating in it's own light (e.g., Wicca) -- however, like most fictions, aside from keen fascinations, if I cannot recklessly indulge in it (without inducing strong grounds of doubt + skepticism), it cannot go beyond that of being mythical, thus, like Star Trek, I would take difficulties going to great length to participate in Star Fleet conventions or (Cosplay); as I tend to feel a bizarre subliminal disconnect; that strikes me as odd to engage in. I find witchcraft interesting, however, it takes a certain amount of [trust-in], fetishism / submission to the practices to engage within them as a hobbyist.

    Most things of this nature, I just prefer observational participation (&) am still rather satisfied with the result(s) gained, as it is an opportunistic [harmless] time to learn something intriguing by the sentiment of it being simply absurd or diverse. If I were to engage in alchemy (which I would be open to experience), I am open to anything eccentric regardless of the ("truth") it entails; the other(s) must also be willing to tolerate my unintentional question(s) for curiosity purposes -- and perhaps a tad hyper-rational approach to dissect and better understanding the situation -- rather than an intent on debunking it.

    This can possibly kill the mood, or be misinterpreted by the genuine practitioners. But, I am sure I could enjoy alchemy on it's own in spite of it being simply fiction(s), as I do with Sci-Fi. The "hyper-rationalism" dies down after awhile of enjoyment; to which I can engage on simple practical grounds of entertainment.

    I have no particular quest, or strong preferences for truths -- more so the spreading or fetishism of falsities, I take issue with. What is true; or ("is this proven"), has no correlation with me examining (which requires some participation) in otherwise, absurd new things, for the sake of finding it interesting; which tends to send a heavy (Ti/Sensor)-vibe or outlook.
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    What do you think of witchcraft?

    I think it's real because I've been hexed for awhile now. How do I rid of it?

    Also, do those small dolls you pin with needles actually work?
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    So on the mention of witchcraft.
    I think its a load of garbage that stems from something very real.
    let me explain.

    BDSM Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism
    is a VERY real thing.
    theres fun forums where you can partake in learning new skills, then there are darker (tor) forums where people go into a darker mind-frame, away from any internet policing.

    however.. theres a whole lot of horny guys and girls who will watch a certain movie, 50 shades of grey then believe they have stumbled into a fun sexy niche.

    In their own little circle of friends they believe they have discovered BDSM, even though they don't have a hell of a idea what the letters mean and would be VERY surprised if they looked for a partner who is ''very kinky like them''

    ''Magic'' is the exact same way
    Some people in this world were born, or acquired gifts of random types. From enhanced senses to the ability to accurately predict the future.. However a LOT of this is very watered down for profit.

    In my opinion
    Fact: a lot of people died during the salem witch trials.
    but why? why were people so terrified of the word witch?

    Just look at these two real documents found that no one can make sense of.

    A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power,

    and the Voynich manuscript

    The truth is we don't know.
    just like I wasn't there to watch George Washington chop down a cherry tree.
    I didn't see the axe swing, so I can't come to a logical conclusion that ''he did cut it down''
    he might have peed on it. he might have burned it, and the historian thought no..no.. this won't do.

    However the past was, the real world is very..monetized,
    Websites exist with silly poems for girls to hold hands and dance naked under the moon.
    Spellbooks are simply put just words. From the hocous pocous of movie magic to the chanting, you can find this garbage on any bookshelf.

    Books are sold with labels like white witch, and people claim to ''only practice nice magic''
    The others kill cats to praise their entrails.

    Are they really doing anything? or are they trapped in a cult, making profit selling promises to cast a spell and tricking people with snakeoils?

    it is unknown.

    @JayShambles How do I rid of it?
    under the next waxing moon run to the nearest psychic and make it rain $100 dollar bills to the tune of Black Magic with a Cosmos atrosanguineus in between your teeth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayShambles View Post
    I think it's real because I've been hexed for awhile now. How do I rid of it?

    Also, do those small dolls you pin with needles actually work?
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Aleister Crowler vs Hitler.
    V for Victory.

    Magic in history were not called spells and rituals, but experiments and operations.
    They took a scientific approach.

    Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" is a good example of the process.
    Studies include the velocity of light waves. Vibrations per inch and per second, for several colors.
    It's interesting.

    Astrology has plausibility.
    Positioning of space bodies does impact galactic particles and radiation that could hit someone during birth.
    Does this have an impact, perhaps.

    Two years ago I found an astrological chart my parents did for me when I was born.
    It surprisingly contained identical Myers Briggs and Enneagram assesments.

    Such a chart is not based on the "Which sign are you", but "Which sign are you for each astrological body and their positioning relative to you during your time of birth."

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkle View Post

    Would you practice witchcraft?
    [read with a raspy voice] «the dark side of the force is a pathway many consider to be unnatural…»

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    /meh to all this. one of my friends is/was a full-on, practicing wiccan priestess. and lest anyone think they already know what that means, you'd be a fool to dismiss her no matter what your beliefs, if you came across her. she was not a lightweight person in any sense. and like all the serious believers of any stripe that i've come across, she would make passing references to what she believed if it was relevant to something she said. but most of the time she was just somebody living her life.

    i played go-between between her and another friend once. friend b asked me to ask if she could help by providing a 'warding' spell - for fairly good reasons, if you ask me, whether you believe in all this stuff or not. she did provide one, and i passed it on.

    it wasn't that far off alchemy, actually. not that i ever grilled her about her worldview; in a way everyone's beliefs are sort of academic to me, and i can't muster the faux-interest (or the tourist nosiness) to really pin people down. so as far as her 'religion', i still don't know what-all it was all about apart from the occasional reference she would let fall here and there. but the impression i got was sort of alchemical, yeah. her response with the spell in it was a long way from just frivolously saying 'do this and say that, and then frogs will appear'. she made a point of making sure friend b would understand what the various elements were that were being invoked - or manipulated, i guess. and what friend b would be doing with/to them if she went through with it, and what the risks and provisos and cautions were.

    so tl;dr: what do i think of it? it's a belief system. do i believe it? i don't think so, no. do i despise it just for being a belief system? uh, no.
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    No, I don't think witchcraft have any sort of outer phenomenological effect
    beyond obvious mechanisms that are accessible to all.

    The symbols and principles of witchcraft and hence alchemy,
    I believe are much better understood as early attempts at understanding the psyche.
    Sort of like primitive psychologists, playing with their projections and introjections.
    If you read Jung, we owe them a great debt of gratitude historically.
    Still running around casting incantations and pretending to have godlike powers,
    is kinda the equivalent of hunting with bow and arrow for food, psychologically.
    You may survive in a way, but it is grossly ineffective and will hurt your lifestyle more than it helps.
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    I have no opinion on witchcraft. Never met anybody who professes to practise it, nor have I looked into its validity as a belief system.
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