The INTJ Child

The INTJ Child

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    The INTJ Child

    From: Parenting Skill-the INTJ Child and Parenting Skill with Myers Briggs!

    If your child is INTJ, Introverted with Intuition, Thinking and Judging, parenting skill can be improved by understanding that these INTJ young ones are typically intensely private in their own thoughts kind of kids. And we will get into that in just a moment.
    Firstly understand that this page is devoted to helping you as a loving parent or guardian better understand how to use your instinctive nature to improve your parenting skill by nurturing your child.
    Your nature and your child’s nature is your personality type and your child’s type as discovered through the Myers Briggs Test. You may or may not be INTJ; but, if your child is INTJ than this page can guide you in developing outstanding parenting skill as you raise and interact with your INTJ child.
    You’ll be introduced to several key personality characteristics of the INTJ child and you’ll be given some suggestions as to things to do that will improve parenting skill and help nurture you INTJ child all through life.
    We’ll assume that you know your personality type and that your child is INTJ…here we go!!
    Some Characteristics of the INTJ Child-Some Behaviors to Look For

    • INTJ children are deep, cerebral; these traits can frequently be seen early on
    • A INTJ child will frequently appear older than he/she is
    • The INTJ child will be detached, alone, observant
    • They typically will not warm to strangers easily
    • They may develop language at a very early age, (birth to age 4yrs) it can be quite noticeable
    • The INTJ child will likely be attracted to events, things rather than to people
    • INTJs usually are crazy about books at an early age
    • INTJs love to be read to and will learn to read frequently in this fashion
    • Your INTJ may appear afraid of nothing
    • The INTJ child will probably cry less…their emotions are hidden and they detach from them
    • Don’t be surprised if you INTJ is somewhat competitive and comfortable with routing and structure
    • Although learning to read early on, don’t be surprised if your INTJ does not engage in talking with others….if they see a logical reason to talk they will, if not, they probably won’t!!
    • The pre-school INTJ can be very stubborn if forced to “socialize”
    • The INTJ is even tempered, controlled, emotionally distant (controlled within)….so don’t expect many expressions of joy and happiness even though they feel it!
    • Most INTJs love writing, art, creative activities learned in school
    • They typically love to learn…all thru their life
    • Your INTJ may journal, keep a diary without much prompting from you
    • Your INTJ is a big-picture, liking theory child
    • Most INTJs will enjoy argument and debate in school
    • The INTJ child is strongly independent, very much their own person
    • As adolescents the INTJ will work hard at defining themselves…they typically may rebel against the norm seeing deeper meaning for them in different life styles
    • The INTJ will argue about parental restraint, limits imposed upon them are not accepted easily….they struggle to make their own way logically

    Regardless of Your Type Mom and Dad-Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Nurture the INTJ Child and Improve Parenting Skill

    • Allow them to be by themselves or with a favorite friend, it is ok
    • Do not introduce social situations to them too early…actually don’t do that at all…they will find their own in time
    • Understand that they have feelings but feelings for them are buried deep and may not be expressed as much as you might like…try not to be alarmed by this
    • Allow them to grow academically, intellectually, provide opportunity for that
    • Allow them to have all the creative toys, supplies they want
    • Allow them to unwind before delving into their school day
    • When time comes to discipline be fair, consistent, if you can Mom and Dad explain logically why you are disciplining them
    • Quietly listen to their ideas, allow them to develop their broad ranging, deep, different thoughts
    • Understand that your INTJ child will criticize a lot but it is natural for them to do so….don’t take it personally!

    In conclusion Mom or Dad, if you are INTJ than most of the above seemed pretty natural; but, if you are not a Intuitive Thinker (NT) than maybe the above can better aid you as you develop you parenting skill. If this helps remember the INTJ is one of the rarest of all the 16 personality types! Less than something like 3-4% of all the people in the world have this type!!
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    It missed out an important point. Always give your INTJ child ice cream.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Hahaha I think that goes for INFJ kiids as well :)
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    It's interesting how well the description fits... I also appreciate how they give tips and advice for parents of INTJ children, which encompass many of the things I enjoyed, and wanted, when I was younger in age. The rest of the website seems worth a look, too.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I definitely acted way older than my peers and in a lot of ways was more mature than my parents.

    Also, I loved to read. I remember that I read almost all the books at our school library in elementary school and the local public library (save the ones that I had no interest in...which wasn't many) and ended up having to bicycle all the way to the big pubic library to find more books to read. I used to choose about 15 books at a time, then I'd have to sit in the library and read a few of them because I was past the quota for how many we were allowed to check out at a time.

    I was always reading and independently doing research projects on topics that interested me. I had often read all the books assigned in class before they were assigned and new more the material on a given subject than was presented in class before it was even presented. I'd have questions that were outside the scope of the assignment because of this and had to have separate assignments that were more at my level.

    Socializing was not an interest of mine and I found talking to my peers boring because they didn't have the same knowledge base that I did nor the same interests.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    This is so me! Well... was... no, most of it is still true, haha.

    My mom says that my most often used expression as a child was "Read dat!"

    Seriously, most of the pictures of me up to age 4-ish are of me sitting on a parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle's lap being read to. I was reading on my own by the beginning of Kindergarten, though.

    Another thing...
    My (INFP) mother says that, as a baby, I cried a LOT at the beginning. She would pick me up, talk to me, cuddle me, etc. Then, one day, she gave up and just put me down. All of a sudden... I stopped crying. The only thing I wanted was to be alone in my crib

    After that, I hardly cried as a kid. Only when I was around the goats at the petting zoo. Those things were scary.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I know i resisted my parents a lot as a child.
    I remember talking to everyone totally fearlessly.
    I became introverted after my grandfather died and my best friend moved away.
    Before i could read i would make my mother read all the stuff written on the bathroom walls. I don't know when i learned to read. I do remember the librarian banned me from a kiddy book because i wouldn't check out anything else. Then she made me read books that would help me grow.(thank you to her) I like librarians, some are totally cute too!
    I don't remember interacting a lot with other kids. But i used to make up these elaborate battles between Gi Joes or army men. The battles would last for hours and i would get annoyed at getting sleepy and not being able to finish.
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    I wish I had this guide for my mother when I was younger. It would have made life a hell-of-a-lot easier.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    i was an obsessive reader of mystery stories. when i was barely a reader, it was encyclopedia brown, then boxcar children, then nancy drew, and on... i loved the puzzles. i always found recess so pointless and boring that i would go into the library or stay in a classroom. clearly socializing "normally" was never my thing. then in high school when everyone was drinking and partying, i was completely uninterested. i was a cheerleader and quite popular, i just was NOT into it. as a junior i quit cheerleading and tried out for model united nations. that's an intj move if you ask me.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by InvisibleJim View Post
    It missed out an important point. Always give your INTJ child ice cream.
    Yes, and COOKIES too! Although she tried, mother could never keep the cookie jar hidden from...THE COOKIE MONSTER! Om nom nom nom...;)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kathryne View Post
    My (INFP) mother says that, as a baby, I cried a LOT at the beginning. She would pick me up, talk to me, cuddle me, etc. Then, one day, she gave up and just put me down. All of a sudden... I stopped crying. The only thing I wanted was to be alone in my crib
    My mother told me that when I was a kid, I was very "hands off" as well. They took me to a psychologist because they thought I was autistic. She did say that I was a "quiet" baby. I had a hard time expressing emotions...I would get so pent up and frustrated that I threw some mean tantrums!

    I also learned to read by the time I was 4 lol.

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