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Grades, IQ, and Overall Intelligence of INFPs

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This is a discussion on Grades, IQ, and Overall Intelligence of INFPs within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by zysac1018 It all comes down to willpower when in school, an average student can turn in a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zysac1018 View Post
    It all comes down to willpower when in school, an average student can turn in a better assignment than the perfectionist who turned in little because he was procrastinating (*sighs* that's me).
    That was absolutely me too.
    I had (And still have!) a habit of biting off more than I can chew when it comes to projects, so I can challenge myself. I suppose I get lower marks than I would if I just did the standard amount and level of work, but then I wouldn't be pushing myself. And if I'm not pushing myself, why am I wasting my time? That's always been my philosophy regarding these matters, for better or for worse...
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    INFP - The Idealists

    School was too easy. Too damn boring.
    but I don't think that's cause I'm so smart,
    I think it has to do with the Dumbing dowon of America.
    What are the stats now? 1/4 Americans can't find the U.S. on a map??

    Education system has gone to poop.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by SeeNbetween
    I just have a hard time studying and it was never diagnosed but I think I have ADHD which makes studying and reading things incredibly difficult. I suppose that could be this side of me, the real me I never really show people.
    Quote Originally Posted by 11deep
    I have been diagnosed with adhd my whole life since I was 3 (very eary diagnosis, I was very hyper) and I feel ya.

    Site above is awesome. <3

    It offers a slightly different and (in my opinion) a very more modern view on the whole ADD/ADHD phenomenon. That site actually led me straight into Jungian typology, and in extension, here.

    ADHD is bullshit. It's not a mental defect, not a disease, but as with all things... if you treat it like something, it'll gradually become that something. We can infuse any meaning into concepts. It can be very convenient to have a scapegoat, from everything to a personal level to in society at large. But I digress.

    For me it's hard to do stuff without having the right motivation before. I mean, beyond hard. Almost impossible. I think of Motivation as "when you want to do something, has thought it through to ones satisfaction". School failed to teach me love for learning. I never understood why it was so crucial to learn all those things. I didn't get very good grades, ranging between 50%-100% wildly. Some courses I just didn't attend at all. Spent year of high school playing around, barely went to school at all for that year. My teachers and parents were very frustrated with me. Me too ~~

    At this point in my life I know, from experience, how powerful a mind can be when it is aligned with true motivation. I also know how easy it is to doubt oneself. Every criticism from a loved one hurts immensely for me. I have to dig deep to discard it as something false and or true. It has (and still does, but I react in a more sober way, now) made me doubt my insights into my inner workings. I care a great deal about how my close relations feel about me and how they feel about what I do, and for all my life I've had to cope with that in different ways. Those feelings don't change much, my methods of dealing with them that has, thankfully.

    When I was younger one major way of dealing was to adjust my view of things to be more like the others, since it was fairly easy to change myself in order to invoke positive feelings in other people, I did that a lot.

    So I can relate.. especially to with what you wrote, SeeNbetween. Personally I fit within the diagnostic critera myself, and amphetamines and the like have a kind of soothing effect on me. The feeling is similar to being motivated, but the effect from the drugs is hollow in comparison. Watered down. I was never properly diagnosed during my school years. I definitely lean towards thinking that ADHD is just a bunch of traits bunched together as symptoms. In my case it has been a continuous struggle with accepting what many sees as normal things at face value, accepting convention without reflection. That is one of my greatest assets, actually. Didn't make school very easy though.

    This being a psychology board, I'd love to hear others opinions on this.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    When I was tested in my psychology class in second year university, my IQ was 147 or something (I got a C in that class - go figure). I became a member of Mensa and did some other crap for "gifted" students. I don't, nor have I ever viewed myself as gifted. In fact, if I could swap some of my mechanical reasoning capabilities for an extra heap of common sense and maybe some idea of how to behave around a boyfriend's parents, I'd happily do it.

    I skipped A LOT of school. I mean a lot. My senior year of high school I missed something like 57 days ... how I graduated? I will never know. I was always the girl who was ordered to bring her desk out in the hallway and smelled like weed.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    ^ That's how absent-minded I am - I didn't even realize this topic isn't for me. Whoops!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanty View Post
    I skipped A LOT of school. I mean a lot. My senior year of high school I missed something like 57 days ... how I graduated? I will never know. I was always the girl who was ordered to bring her desk out in the hallway and smelled like weed.
    Hey, you skipped as much as me! *high five....or not?*
    In my senior year, I went to three wednesdays. Sometimes I skipped whole weeks at a time, and I barely ever went for more than three days a week because I just couldn't take any more than that O_O. I just hated school so much! I often have nightmares that I'm still there, or that I have to repeat senior year. I never did drugs or even drank alcohol, but most teachers thought I was really messed up. I got away with not handing stuff in because of that... although to be fair, I was really messed up so it's not like I exploited their concern xD

    Still, I passed with great marks. Apart from music literature, because music literature class was on Wednesdays and like I said, I didn't go to them. The three that I did go to, I slept through. I only got 30% in music lit xD
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I wouldnt know because I don't believe in IQ testing as being representative of anything really. They all have these completely pointless questions in them about "which one of these numbers doesnt fit this sequence" and the it gives you like 7 numbers to choose from.

    How the fuck is knowing that ever going to be of any use whatsoever in your day to day life?

    Regarding school I did pretty badly during my GCSEs but that was just to do being apathetic and not caring. I think I really pissed off my teachers actually because I was supposedly a 'gifted' student and I just wasnt interested. When I was 11 I remember my wood-work teacher telling me that he couldnt understand why I couldnt grasp wood-work because I had a reading age of 16 and when I was in the last year I had the highest reading age in the whole school.

    In the penultimate year of high school I was put into this group for pupils who were deemed to be outstanding for various reasons, I assume in my case it was because of my incredibly genius reading age (). The first meeting of this group of was fucking hilarious. The guy who was running the whole thing stood at the front of the room and explained to us all how this was a great thing that we were a part of and how "everyone of you has the ability to change the world" (those were seriously this guys words.) I remember calling bullshit on it pretty much as soon as he said that and thats pretty much what I turned out to be.

    Im sure most of you will see the rather glaring sarcasm in this post and maybe even an arrogance about the whole thing but all of this really did happen. No wonder Ive always identified with Holden Caulfield.

    EDIT - Just out of interest I decided to have a look at the results I got for an IQ test I did online awhile back and have posted my thoughts on it below.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Online tests, I ususually get between 120 and 145 or so. Big range, eh? In highschool, they tested me and I came out as 138.

    I'll second that it doesn't really indicate anything other than your ability to do well on IQ tests though.

    Yet why can't I stop feeling self-conscious about the fact that I'm not more consistently above 140?

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    INFP - The Idealists

    On an online IQ test I once did out of curiosity it actually said what the different IQs scores mean:

    Genius - 144+
    Gifted - 130 to 144
    Above average - 115 to 129
    Higher average - 100 to 114
    Lower average - 85 to 99
    Below average - 70 to 84
    Borderline low - 55 to 69
    Low - 55 or below

    I got 121 after age adjustment on this test putting me firmly in the above average band (in comparison to other test takers) but as I said earlier I really don't see what the ability to answer these sort of questions has to do with everyday life. I really don't know if these score definitions are accurate though. It would be interesting to find out.

    Anyone interested in taking the test can find it at

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    Unknown Personality

    I'm too lazy to care about taking an IQ test. And I had terrible grades during high school. I almost failed a few years but the reasons for that are irrelevant. Now I have a 3.8/9 GPA.. only because I like doing art that much.

    I wouldn't say I'm smart, but I like to learn and plan to learn as much as I can. That matters to me more than grades or an IQ test.. I want understanding of everything.
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